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PROUST, M.: Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 2: Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)


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PROUST, M.: Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 2: Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)

Remembrance of Things Past is one of the monuments of 20th-century literature. Neville Jason’s widely praised 36-CD abridged version has rightly become an audiobook landmark and now, upon numerous requests, he is recording the whole work unabridged which, when complete, will run for some 140 hours.

Within a Budding Grove is the second of seven volumes. The young narrator, experiencing his youthful sexuality, falls under the spell of a group of adolescent girls, succumbs to the charms of the enchanting Gilberte and visits a brothel where he meets Rachel. His impressions of life are also stimulated by the painter, Elstir, and his encounter with another girl, Albertine.

Disc 1

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   Within a Budding Grove 00:10:11
2.   But who, the reader has been asking… 00:09:50
3.   Incidentally she could naturally… 00:10:47
4.   Finally, if I went to hear Berma… 00:09:21
5.   But suddenly everything was altered. 00:10:12
6.   And I gazed appealingly… 00:09:52
7.   As I entered, the Ambassador rose… 00:09:44
8.   You would have supposed, to hear him… 00:09:08

Disc 2

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   My interest in Berma's acting… 00:08:50
2.   'Your friend M. de Vaugoubert…' 00:09:48
3.   'One thing, however,' M. de Norpois concluded… 00:10:12
4.   Poor Swann, who is as unsophisticated… 00:10:25
5.   Perhaps, on the other hand… 00:10:36
6.   I am aware that this is a blasphemy… 00:10:01
7.   While he was uttering these words… 00:10:20
8.   After M. de Norpois had gone… 00:08:41

Disc 3

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   Meanwhile my father… 00:10:01
2.   Our visits ended… 00:09:37
3.   Meanwhile Gilberte never came… 00:10:15
4.   This 'marquise' warned me… 00:10:03
5.   I was often obliged, so that my grandmother… 00:10:06
6.   One day, after the postman had called… 00:10:09
7.   Thus at length I found my way… 00:09:42
8.   And she would make us go into the dining room… 00:09:23

Disc 4

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   At such moments I should… 00:09:38
2.   The Swanns shared this eccentricity… 00:10:33
3.   Mme. Swann had, however… 00:10:04
4.   To return to the reasons… 00:08:36
5.   For these the Bontemps and Cottards… 00:09:09
6.   It was not only in those tea - parties… 00:10:41
7.   As a rule, however… 00:10:32
8.   If I did not understand the sonata… 00:10:08

Disc 5

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   I expressed an intense desire… 00:10:00
2.   However it may be… 00:10:33
3.   We were standing a little way off… 00:08:36
4.   A favour still more precious… 00:10:39
5.   Meanwhile we had taken our places… 00:10:22
6.   These unintelligible words… 00:10:15
7.   Doubtless again… 00:10:04
8.   An intimate friend would furnish proofs… 00:07:12

Disc 6

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   I let myself go in telling him… 00:09:57
2.   In Gilberte's eyes… 00:09:57
3.   And yet I ought perhaps… 00:09:57
4.   'I'll tell you who does need a good doctor…' 00:09:59
5.   My mother had not, indeed… 00:09:58
6.   A whole lot more of my aunt… 00:10:00
7.   One was to appear, alas, from a quarter… 00:09:55
8.   Grief that is caused one by a person… 00:08:28

Disc 7

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   But this resumption of friendly relations… 00:09:46
2.   I was not unhappy… 00:09:57
3.   This kind of existence… 00:10:14
4.   'Aren't we to see anything of your delicious child' 00:09:32
5.   Swann would accompany his wife to their annual evening… 00:09:58
6.   She relied upon Mme. Cottard… 00:09:19
7.   'When the Doctor gets a book in his hands, you know!' 00:10:07
8.   In consequence of the violence… 00:09:50

Disc 8

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   Unfortunately certain persons… 00:09:50
2.   She used often to say… 00:10:31
3.   One felt that she did not dress simply… 00:09:44
4.   What helped me to remain patient… 00:10:05
5.   Meanwhile there was in me another force… 00:10:36
6.   Pending these posthumous fulfilments… 00:10:12
7.   The reason I now gave in my letters… 00:09:03
8.   But it was still more than I could endure… 00:07:49

Disc 9

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   On her arrival… 00:10:50
2.   Place - Names: The Place 00:09:25
3.   Unhappily those marvellous places… 00:09:39
4.   For the first time… 00:10:12
5.   My grandmother, however… 00:09:51
6.   Presently there gathered behind… 00:10:32
7.   Certain names of towns… 00:08:59
8.   In the little train of the local railway… 00:09:46

Disc 10

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   My sense of loneliness… 00:10:32
2.   She was wearing a loose cambric gown… 00:09:51
3.   For my judgment was aware… 00:10:09
4.   Imagining that I was… 00:10:17
5.   On the other hand… 00:10:18
6.   And at night they did not dine in the hotel… 00:09:34
7.   And then mere chance put into our hands… 00:09:10
8.   'But you were quite wrong, I assure you,' replied the barrister… 00:07:59

