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DOSTOYEVSKY, F.: Brothers Karamazov (The) (Abridged)


About this Recording

DOSTOYEVSKY, F.: Brothers Karamazov (The) (Abridged)

Dostoyevsky’s famous and well-regarded 1880 novel The Brothers Karamazov is a tale of bitter family rivalries. Three brothers live in a small, typical Russian town. Their father, a selfish, cunning, lascivious figure with little love for them, tries to maintain his control over them and anyone who comes within his orbit. The roots of dissent, unhappiness, hope, ambition and desire run deep in this community as everywhere, and Dostoyevsky brings them to the fore with an unexpected death. The atmospheric spell of this great work of Russian literature is maintained throughout by a masterly reading by Tim Pigott-Smith.

Disc 1

  The Brothers Karamazov
1.   Alexey Fyodorovitch Karamazov was the third son of Fyodor Pavlovitch Karamazov 00:04:18
2.   You can easily imagine what a father such a man could be 00:05:20
3.   Very shortly after getting his four - year - old Mitya off his hands 00:03:32
4.   It happened that the old lady died soon after this 00:05:54
5.   Alyosha was only twenty 00:03:58
6.   At the time of Yefim Petrovitich's death 00:03:17
7.   'Do you know,' he used often to say 00:03:50
8.   Some of my readers may imagine 00:03:53
9.   It was a warm, bright day the end of August 00:02:08
10.   Dimitri Fyodorovitch, a young man of eight and twenty 00:03:41
11.   'They all blame me, all of them!' 00:03:51
12.   'Dimitri Fyodorovitch', yelled Fyodor Pavlovitch suddenly 00:02:27
13.   Alyosha helped Father Zossima to his bedroom 00:03:21
14.   The house of Fyodor Pavlovitch was far from being in the centre of the town 00:02:58
15.   There was one circumstance which struck Grigory particularly 00:02:53
16.   Alyosha set off from the monastery 00:03:32
17.   I was leading a wild life then 00:04:20
18.   Suddenly the new major arrive to take command of the battalion 00:02:47
19.   'Stop Dimitri,' said Alyosha 00:04:12
20.   'Stop, Dimitri,' Alyosha interrupted again 00:04:30
21.   'And what then' 00:04:35

Disc 2

  The Brothers Karamazov
1.   He found his father still at table 00:04:14
2.   'Get along with you!' 00:02:55
3.   Dimitri suddenly reapeared in the drawing - room 00:03:05
4.   It was by now seven o'clock, and it was getting dark 00:04:08
5.   'I've known of it a long time;' 00:04:05
6.   'This is the first time we've met, Alexey Fyodorovitch,' 00:05:14
7.   There was a sudden gleam in her eyes. 00:03:35
8.   It was not much more than three - quarters of a mile 00:02:38
9.   Alyosha described all that had happened 00:03:43
10.   Alyosha was roused early, before daybreak 00:04:09
11.   And bending down to Alyosha 00:02:56
12.   Just after he had crossed the square 00:04:34
13.   The boy waited for him without budging 00:04:05
14.   When Alyosha entered the drawing - room 00:04:35
15.   'Alexey Fyodorovitch, you speak' 00:04:09
16.   He went out of the room without saying goodbye 00:02:31
17.   He was really grieved in a way he had seldom been before 00:04:00
18.   Alyosha looked attentively at him 00:04:29
19.   'You've pierced me to the heart,' 00:02:27
20.   'Have you heard our news' 00:03:35
21.   'The air is fresh,' 00:03:59

Disc 3

  The Brothers Karamazov
1.   Alyosha's heart was trembling 00:03:36
2.   Alyosha was delighted 00:03:34
3.   Ivan was on his way home to Fyodor Pavlovitch's house 00:04:14
4.   'Why don't you go to Tchermashnya, sir' 00:03:40
5.   'I'm bound to admit the fact, 00:04:14
6.   'You know yourself why he'll come.' 00:03:10
7.   'You seem to be a perfect idiot,' 00:02:50
8.   And in the same nervous frenzy, too, he spoke 00:05:08
9.   The whole household came out to take leave 00:04:05
10.   Grushenka lived in the busiest part of town 00:04:53
11.   She gaily sat down beside Alyosha on the sofa, 00:05:24
12.   But Dimitri, to whom Grushenka 00:03:57
13.   Mitya formed a plan of action: 00:04:11
14.   At that very moment Grigory waked up on his bed of sickness 00:02:59
15.   Fenya, the housemaid, was sitting in the kitchen 00:05:21
16.   It was a little more than twenty versts to Mokroe, 00:05:50
17.   With his long rapid strides 00:04:10
18.   Mitya had been, all this time, holding in his hand 00:04:18
19.   Both the Poles rose from their seats with a deeply offended air 00:03:34

