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SUETONIUS: Lives of the Twelve Caesars (Abridged)


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About this Recording

SUETONIUS: Lives of the Twelve Caesars (Abridged)

Suetonius wrote his Lives of the Twelve Caesars in the reign of Vespasian around A.D. 70. He chronicled the extraordinary careers of Julius, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Vespasian and Domitian and the rest in technicolour terms. They presented some high and low times at the heart of the Roman Empire. The accounts provide us with perspicacious insights into the men as much as their reigns—and it was from Suetonius that subsequent writers such as Robert Graves drew so much of their material.

Disc 1

  Lives of the Twelve Caesars
1.   Julius Caesar (Julius) 00:05:04
2.   While he was aedile… 00:05:09
3.   Having entered upon his consulship… 00:04:48
4.   During this period he lost his mother… 00:06:35
5.   As he thus stood… 00:04:44
6.   In all the civil wars… 00:05:18
7.   His stature is said to have been tall… 00:05:09
8.   In his expeditions, it is doubtful… 00:05:18
9.   The trespasses and delinquencies… 00:06:11
10.   But the act of his which aroused the greatest censure… 00:06:39
11.   In his last will, he named three heirs… 00:05:49
12.   Octavius Caesar Augustus (Augustus) 00:05:25
13.   Having entered into a confederacy… 00:04:36
14.   He conquered, partly in person… 00:04:45
15.   He divided the city into regions and districts… 00:03:10

Disc 2

  Lives of the Twelve Caesars
1.   He corrected many… 00:05:17
2.   For himself, he resolved to choose… 00:06:42
3.   In number, variety, and magnificence… 00:05:31
4.   He augmented the population of Italy… 00:05:53
5.   How much he was beloved… 00:05:15
6.   By Agrippa and Julia he had three grandsons… 00:04:21
7.   In the prime of his youth… 00:05:51
8.   He was by nature a very slight drinker of wine 00:04:35
9.   Eloquence and other liberal arts… 00:06:06
10.   His death, of which I shall now write… 00:04:51
11.   He died in the same bedroom… 00:03:04
12.   Caius Tiberius Nero Caesar (Tiberius) 00:05:54
13.   His first service in the wars… 00:05:28
14.   In this condition he continued almost two years… 00:05:12
15.   After two years he returned from Germany to Rome… 00:04:56

Disc 3

  Lives of the Twelve Caesars
1.   The cause of Tiberius’s long demur… 00:05:28
2.   By little and little he showed his princely majesty… 00:06:28
3.   All the while he was Emperor… 00:06:30
4.   His cruel and unpliable nature was apparent… 00:04:59
5.   In person he was heavy - set and powerful… 00:05:23
6.   Caius Caesar Caligula (Caligula) 00:05:28
7.   He accompanied his father… 00:05:07
8.   The Spintriae, those panderers to unnatural lusts… 00:06:22
9.   With all his sisters, he lived incestuously… 00:05:31
10.   He would not permit any to die quickly… 00:05:30
11.   He levied new taxes… 00:04:55
12.   In his march to Rome… 00:05:20
13.   By diligent practice… 00:06:52

Disc 4

  Lives of the Twelve Caesars
1.   Tiberius Claudius Drusus Caesar (Claudius) 00:05:17
2.   At length Caius Caligula, his brother’s son… 00:05:31
3.   In taking honours upon himself he was sparing… 00:05:13
4.   He was at all times most solicitous… 00:06:03
5.   In his early youth he was twice married… 00:05:22
6.   Being entirely enthralled by these freedmen… 00:04:55
7.   There arose no suspicion too absurd… 00:03:34
8.   In his youth, he attempted to write a history… 00:04:30
9.   Nero Claudius Caesar (Nero) 00:05:01
10.   He made profession that he would govern… 00:05:08
11.   Among the other liberal arts which he was taught… 00:04:04
12.   After this, he appeared at all the public games… 00:04:46
13.   Besides the unnatural abuse of freeborn boys… 00:03:41
14.   He commenced making a pond… 00:04:49

Disc 5

  Lives of the Twelve Caesars
1.   His mother being used… 00:05:00
2.   The twelfth day after the divorcement of Octavia… 00:05:04
3.   When he received word that Galba… 00:05:22
4.   But recovering from this violent mood… 00:06:59
5.   Servius Sulpicius Galba (Galba) 00:04:40
6.   For eight years he governed… 00:04:57
7.   A rumour had been raised before his arrival… 00:04:55
8.   As he was offering sacrifice… 00:05:50
9.   Marcus Salvius Otho (Otho) 00:04:45
10.   Upon the day fixed for the enterprise… 00:04:34
11.   My father, Suetonius Lenis… 00:03:58
12.   Aulus Vitellius (Vitellius) 00:05:21
13.   When news came to him… 00:04:28
14.   He was given to excessive feeding… 00:05:21
15.   He advised the senate to send ambassadors… 00:03:06

Disc 6

  Lives of the Twelve Caesars
1.   Tiberius Flavius Vespasianus Augustus (Vespasian) 00:05:41
2.   After the deaths of Nero and Galba… 00:05:58
3.   The city of Rome being much blemished… 00:05:38
4.   To all ranks of men he was most liberal 00:06:12
5.   Titus Flavius Vespasianus Augustus (Titus) 00:05:06
6.   Besides his cruelty… 00:06:09
7.   Titus Flavius Domitianus (Domitian) 00:04:24
8.   He exhibited naval fights… 00:05:27
9.   But he did not long continue… 00:04:58
10.   Becoming both hated and feared… 00:04:57
11.   He was killed in the forty - fifth year of his age… 00:04:27

Total Playing Time: 07:12:40

Suetonius Tranquillus, Caius

Jacobi, Derek

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Biographies

Catalogue No: NA633912

Barcode: 9789626343395

Physical Release: 05/2005

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