Disc 11

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   But I was obliged to take my eyes… 00:11:09
2.   In the end we too formed… 00:10:35
3.   Were she to encounter Francoise… 00:10:14
4.   But on that previous morning… 00:10:07
5.   After this I would spend the mornings… 00:10:21
6.   Before getting into the carriage… 00:09:56
7.   Sometimes as the carriage laboured… 00:07:44
8.   It is possible, for I have never in real life met any girls… 00:08:25

Disc 12

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   And this inner self of the charming… 00:09:59
2.   I watched the trees gradually withdraw… 00:10:07
3.   She found fault with Balzac… 00:10:13
4.   Even in Mme. de La Rochefoucauld's… 00:09:56
5.   He was coming from the beach… 00:09:55
6.   Indeed in Saint - Loup… 00:10:09
7.   If I had spent two or three hours… 00:10:19
8.   At his use of the word… 00:08:42

Disc 13

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   Each of our friends has his defects… 00:10:11
2.   The same day, he contrived to see me alone… 00:10:04
3.   The uncle for whom we were waiting… 00:10:01
4.   He gave me the impression… 00:10:26
5.   I now recognised in the hard look… 00:09:31
6.   I had supposed that in thus inviting… 00:09:54
7.   'On the contrary,' he retorted… 00:09:12
8.   Meanwhile my grandmother… 00:10:04

Disc 14

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   There was, then, embedded in my friend Bloch… 00:11:02
2.   M. Bloch told Saint - Loup and me that Bergotte knew so well… 00:10:34
3.   As a rule, after bringing out from his store… 00:10:22
4.   She had presently, with respect to Saint - Loup… 00:10:29
5.   It is true that he had succeeded in getting out of her… 00:13:45
6.   Seascape, with Frieze of Girls 00:10:45
7.   Just as if, in the heart of their band… 00:12:31

Disc 15

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   And yet the supposition that I might some day be the friend… 00:06:20
2.   I could say to myself with conviction… 00:09:18
3.   I asked myself whether the girls I had just seen… 00:10:13
4.   But as often as not they were, indeed, only pictures… 00:10:03
5.   Unfortunately, having on that condition only obtained… 00:09:08
6.   The harmony of these astral tables did not prevent… 00:09:28
7.   Often, since even after dinner there was still a little light… 00:09:50
8.   He had, in fact, before he made the acquaintance of… 00:09:54
9.   Last night I had been nothing more than an empty vessel… 00:04:58

Disc 16

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   Suddenly I thought of the fair girl with the sad expression… 00:05:18
2.   Since those days, so different from the day… 00:10:54
3.   And no doubt at first he had thought… 00:09:57
4.   How many observations, patient but not at all serene… 00:09:48
5.   Most of those that covered the walls… 00:08:58
6.   Although we are justified in saying that there can be… 00:11:23
7.   This vast celestial vision of which he spoke to me… 00:11:00
8.   I asked Elstir whether these girls lived at Balbec… 00:12:00

Disc 17

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   At the foot of the picture was inscribed… 00:06:09
2.   One feels unmistakably, when one sees side by side… 00:10:28
3.   Night was falling… 00:10:26
4.   What did I know of Albertine 00:08:30
5.   But apart from this, had the portrait been not anterior… 00:08:47
6.   He chose therefore, rather than say anything… 00:10:15
7.   I was afraid that this tone, this way of inviting a person… 00:10:41
8.   When I arrived at Elstir's a few minutes later… 00:13:39

Disc 18

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   Moreover, if there had disappeared, provisionally at any rate… 00:06:58
2.   We formed that morning one of those couples… 00:09:48
3.   Having sacrificed this first moment to a custom… 00:09:39
4.   'Oh, so you know the little d'Ambresacs, do you' 00:09:00
5.   At once kindled by her flame… 00:09:29
6.   Within the next few days… 00:09:37
7.   When the time came for her to go off to a luncheon party… 00:10:09
8.   In the old days I should have preferred… 00:13:58

Disc 19

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   So that if before these visits to Elstir… 00:05:14
2.   Some days we took our refreshment… 00:09:52
3.   For the sense of boredom which it is impossible not to feel… 00:10:10
4.   All this I realised, and yet we talked so little. 00:09:53
5.   But in the days that followed… 00:10:36
6.   When there is added to this the agitation aroused… 00:09:24
7.   I was looking at Albertine, so pretty… 00:09:43
8.   Shewing herself always tenderly indulgent… 00:07:02
9.   Nor was it any longer the room… 00:07:32

Disc 20

  Within a Budding Grove (Unabridged)
1.   I tried to induce Elstir… 00:06:07
2.   'She's not written only to your father, either…' 00:11:36
3.   I had supposed that the love which I felt for Albertine… 00:09:31
4.   If this sort of select popularity… 00:09:00
5.   Taking first of all the supposition that she was… 00:08:32
6.   The misunderstanding, due to an initial mistake… 00:09:00
7.   So it was with Albertine as with her friends. 00:08:28
8.   No matter which it might be of my friends… 00:08:04
9.   Sometimes, however, the driving rain… 00:08:57

Total Playing Time: 26:17:30

Proust, Marcel

Jason, Neville

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0097

Barcode: 9781843796084

Physical Release: 03/2012

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