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ECO, U.: Name of the Rose (The) (Unabridged)


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ECO, U.: Name of the Rose (The) (Unabridged)

This hugely engaging story of murder, superstition, religious politics and drama in a medieval monastery was one of the most striking novels to appear in the 1980s. The Name of the Rose is a thrilling story enriched with period detail and laced with tongue-in-cheek allusions to fictional characters, the most striking of which is the Franciscan friar William of Baskerville, who displays many characteristics of Sherlock Holmes.

Although he looks at the past through a postmodern lens, Eco catapults his readers into the dark medieval world as Brother William tries to discover why people are dying inexplicably and nastily in the monastery. There is something not altogether right within the library that is the pride of the establishment…The old man Adso, who was an impressionable novice at the time, tells the story.

Disc 1

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   Preface 00:07:41
2.   I concluded… 00:05:47
3.   Note 00:02:11
4.   Prologue 00:07:17
5.   This was the situation when I… 00:07:43
6.   On those occasions a vacant, absent expression… 00:07:31
7.   First Day - Prime - In which the foot of the abbey is reached… 00:05:27
8.   The cellarer hesitated. 00:04:44
9.   This was my master's way. 00:05:39
10.   Terce - In which William has an instructive conversation… 00:06:17
11.   'An inquisitor, too, can be impelled by the Devil,' William said… 00:05:54
12.   What had happened, then, was this… 00:06:40
13.   O Lord God, what a terrible mystery… 00:06:21

Disc 2

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   'But until the millennium occurs definitively…' 00:07:35
2.   Sext - In which Adso admires the door of the church… 00:06:54
3.   Bodies inhabited in every part by the Spirit… 00:07:32
4.   And stunned (almost) by that sight… 00:07:18
5.   And yet, one way or another… 00:07:19
6.   But so it was, and many of those monks… 00:07:01
7.   Celestine V was succeeded by Boniface VIII… 00:06:58
8.   'Then who wished you ill' 00:07:06
9.   'You pretended you wished to enter his sect…' 00:07:02
10.   'And if from this conjunction a baby was born…' 00:07:13
11.   He looked around, staring wide - eyed… 00:06:55

Disc 3

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   'By the way,' William said… 00:02:38
2.   Toward Nones - In which William… 00:07:40
3.   'Had you much occasion to talk with Adelmo of Otranto' 00:05:31
4.   After Nones - In which there is a visit to the scriptorium… 00:06:49
5.   The list could surely go on… 00:06:53
6.   'I have been told that one of your best illuminators died recently,'… 00:07:06
7.   We turned. The speaker was a monk… 00:07:18
8.   'Our Lord did not have to employ such foolish things…' 00:06:35
9.   Vespers - In which the rest of the abbey is visited… 00:06:53
10.   'I hope you will allow me to examine them…' 00:07:03
11.   'Why do you speak of magic rather than diabolical apparitions' 00:07:03
12.   Compline - In which William and Adso… 00:07:49

Disc 4

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   At this point the abbot good - naturedly invited us to be silent. 00:03:33
2.   Second Day - Matins - In which a few hours… 00:07:26
3.   Suddenly some noises were heard from the direction of the north door. 00:07:42
4.   But what seemed to us most noteworthy… 00:07:40
5.   Prime - In which Benno of Uppsala confides certain things… 00:07:03
6.   'At this point Jorge said that Jesus had urged our speech…' 00:06:24
7.   'How' William asked. 'At the foot of the hill' 00:07:33
8.   'But what about the drop of burning sweat' 00:06:41
9.   Terce - In which the visitors witness a brawl… 00:05:57
10.   I remembered the discussion with Ubertino. 00:06:32
11.   'I have said these things to you, Brother William…' 00:06:26
12.   Poor Venantius's desk had its back to the great fireplace… 00:06:24

Disc 5

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   'The library is testimony to truth and to error,' Jorge said. 00:06:55
2.   'Venerable Jorge, you seem to me unjust…' 00:06:38
3.   Sext - In which Benno tells a strange tale… 00:07:10
4.   Benno remained awake, unable to fall asleep… 00:06:43
5.   Nones - In which the abbot declares his pride… 00:06:58
6.   'Every creature,' he said, 'visible or invisible…' 00:07:40
7.   But many had assured him the Pope would be awaiting him… 00:07:24
8.   'I know, I know.' The abbot smiled. 00:07:47
9.   I have seen - I swear to you, Abo… 00:07:36
10.   After Vespers - In which, though the chapter is short… 00:06:11
11.   'With a lamp' The old man seemed amazed. 00:04:40
12.   Compline - In which the Aedificum is entered… 00:03:11

