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LAMPEDUSA, G.T. di: Leopard (The) (Unabridged)


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LAMPEDUSA, G.T. di: Leopard (The) (Unabridged)

Sicily, 1860. In the gracefully decaying estates of the ancient Corbera family, Don Fabrizio, Prince of Salina, is aware that great change is coming. It is not only in the form of the popular uprising towards Italian unification, but in the decline of the nobility and the rise of the middle class.

Assailed by the critics on its publication, The Leopard was nevertheless hailed by the public and has since grown in worldwide popularity for the ironic elegance with which it spins a story of regret and rebirth, of change and stagnation, of the passing of the old ways and the inevitable triumph of the new.

The Leopard is a modern masterwork that stands comparison with the novels of Marcel Proust and Jane Austen.

Disc 1

  The Leopard (Unabridged)
1.   1: Introduction to the Prince, May 1860 00:08:10
2.   With a wildly excited Bendico bounding ahead of him… 00:07:31
3.   Those audiences! All those audiences… 00:07:36
4.   Dinner at Villa Salina was served… 00:07:00
5.   It was not dark yet… 00:07:42
6.   Leaving the carriage at his palace… 00:06:46
7.   Next morning the sun lit on a refreshed Prince. 00:06:08
8.   The estate office was still empty… 00:04:32
9.   But he was soon exiled from these stellar realms. 00:05:03
10.   The Prince smiled. 00:05:53
11.   Leaving Bendico panting from his own dynamism… 00:07:46
12.   Both soothed, they began discussing a report… 00:05:09

Disc 2

  The Leopard (Unabridged)
1.   In the estate office, to which he returned after luncheon… 00:07:35
2.   2: Donnafugata, August 1860 00:05:39
3.   An hour later they were all on the road again… 00:05:55
4.   It had been an idyllic evening… 00:04:39
5.   Beyond the short bridge leading into the town… 00:07:48
6.   The Salina palace was next door to the Mother Church. 00:06:37
7.   He went up the internal staircase… 00:06:40
8.   The Jesuit was sweating in the heat of the little room… 00:06:57
9.   An hour later he awoke refreshed… 00:05:32
10.   The Prince had always taken care… 00:07:16
11.   About Tancredi there seems little to be said… 00:06:13
12.   At the end of dinner the conversation became general… 00:07:17

Disc 3

  The Leopard (Unabridged)
1.   Centuries - old tradition required… 00:08:38
2.   3: The Troubles of Don Fabrizio, October 1860 00:06:23
3.   Tancredi had been gone for more than a month… 00:04:13
4.   The sensation of finding himself a prisoner… 00:05:47
5.   Don Fabrizio only revealed the contents of this letter… 00:05:19
6.   For the moment such tight - rope balancing was suspended… 00:06:09
7.   By some association of ideas… 00:05:28
8.   The day of the Plebiscite was windy and grey… 00:05:30
9.   Before dusk the three or four easy girls of Donnafugata… 00:05:10
10.   At this point calm descended on Don Fabrizio… 00:04:38
11.   Don Ciccio had said his say. 00:07:00
12.   Don Ciccio, who, as protege of queens… 00:08:13
13.   When Don Calogero's arrival was announced… 00:06:45

Disc 4

  The Leopard (Unabridged)
1.   The Mayor's eyes had been fixed on the orange fringe… 00:05:07
2.   The excellent Jesuit, dragged from his reading… 00:04:46
3.   It would be an exaggeration to say… 00:06:46
4.   4: Love at Donnafugata, November 1860 00:05:56
5.   Angelica's first visit to the Salina family… 00:06:38
6.   Don Fabrizio's voice quickly put such trifling… 00:05:36
7.   Now that Don Fabrizio felt serene again… 00:05:23
8.   It was a moving moment, this grouping of the family… 00:07:09
9.   Having had their say on military changes… 00:05:00
10.   As the result of this welcome arrival… 00:05:14
11.   Tancredi wanted to show Angelica the whole palace… 00:06:59
12.   Once the surprise was of a different kind. 00:06:04
13.   So the pair of them spent those days… 00:03:10

Disc 5

  The Leopard (Unabridged)
1.   When Angelica and Tancredi returned to the world… 00:06:05
2.   In the smoking room, conversations… 00:04:09
3.   One day about that time Don Fabrizio received a letter… 00:05:32
4.   Next morning Tancredit and Cavriaghi led him… 00:04:25
5.   At four in the afternoon the Prince sent… 00:06:27
6.   The Piedmontese, representative of the only liberal State… 00:06:32
7.   Not all of this was understood by the good Chevalley… 00:06:21
8.   'There is a name I should like to suggest for the Senate…' 00:08:21
9.   Chevalley left early next morning… 00:03:02
10.   5: Father Pirrone Pays a Visit, February 1861 00:05:47
11.   Then towards evening his friends came… 00:05:48
12.   Father Pirrone had more than once asked himself… 00:07:07
13.   'You, Don Pietrino, if you weren't asleep…' 00:06:13

Disc 6

  The Leopard (Unabridged)
1.   Another sample of these complications… 00:05:07
2.   The Jesuit took a chair and sat down… 00:03:26
3.   After celebrating the Divine Sacrifice… 00:06:33
4.   When Father Pirrone got back to the little square house… 00:04:50
5.   6: A Ball, November 1862 00:06:19
6.   The great stairs were of rough material… 00:04:36
7.   Angelica and Don Calogero were late… 00:05:25
8.   While Angelica reaped laurels… 00:06:16
9.   The ballroom was all golden… 00:06:43
10.   Till that moment accumulated irritation… 00:06:17
11.   Angelica and Don Fabrizio made a magnificent couple. 00:06:46
12.   Round the room smelling of vanilla… 00:07:12
13.   The ball went on for a long time still… 00:03:59
14.   7: Death of a Prince, July 1883 00:05:06

Disc 7

  The Leopard (Unabridged)
1.   He had arrived that morning, a few hours before… 00:05:13
2.   The first comfort he found at the hotel… 00:06:39
3.   There were his sons, of course. 00:08:05
4.   Below in the street, between the hotel and the sea… 00:07:26
5.   8: Relics, May 1910 00:05:52
6.   The conversation lasted an hour… 00:04:07
7.   When Monsignor entered, the chapel was lit… 00:06:39
8.   Carolina had gone off to pour out her rage… 00:05:56
9.   A maid entered… 00:06:01
10.   Senator Tassoni, who arrived soon after… 00:05:26
11.   The conversation continued for some time… 00:05:41
12.   The Cardinal of Palermo was a truly holy man… 00:04:45
13.   The carriages had not yet reached… 00:05:10

Total Playing Time: 09:01:49

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

Horovitch, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA799612

Barcode: 9789626349960

Physical Release: 11/2009

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