MyRecordings@Naxos: An Irresistible Package!!!
Your recordings made available for streaming and downloading. Where play copies are supplied to important radio stations, you receive airplay income.

Your recordings made available from most important online retailers such as Amazon.

Review copies will be sent to all important media.

Recordings popular with online consumers will be released physically in selected territories including your home territory.

Naxos pays for the music notes and cover design.

Attractive terms - please contact us for details.

MyRecordings@Naxos: Expression Unlimited!!!
Convenience Unlimited
MyRecordings@Naxos offers you a unique one-stop distribution and promotion/ marketing service!

Connectivity Unlimited
MyRecordings@Naxos connects you and your recordings to music lovers/ collectors anywhere, anytime!

Creativity Unlimited
MyRecordings@Naxos supports interesting repertoire!

Customer Unlimited
MyRecordings@Naxos guarantees worldwide digital distribution and marketing of your recordings through Naxos.Com [currently 180,000 subscribers], Naxos Music Library, and third-party digital service providers, instantly spreading the digital word-of-mouth!

Why not take full advantage of MyRecordings@Naxos today ˇV the latest cutting-edge concept from Naxos, the Worldˇ¦s Leading Classical Music Label.
For more details please contact Yvonne Liao: Yvonne.Liao@Naxos.Com