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TREMAIN, R.: Music and Silence (Abridged)


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TREMAIN, R.: Music and Silence (Abridged)

In the freezing cellars of the palace, musicians play unseen for the haunted, cash-strapped Christian IV of Denmark. Meanwhile, his beautiful but petulant consort Kirsten plays out wild fantasies with her lover.
In a stately home in Ireland, Francesca, Countess O’Fingal mourns her husband’s insane pursuit of a tune heard in a dream. She calls for the lutenist Peter Claire to help cure him. But Claire leaves to join Christian’s chamber orchestra, where he falls in love with Kirsten’s only friend—and one she will not relinquish. Trust and betrayal, light and dark, death and desires—Music & Silence entwines its themes and characters in a sparkling, mesmerising novel.

Disc 1

  Music and Silence (Abridged)
1.   Narrator: A lamp is lit. 00:04:59
2.   Then his majesty stands up and moves… 00:04:49
3.   Kirsten Munk, Consort of King Christian IV of Denmark… 00:04:56
4.   Narrator: Denmark is a watery kingdom. 00:04:58
5.   It is snowing at Rosenborg. 00:06:07
6.   The child Christian, after his baptism… 00:06:46
7.   Kirsten: One birthday gift I have not mentioned… 00:02:58
8.   Narrator: Peter Claire and Jens Ingemann return… 00:04:51
9.   Although it is only 10 o'clock in the morning… 00:05:25
10.   Lament of Countess O Fingal from her notebook… 00:05:32
11.   Narrator: Emilia was born in Jutland. 00:07:03
12.   Countess: I must now mention my four children… 00:07:26
13.   Narrator: Only high - born children were sent… 00:08:39
14.   Kirsten: The King has gone away. 00:04:38

Disc 2

  Music and Silence (Abridged)
1.   Kirsten (cont.): Today - a day of sudden sun… 00:05:40
2.   Narrator: Now, with Emilia gone, Magdalena Tilsen rules… 00:03:38
3.   Countess: While I and the children were staying… 00:04:55
4.   Kirsten: Since the King's departure into Norway… 00:02:42
5.   Countess: On the day that Peter Claire arrived… 00:05:56
6.   Narrator: The convoy has arrived in the icy valleys… 00:06:29
7.   Letter from Johann Tilsen to Emilia Tilsen 00:01:39
8.   Kirsten: Oh, Lord, but Men do Vex me… 00:04:52
9.   Narrator: The golden plaits are gone. 00:05:52
10.   Countess: One day, in high summer, Johnnie announced… 00:03:29
11.   Narrator: Towards the end of June… 00:05:40
12.   Sir Mark Langton Smythe, as is the custom… 00:05:14
13.   King Christian had waited nine years to be crowned. 00:07:29
14.   Kirsten: I declare that no time in my life… 00:05:40
15.   Narrator: Peter Claire walks alone in the streets… 00:05:34
16.   Countess: Johnnie O'Fingal returned from Dublin… 00:03:37

Disc 3

  Music and Silence (Abridged)
1.   The Thoughts of Marcus Tilsen, Aged Four and a Half… 00:02:52
2.   Narrator: On her journey to Jutland… 00:06:32
3.   Kirsten: The success of my announcement to the King… 00:03:57
4.   Narrator: Emilia Tilsen stands in the cellar… 00:05:47
5.   When he wakes… 00:04:19
6.   Letter from Countess O'Fingal to Peter Claire 00:01:54
7.   Kirsten: How I do loathe and detest musical performances! 00:04:58
8.   Narrator: Dowager Queen Sofie stares at her own face… 00:06:25
9.   In the night that follows this afternoon… 00:05:38
10.   And then she hits him. 00:04:59
11.   Kirsten: We are at Boller in my mother's house. 00:02:45
12.   Marcus: My father says 'Now you have a new sister…' 00:00:39
13.   Letter from Countess O'Fingal to Peter Claire 00:01:38
14.   Narrator: The lane is bright with sunshine… 00:03:12
15.   While the summer lasted… 00:08:10
16.   Vibeke Kruse has begun to lose weight. 00:08:34
17.   Kirsten: In this miserable November… 00:03:03
18.   Narrator: The spirit of mutiny among the musicians… 00:04:03

Disc 4

  Music and Silence (Abridged)
1.   Narrator (cont.): George Middleton's submission… 00:06:46
2.   Kirsten: My baby has been christened Dorothea… 00:07:04
3.   The King arrives at Kronborg early in the morning… 00:08:59
4.   Marcus: I went into the forest… 00:01:28
5.   Narrator: Johann Tilsen and his sons search for Marcus… 00:05:41
6.   Kirsten: We spent Christmas in darkness. 00:05:31
7.   Narrator: Mr. George Middleton is giving a party… 00:07:12
8.   Francesca and her father look at Peter Claire… 00:08:33
9.   Dowager Queen Sofie is in her cellar. 00:04:42
10.   As the cold of January deepens… 00:05:58
11.   While Signor Ponti consults… 00:08:45
12.   Ingmar was sent away. 00:07:36

Disc 5

  Music and Silence (Abridged)
1.   Narrator (cont.): It had always been true of Marcus… 00:08:53
2.   It used to happen when Christian was a boy… 00:05:00
3.   Kirsten: March has come in and the snow… 00:04:29
4.   Narrator: On a morning in March 1630… 00:04:03
5.   Countess: We have arrived in a land of forests. 00:06:06
6.   Narrator: No sooner is baby Ulla weaned… 00:05:27
7.   Kirsten: I am alone. 00:02:02
8.   Narrator: The date of Charlotte Claire's wedding… 00:04:30
9.   King Christian is trying to pray. 00:07:46
10.   On a bright morning, Peter Claire hears the noise… 00:07:56
11.   'No one knows', says Johann Tilsen to the doctor… 00:04:31
12.   April arrives. 00:05:29
13.   Ellen Marsvin finds the former Woman of the Torso… 00:07:26
14.   With the death of Magdalena… 00:05:48

Disc 6

  Music and Silence (Abridged)
1.   Narrator (cont.): Somehow the men contrive it… 00:02:40
2.   The dream is familiar to King Christian… 00:06:54
3.   Vibeke watches the steady burning of the candle… 00:07:55
4.   As April comes in… 00:07:45
5.   A few nights before the court removes itself… 00:04:23
6.   Now, a ship called the Sankt Nicolai is lying becalmed… 00:04:46
7.   Kirsten: I have given away my baby, Dorothea. 00:05:44
8.   It appeared that as the coach passed through… 00:04:24
9.   Narrator: On the first day of May… 00:04:10
10.   Peter Claire stares at the room. 00:06:07
11.   Kirsten: I find myself turning the word Slave over and over… 00:05:59
12.   Narrator: Emilia has her pot of poison now, white as snow. 00:07:14
13.   In the night, Marcus wakes his sister and says… 00:06:54
14.   Kirsten: Last night I had a dream. 00:04:01

Total Playing Time: 07:53:35

Tremain, Rose

Dowling, Alison; Praed, Michael; Wille, Clare

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA697512

Barcode: 9789626349755

Physical Release: 07/2009

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