Disc 6

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   We descended perhaps a dozen steps… 00:05:38
2.   Slowly, as if an invisible hand were writing… 00:05:55
3.   'If Venantius had been ingenuous…' 00:06:35
4.   Night - In which the labyrinth is finally broached… 00:06:40
5.   At a certain point we found ourselves again… 00:06:36
6.   'But what about the windows' I asked. 00:07:01
7.   We wandered, fearing never to emerge from that place again… 00:06:59
8.   Third Day - From Laudes To Prime - In which… 00:02:13
9.   Terce - In which Adso, in the scriptorium… 00:04:47
10.   The abbey where I was staying… 00:04:42
11.   Sext - In which Adso receives the confidences of Salvatore… 00:07:48
12.   There were those who put plasters on their bodies… 00:06:27
13.   From there he took refuge in the Toulouse region… 00:06:54

Disc 7

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   Thanks to his long familiarity… 00:03:41
2.   Nones - In which William speaks to Adso… 00:07:11
3.   'I understand less and less.' 00:07:21
4.   'I see that for a novice of Saint Benedict…' 00:07:14
5.   'In the Lateran Council of 1179…' 00:07:24
6.   'But you know that a certain thickness of glass…' 00:06:55
7.   Vespers - In which the abbot speaks again with the visitors… 00:06:38
8.   William remained silent a moment as the abbot departed. 00:06:39
9.   'Our heads Of course, they also function outside…' 00:06:33
10.   'And yet in the book of the apostle…' 00:06:33
11.   After Compline - In which Ubertine tells Adso… 00:07:34
12.   'Perhaps,' I said… 00:05:57

Disc 8

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   'And what do these things have to do with Fra Dolcino' 00:07:03
2.   'But didn't that same Frederick receive with favour in Sicily…' 00:07:08
3.   'In any case, I cannot tell you everything that happened.' 00:07:02
4.   I did not leave the church. 00:06:49
5.   I came to the Church of San Salvatore… 00:07:29
6.   Finally it was the day of the execution… 00:07:13
7.   Then the hut burned entirely, like a torch… 00:07:21
8.   Luckily I was near the staircase. 00:07:07
9.   Because of the meekness of my gaze, I imagine… 00:07:26
10.   And she kissed me with the kisses of her mouth… 00:07:28
11.   What was similar in Michael's desire for death… 00:07:38

Disc 9

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   Night - Adso, distraught, confesses to William… 00:07:13
2.   'And, finally, he must have had a certain sense of economy…' 00:07:09
3.   Fourth Day - Laudes - In which William and Severinus… 00:05:57
4.   Triumphantly, I completed the syllogism… 00:06:21
5.   'Just a moment,' Severinus said. 00:05:02
6.   Prime - In which William induces first Salvatore… 00:06:15
7.   The cellarer was on the opposite side of the abbey… 00:06:09
8.   'Yes, Remigio. We are all wretched sinners.' 00:06:12
9.   He smiled, embarrassed. 00:06:12
10.   Terce - In which Adso writhes in the torments of love… 00:07:16
11.   And yet I felt a kind of sorrow… 00:07:14
12.   And let this serve to instruct anyone who may fall, as I did… 00:07:11

Disc 10

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   How great, I said to myself then… 00:04:05
2.   'So he put the book, with his notes, under his desk…' 00:04:24
3.   Sext - In which Adso goes hunting for truffles… 00:06:54
4.   Needless to say, the newcomers also promptly met Ubertino… 00:07:35
5.   'Son of a cobbler,' one of the legates grumbled. 00:06:39
6.   'He has added,' William went on… 00:06:51
7.   'To whom has he said these things' Michael asked, horrified. 00:07:11
8.   Nones - In which Cardinal del Poggetto arrives… 00:07:08
9.   Vespers - In which Alinardo seems to give… 00:04:59
10.   'But what have horns to do with anything' 00:04:25
11.   Compline - In which Salvatore tells of a prodigious spell. 00:07:10
12.   After Compline - In which they visit the labyrinth again… 00:05:06
13.   'Was he crazy' 00:05:53

Disc 11

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   We resumed our way. 00:07:26
2.   'There are two other theological virtues as well.' 00:07:24
3.   'No, that evening we were in the library…' 00:07:42
4.   I was frightened to read… 00:07:39
5.   Night - In which Salvatore allows himself to be discovered… 00:05:41
6.   'And suddenly into their midst sprang a frightful cat…' 00:05:44
7.   The two were dragged off, one silent and destroyed… 00:06:11
8.   Fifth Day - Prime - In which there occurs… 00:06:29
9.   A good augury, I said to myself… 00:06:39
10.   Michael had sent letters of excuse… 00:06:05
11.   But on the opposite side Jean d'Anneaux rose to say… 00:06:16
12.   'He did' Jerome said, snickering. 00:06:13

