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Classical Music Without Fear:

A Guide for General Audiences
by Marianne Williams Tobias

ISBN 0-253-21618-4, 184 pp, 37 b/w photos, 21 color photos, 6 x 9", paperback, $19.95USD

In this entertaining and engaging book, Marianne Williams Tobias demystifies the potentially intimidating world of classical music for a general readership. Classical Music Without Fear aims at the intelligent reader by demonstrating the universality and relevancy of classical music to today's listeners. 

This easy-access book contains lively historical commentary, intelligent explanations of musical style and form, helpful tips on attending concerts, a quick guide to reading music and musical scores, and a glossary of terms. Also included is a reference section that summarizes standard concert works and suggests choices for starting your own classical CD collection. Lavishly illustrated with full-color reproductions of period artwork and numerous other portraits, musical scores, and illustrations, Classical Music Without Fear brings the heritage of classical music to life.

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