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BUNYAN, J.: Pilgrim's Progress (The) (Unabridged)


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BUNYAN, J.: Pilgrim's Progress (The) (Unabridged)

For three hundred years The Pilgrim’s Progress has remained perhaps the best loved and most read of devotional fictions. In plain yet powerful and moving language, Bunyan tells the story of Christian’s struggle to attain salvation and the Gates of Heaven. He must pass through the Slough of Despond, ward off the temptations of Vanity Fair and fight the monstrous Apollyon…In Part Two, his wife and children follow the same path, helped and protected by Great-Heart, until for them too ‘the trumpets sound on the other side’.

Disc 1

  The Pilgrim's Progress (Unabridged)
1.   Part One: The Author's Apology for his Book 00:08:06
2.   'Come, let my carper to his life now look…' 00:06:02
3.   The First Stage 00:06:03
4.   'The neighbours came to see him run…' 00:07:26
5.   'Now I saw in my dream that just as they had ended…' 00:05:20
6.   'Now as Christian was walking solitary by himself…' 00:06:42
7.   'So Christian turned out of his way…' 00:05:15
8.   'Then Evangelist proceeded, saying…' 00:06:24
9.   The Second Stage 00:07:28
10.   'Then Christian began to gird up his loins…' 00:06:42
11.   'Then said Christian to the Interpreter…' 00:06:48
12.   'Now, said Christian, let me go hence.' 00:07:13

Disc 2

  The Pilgrim's Progress (Unabridged)
1.   'But what was it that made you so afraid…' 00:01:43
2.   The Third Stage 00:04:10
3.   'Yet was he troubled to think that men in that danger…' 00:06:56
4.   'I looked then after Christian, to see him go up the hill…' 00:07:25
5.   'So I saw in my dream that he made haste…' 00:07:41
6.   'And what saw you else in the way' 00:07:45
7.   'Now I saw in my dream, that thus they sat talking…' 00:08:12
8.   The Fourth Stage 00:08:34
9.   'Then Apollyon straddled quite over the whole breadth…' 00:07:20
10.   'I saw then in my dream, so far as this valley reached…' 00:09:36
11.   The Fifth Stage 00:09:48

Disc 3

  The Pilgrim's Progress (Unabridged)
1.   'That man that overtook you, said Christian, was Moses.' 00:08:44
2.   'Moreover, I saw in my dream, that as they went on…' 00:07:55
3.   'Well, my brother, I am bound to believe you…' 00:08:42
4.   'A work of grace in the soul discovereth itself…' 00:07:25
5.   The Sixth Stage 00:05:04
6.   'Then I saw in my dream, that when they were got out…' 00:04:14
7.   'Now, these pilgrims, as I said…' 00:07:54
8.   'Then proclamation was made, that they that had ought to say…' 00:06:01
9.   'Then the judge called to the jury…' 00:05:40
10.   The Seventh Stage 00:05:39
11.   'Now I saw in my dream that Christian and Hopeful forsook him…' 00:06:48
12.   'And now to the second part of the question…' 00:05:24

Disc 4

  The Pilgrim's Progress (Unabridged)
1.   'Then Christian and Hopeful outwent them again…' 00:09:34
2.   'I saw then that they went on their way to a pleasant river…' 00:07:04
3.   'Neither could they, with all the skill they had…' 00:06:54
4.   'Well, towards evening the giant goes down…' 00:07:11
5.   The Eighth Stage 00:04:39
6.   'Then I saw that they had them to the top of another mountain…' 00:05:18
7.   The Ninth Stage 00:04:30
8.   'Then said Christian to his fellow…' 00:08:11
9.   'I acknowledge it, said Hopeful…' 00:08:25
10.   'So they went on, and Ignorance followed.' 00:05:08
11.   'Now, after a while, they perceived afar off…' 00:06:11
12.   'Then Christian began, and said, I will ask you a question.' 00:06:23