Disc 12

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   As we were speaking… 00:03:55
2.   Terce - In which Severinus speaks to William… 00:06:14
3.   I went back into the chapter hall. 00:05:29
4.   The listeners did not dare contest this learned demonstration. 00:05:20
5.   All this, William added with a cheerful expression… 00:06:24
6.   Sext - In which Severinus is found murdered… 00:06:22
7.   Malachi did not answer at once… 00:06:07
8.   'Can he have hidden it inside his habit' I asked. 00:06:13
9.   We could restrain the other monks no longer… 00:07:21
10.   Nones - In which justice is melted out… 00:06:41
11.   'I experienced the vicissitudes of the Minorites…' 00:06:26
12.   'Bernard has tortured him…' I murmured to William. 00:06:13
13.   'But you know, you must know.' 00:06:32

Disc 13

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   Just before Malachi reached the door, his head bowed… 00:06:49
2.   'Very interesting.' 00:06:42
3.   'Yes, I believed those things and did those things!' 00:06:59
4.   'Perhaps we were mistaken…' 00:07:43
5.   'And how could you command the Devil' Bernard insisted… 00:07:05
6.   Vespers - In which Ubertino takes flight… 00:08:10
7.   Perhaps I was thinking these things even then… 00:07:56
8.   Compline - In which a sermon is heard… 00:06:17
9.   Preservation of, I say… 00:06:33
10.   Jorge, after a long pause, now resumed speaking. 00:06:12
11.   I would have given anything to know… 00:07:07

Disc 14

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   'And on the seventh day Christ will arrive…' 00:08:09
2.   Sixth Day - Matins - In which the princes sederunt… 00:06:06
3.   Once the 'sederunt' had been uttered… 00:06:27
4.   Lauds - In which a new cellarer is chosen… 00:06:02
5.   Prime - In which Nicholas tells many things… 00:06:33
6.   'Now that Malachi and Berengar are dead…' 00:05:27
7.   And then there was the purse of Saint Matthew… 00:06:11
8.   Terce - In which Adso, listening to the 'Dies Irae,'… 00:06:38
9.   At a merry signal from the abbot… 00:06:35
10.   Meanwhile, all came in and out bringing choice game… 00:06:12
11.   Now I could no longer find the banqueters… 00:07:29
12.   After Terce - In which William explains Adso's dream to him. 00:07:02

Disc 15

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   Sext - In which the succession of librarians is reconstructed… 00:06:11
2.   My master was truly very sharp. 00:06:41
3.   Nones - In which the abbot refuses to listen to William… 00:06:58
4.   'It is cold in here,' the abbot said. 00:07:38
5.   It was more than a dismissal, it was an expulsion. 00:06:53
6.   Between Vespers And Compline - In which long hours… 00:06:31
7.   After Compline - In which, almost by chance… 00:05:46
8.   I said before that at this point you pushed a wooden door… 00:05:38
9.   Seventh Day - Night - In which, if it were to summarise… 00:06:36
10.   'And then I heard you were asking the other monks questions…' 00:06:50
11.   'It is an Egyptian work from the third century of our era.' 00:06:41
12.   'And how do you know that was what happened' 00:07:13

Disc 16

  The Name of the Rose (Unabridged)
1.   'Comedy is born from the komai…' 00:06:05
2.   'But what frightened you in this discussion of laughter' 00:06:10
3.   'What a diabolical transfiguration of the Holy Scripture!' 00:06:19
4.   Jorge seemed not to understand. 00:05:47
5.   Night - In which the ecpyrosis takes place… 00:07:23
6.   Since we could not move faster… 00:07:23
7.   We found the way toward the stairs… 00:06:02
8.   There was a confused bustle… 00:06:03
9.   The church caught fire in no time. 00:06:08
10.   'Fear prophets, Adso…' 00:05:56
11.   Last Page 00:07:43
12.   The Aedificium, except for the south wall… 00:08:11

Total Playing Time: 21:03:43

Eco, Umberto

Barrett, Sean

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Fiction

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: NA0145

Barcode: 9781843797623

Distribution Note(s):

Unavailable in Canada, United States, Mexico, Samoa and United States Minor Outlying Islands.

Physical Release: 09/2013

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