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Evenings with Horowitz: A Personal Portrait
†by David Dubal

1-57467-086-7, 348 pp, 47 b/w photographs, includes a 75 minute CD, 6 x 9", paperback, US $24.95, © 1991, 2003

Vladimir Horowitz (1903-1989) was the Merlin of the keyboard. His name spelled keyboard virtuosity for 65 years of our century. Not since Liszt and Paderewski has any pianist created such a legend. When he condescended to perform, lines formed days in advance. The highest paid concert artist in history, Horowitz won twenty-three Grammy Awards and sold more records than any other classical artist. Horowitz set unique standards of artistry; to be compared with him is every young pianistís dream.

Yet the real man was an enigma. For years, he would mysteriously dissapear from the concert stage. What he thought, what he did, was unknown.

Evenings With Horowitz details a special friendship between two musicians. The author, David Dubal, first came into Horowitzís life when they collaborated on a series of radio interviews which won the coveted Peabody Award. Later, Dubal became a weekly guest at the Horowitz home.

Evenings with Horowitz covers a lifetime of musical wisdom and contains countless anecdotes of the musical world. Horowitz discusses his friendship and rivalry with Arthur Rubinstein, his love for the great Rachmaninoff, his esteem for the noble Paderewski, and his respect for his father-in-law, Arturo Toscanini. For fifty-six years, Horowitz was married to the iron-willed and formidable Wanda Toscanini.

Horowitz reveals the agony and the ecstasy of a pianistís career, his love and awe for the great composers whose music he played. Dubal supplies the reader with critical appraisals of Horowitz as well as an invaluable discography highlighting Horowitzís greatest recordings.

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