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Classical Music Home > O'BRIEN, F.: Third Policeman (The) (Unabridged)

O'BRIEN, F.: Third Policeman (The) (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

O'BRIEN, F.: Third Policeman (The) (Unabridged)

Flann O’Brien’s most popular and surrealistic novel concerns an imaginary, hellish village police force and a local murder. Weird, satirical, and very funny, its popularity has suddenly increased after the novel was featured in the 5 October 2005 episode of the hit television series Lost. The series’ creators have said that anyone who has read the book “will have a lot more ammunition when dissecting plotlines” of the show. Here it comes to life in a new unabridged recording. “Even with Ulysses and Finnegans Wake behind him, James Joyce might have been envious”, wrote one critic about the work of Flann O’Brien.

Disc 1

  The Third Policeman
1.   CHAPTER 1 00:04:40
2.   After a few days… 00:05:01
3.   A full year had not passed… 00:03:39
4.   It was about this time, when I was nearly 30… 00:05:39
5.   I do not know exactly how or when… 00:05:09
6.   On our way, I said to Divney… 00:05:40
7.   CHAPTER 2 00:05:32
8.   I cannot hope to describe what it was. 00:04:48
9.   Forlornly, I looked and saw that this was true. 00:06:44
10.   "No" is generally speaking a better answer than "Yes"… 00:05:45
11.   Where's the black box which was under the floor…' 00:07:04
12.   And how does this enable you…' 00:05:52

Disc 2

  The Third Policeman
1.   CHAPTER 3 00:05:15
2.   Everything seemed almost too pleasant… 00:06:53
3.   I walked on unperturbed… 00:06:29
4.   I am a robber,' he said. 00:07:07
5.   CHAPTER 4 00:05:01
6.   Of my own journey to the police - barracks… 00:04:17
7.   His back appearance was unusual. 00:06:24
8.   He's gone to America…' 00:06:21
9.   These are interesting rules…' 00:04:46
10.   CHAPTER 5 00:07:06
11.   He put his little spear back on the shelf… 00:06:28
12.   He went to the table… 00:05:17
13.   All my senses were now strained so tensely… 00:04:21

Disc 3

  The Third Policeman
1.   CHAPTER 6 00:06:07
2.   What is your attitude to the high saddle' 00:07:17
3.   I said nothing… 00:06:07
4.   I looked carefully around me. 00:05:32
5.   Did you never see a bicycle leaning against the dresser…' 00:05:37
6.   CHAPTER 7 00:05:09
7.   Standing at a point on the postulated spherical earth… 00:05:10
8.   To say this was a surprise… 00:05:35
9.   Both of us sat silent for a while… 00:05:15
10.   The next important thing that happened… 00:06:30
11.   How long this eeriness lasted… 00:05:53
12.   What happened eventually was not a shout… 00:06:24
13.   The door was flung open and in came Gilhaney. 00:05:20

Disc 4

  The Third Policeman
1.   CHAPTER 8 00:04:46
2.   As in many other of de Selby's concepts… 00:06:45
3.   These few words sickened me instantly with fear… 00:05:56
4.   He led the way to a door… 00:06:06
5.   My eye ranged round unsatisfied. 00:06:16
6.   I went carefully over to see what he was doing… 00:05:07
7.   The sergeant was already looming ahead… 00:05:58
8.   MacCruiskeen lit a match for our cigarettes… 00:05:22
9.   And so we did. 00:06:58
10.   We smoked in silence… 00:05:09
11.   As they wrangled on about sweets… 00:02:54
12.   CHAPTER 9 00:04:57
13.   Bassett and many of the other commentators… 00:04:09

Disc 5

  The Third Policeman
1.   For the rest, little remains save the record… 00:04:40
2.   Water The word was in my ear… 00:03:31
3.   CHAPTER 10 00:04:15
4.   I was not at all pleased that this ghostly man… 00:04:29
5.   I thought it was a poor subject for conversation… 00:06:44
6.   I heard of a man once,' he said… 00:04:46
7.   Parts of this conversation came to me… 00:05:22
8.   For the first time, I had the courage to turn my head… 00:05:21
9.   CHAPTER 11 00:05:43
10.   Hatchjaw's friend, Harold Barge… 00:06:22
11.   I arose, and stretched my legs up and down the floor. 00:07:02
12.   In the next moment, I was fumbling for the barrack latch… 00:06:30

Disc 6

  The Third Policeman
1.   I laid the bicycle gently against the gate pier… 00:05:13
2.   I stopped thinking, closing up my mind… 00:05:21
3.   I swung round in amazement… 00:05:21
4.   The great fat body in the uniform… 00:05:13
5.   He had now carefully blotted his work… 00:06:00
6.   He chuckled softly at the thought… 00:08:02
7.   CHAPTER 12 00:04:38
8.   There was nothing altogether unnatural in what I saw… 00:05:19
9.   A cold biting wind was sweeping in… 00:05:41

Total Playing Time: 06:43:10

O'Brien, Flann

Norton, Jim

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA645512

Barcode: 9789626344552

Physical Release: 03/2007

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