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LUCRETIUS: On the Nature of Things (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

LUCRETIUS: On the Nature of Things (Unabridged)

Lucretius was born in 99 BC, and On the Nature of Things is his only surviving work. His aim was to free the Roman world from its two great terrors—the gods and death. Lucretius argues that the gods are not actively involved in life, so need not be appeased; and that death is the end of everything human—body and soul—and therefore should not be feared.

But On the Nature of Things is also a poem of striking imagery, intimate natural observation and touching pathos. It is one of the most influential writings in Western thought.

Disc 1

  On the Nature of Things (Unabridged)
1.   Book 1 00:05:57
2.   But I fear in these matters… 00:06:47
3.   And why do we see roses coming out in spring… 00:06:50
4.   Come, I have been teaching you… 00:06:10
5.   Besides, although things may be thought as solid… 00:06:08
6.   Moreover, there is nothing you can claim is separate… 00:06:09
7.   Thus, matter which consists of solid bodies… 00:06:13
8.   Thus, primary basic stuff is purely solid… 00:06:38
9.   Thus, those who have thought the material of stuff is fire… 00:06:07
10.   And thus, since these four basic elements… 00:05:46
11.   Here there remains a slender chance to avoid the issue… 00:06:03
12.   All that exists then, has no boundaries… 00:05:44
13.   There would be no way they could act like this… 00:04:24

Disc 2

  On the Nature of Things (Unabridged)
1.   Since I have shown that space is infinite… 00:01:32
2.   Book 2 00:06:55
3.   This being the case, it is clear… 00:05:42
4.   In my argument, this is now the place… 00:06:17
5.   So do you now see that, though outside forces push… 00:03:53
6.   Come now, learn next about the particles… 00:05:09
7.   And finally, all things agreeable to the senses… 00:07:52
8.   Since I have proved that point, I will go on… 00:04:06
9.   In these matters, it is also good… 00:06:00
10.   What's more, any single living creature… 00:06:11
11.   Besides, if no natural colour has been given… 00:06:06
12.   First you must look for some oily substance… 00:06:11
13.   But if someone, by chance, were to point out… 00:06:15
14.   But now set your mind, I pray… 00:06:02

Disc 3

  On the Nature of Things (Unabridged)
1.   Since the moment earth was first created… 00:05:29
2.   Book 3 00:06:56
3.   First, I say that mind, which we often call the understanding… 00:05:52
4.   And now, I will move on in this discourse… 00:05:22
5.   Now, though I am keen to give an argument… 00:06:28
6.   As for the rest, if anyone denies… 00:06:31
7.   Then, too, we sense mind comes into being… 00:07:05
8.   And since mind is one part of a man… 00:05:52
9.   And since we do perceive vital sense… 00:05:18
10.   Moreover, are particles of soul left in a body… 00:05:00
11.   Furthermore, a tree cannot live in aether… 00:05:59
12.   Thus, if you see a man concerned about himself… 00:04:33
13.   Furthermore, what if the nature of things suddenly spoke… 00:06:28

Disc 4

  On the Nature of Things (Unabridged)
1.   But in life there is fear of punishment… 00:06:14
2.   Book 4 00:07:18
3.   Come now and learn how thin the substance is… 00:06:15
4.   Then, too, if tiny particles of things which are dispatched… 00:03:56
5.   In these matters, we should not think it at all wonderful… 00:05:44
6.   Now, from darkness we see things in the light… 00:04:25
7.   It also happens that when young children… 00:04:50
8.   And furthermore, if anyone thinks that nothing is known… 00:06:10
9.   And therefore, when we force up these voices… 00:06:10
10.   And now, so you can understand how this happens… 00:05:24
11.   Come now and find out what substances… 00:06:56
12.   In these matters you must desire… 00:05:44
13.   The ways that sleep floods rest throughout the limbs… 00:06:33
14.   Then, too, human minds… 00:03:28

Disc 5

  On the Nature of Things (Unabridged)
1.   This pleasure we call Venus. 00:06:09
2.   And these problems are those one finds… 00:05:12
3.   And when, during the mingling of the seed… 00:05:55
4.   Book 5 00:06:23
5.   As for the rest - so we avoid delaying… 00:07:24
6.   Even if I did not already know what primary particles are… 00:05:38
7.   Now I will speak of air… 00:07:23
8.   And furthermore, since the most important portions… 00:06:10
9.   Then there followed the first developments of sun and moon… 00:06:36
10.   And sun's disk and fire… 00:06:04
11.   In the same way, the goddess of the morning… 00:06:19
12.   You must assume for similar reasons… 00:06:46

Disc 6

  On the Nature of Things (Unabridged)
1.   Back then many races of animals must have died off… 00:06:24
2.   Back then they did now know how to use fire… 00:05:30
3.   Thus, to suppose that in the past… 00:06:28
4.   Therefore, kings were killed… 00:04:00
5.   O unhappy race of men… 00:05:55
6.   Now, Memmius, to find out how the nature of iron… 00:06:04
7.   However, using mouths to imitate the liquid sound of birds… 00:05:41
8.   Book 6 00:05:56
9.   Now, although I have set down many things… 00:07:35
10.   These things, you understand, take place… 00:05:33
11.   So then we must assume the storm clouds stand… 00:07:06

Disc 7

  On the Nature of Things (Unabridged)
1.   The vault of heaven, set with gleaming stars… 00:04:55
2.   To continue now with this discussion… 00:05:07
3.   Come now, I will show you how moisture gathers… 00:07:54
4.   To begin with, men find it strange… 00:05:06
5.   Now I will show how that inferno is suddenly roused… 00:04:17
6.   Pay attention now, and I will show you… 00:07:19
7.   And furthermore, in wells water gets colder… 00:05:26
8.   With matters of this sort, you must clearly establish… 00:05:36
9.   And so once these points have all been fully settled… 00:07:00
10.   Now, I will explain the nature of disease… 00:03:19
11.   Such a cause of disease, such a poisonous atmosphere… 00:05:34
12.   But in those days hardly any birds at all… 00:05:16

Total Playing Time: 08:42:07


Ross, Hugh

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0017

Barcode: 9781843794318

Physical Release: 2010

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