Disc 5

  The Pilgrim's Progress (Unabridged)
1.   'Another thing that hath troubled me, said Hopeful…' 00:05:56
2.   'And how was he revealed unto you' 00:04:15
3.   'I then saw in my dream, that Hopeful looked back…' 00:07:44
4.   'Let me give an answer to this confession of thy faith.' 00:04:56
5.   The Tenth Stage 00:05:57
6.   'Well then, said Hopeful, there are, in my judgment…' 00:05:37
7.   'Now I saw in my dream, that by this time…' 00:06:53
8.   'They then addressed themselves to the water…' 00:08:39
9.   'Now, while they were thus drawing towards the gate…' 00:07:50
10.   Conclusion 00:01:32
11.   The Second Part: The Author's Way of Sending Forth… 00:07:39
12.   Objection iii 00:07:51
13.   Part Two 00:01:35

Disc 6

  The Pilgrim's Progress (Unabridged)
1.   'And as I was in my dream, behold…' 00:06:11
2.   'This Christiana (for that was her name…)' 00:05:07
3.   'Next morning, when she was up, had prayed to God…' 00:05:25
4.   'But while they were thus about to be gone…' 00:04:53
5.   'Then Timorous all too reviled her…' 00:05:04
6.   The First Stage 00:06:24
7.   'And now Mr. Sagacity left me to dream out my dream…' 00:06:19
8.   'Now I saw in my dream that he spake many good words…' 00:05:45
9.   The Second Stage 00:07:28
10.   'Then said Mercy, What a sudden blank is here!' 00:05:35
11.   'So when they were within…' 00:07:44
12.   'And after this he led them into his garden…' 00:06:24
13.   'When the song and music were ended…' 00:06:34

Disc 7

  The Pilgrim's Progress (Unabridged)
1.   'When they were returned out of the garden from the bath…' 00:03:06
2.   The Third Stage 00:07:55
3.   'This is brave, said Christiana.' 00:07:04
4.   'Thus they went on till they came at the foot of the hill…' 00:06:34
5.   The Fourth Stage 00:06:31
6.   'Now, then they were within sight of the Porter's lodge…' 00:06:23
7.   'So in the morning when they were awake…' 00:07:32
8.   'Then she addressed herself to the eldest…' 00:06:20
9.   'Now Matthew, the eldest son of Christiana, fell sick…' 00:08:59
10.   'Now about this time their month was out…' 00:06:15
11.   The Fifth Stage 00:06:11
12.   'Now, as they were going along, and talking…' 00:05:15

Disc 8

  The Pilgrim's Progress (Unabridged)
1.   'Now they were come to the place…' 00:08:04
2.   'So they cried and prayed, and God sent light…' 00:06:57
3.   The Sixth Stage 00:07:33
4.   'Now, as they walked along together…' 00:06:51
5.   'I got him in at the house Beautiful, I think…' 00:06:50
6.   'If I might also speak my heart, said Mercy…' 00:08:48
7.   'Now, as they were thus in their way…' 00:07:48
8.   'Now the cook sent up to signify that supper was almost ready…' 00:05:38
9.   'But to return again to our story…' 00:07:24
10.   'Then they asked Mr. Feeble - Mind how he fell…' 00:06:40
11.   'Now Mr. Feeble - Mind, when they were going out…' 00:06:38

Disc 9

  The Pilgrim's Progress (Unabridged)
1.   'Now by this time they were come within sight…' 00:06:14
2.   'You talk of rubs, said Mr. Contrite…' 00:07:32
3.   The Seventh Stage 00:04:58
4.   'Now they went on.' 00:05:59
5.   'Now I saw in my dream, when all these things were finished…' 00:06:28
6.   'Then they took them and had them to Mount Charity…' 00:06:54

Disc 10

  The Pilgrim's Progress (Unabridged)
1.   The Eighth Stage 00:07:22
2.   'You came in at the gate, did you not' 00:07:41
3.   'By this time they were got to the Enchanted Ground…' 00:07:54
4.   'Then the pilgrims desired with trembling to go forward…' 00:06:56
5.   'The woman is a witch, said Great - Heart…' 00:06:25
6.   'Now, while they lay here, and waited for the good hour…' 00:05:25
7.   'In process of time there came a post to the town again…' 00:05:59
8.   'After this it was noised abroad…' 00:06:47

Total Playing Time: 12:02:44

Bunyan, John

Shaw-Parker, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Fiction

Period: Baroque

Catalogue No: NA0133

Barcode: 9781843797302

Physical Release: 08/2013

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