Disc 4

  The Brothers Karamazov
1.   But Grushenka suddenly lost all patience 00:04:08
2.   What followed was almost an orgy, a feast to which all were welcome 00:04:24
3.   Yet there was a ray of light and hope in his darkness 00:04:18
4.   'The lady's been drinking.' 00:03:19
5.   Grushenka opened her eyes 00:04:51
6.   Pyotr Ilyitch Perhotin, to whom Dimitri had pawned his pistol 00:02:50
7.   Our police captain, Mihail Makarovitch Mararov 00:03:22
8.   Pyotr Ilyitch was simply dumbfounded 00:05:46
9.   The deputy police inspector of the town 00:04:11
10.   And so Mitya sat looking wildly at the people round him 00:04:06
11.   'Alive He's alive' cried Mitya 00:04:20
12.   'Did I exclaim that' 00:04:03
13.   At that moment another unexpected scene followed 00:04:28
14.   'You don't know how you encourage us' 00:03:44
15.   'That's how we've treated you from the beginning' 00:03:48
16.   Mitya waited gloomily 00:05:04
17.   Though Mitya spoke sullenly 00:04:17
18.   And so, on that frosty, snowy, and windy day in November 00:04:37
19.   But Kolya did not hear her. 00:05:25

Disc 5

  The Brothers Karamazov
1.   Next came the account of Mitya's sudden determination 00:04:13
2.   Mitya smiled mournfully, almost dreamily 00:04:08
3.   Something utterly unexpected and amazing to Mitya followed 00:04:25
4.   It was a long time before they could persuade him 00:03:48
5.   Mitya uttered his sudden monologue 00:03:40
6.   For some seconds Mitya stood as though thunderstruck 00:04:03
7.   'Gentlemen' he began 00:03:56
8.   'Allow me to inquire' observed the prosecutor at last 00:04:26
9.   Both the lawyers laughed aloud 00:05:04
10.   'You'd better show us the remains of it.' 00:03:43
11.   The examination of the witnesses began 00:03:47
12.   The Poles, too, were examined 00:04:10
13.   Ippolit Kirillovitch was very well satisfied with this piece of evidence 00:03:42
14.   When the protocol had been signed 00:04:57
15.   It was the beginning of November 00:04:14
16.   It happened that July 00:03:20
17.   Dardanelov was a middle - aged bachelor 00:03:19
18.   And so, on that frosty, snowy, and windy day in November 00:04:37
19.   But Kolya did not hear her. 00:05:25

Disc 6

  The Brothers Karamazov
1.   'Listen, Karamazov, I'll tell you all about it.' 00:03:52
2.   One day he flew at them all as they were coming out of school 00:05:17
3.   The room inhabited by the family of the retired captain 00:03:48
4.   Krassotkin's entrance made a general sensation 00:04:56
5.   Ilusha could not speak 00:04:18
6.   When the doctor came out of the room 00:06:15
7.   Alyosha went towards the cathedral square 00:04:23
8.   'He doesn't love Katerina Ivanovna,' said Alyosha firmly 00:03:12
9.   Alyosha sat plunged in thought, considering something 00:03:25
10.   It was quite late when Alyosha rang at the prison gate 00:03:15
11.   He went up to Alyosha exictedly and kissed him 00:03:08
12.   'Of that later; now I must speak of something else 00:04:33
13.   On the way to Ivan he had to pass the house where Katerina Ivanovna was living 00:04:58
14.   'Who is the murderer then, according to you' 00:05:36
15.   This was the third time that Ivan had been to see Smerdyakov 00:04:18
16.   'Tell me now, why did you send me then to Tchermashnya' 00:03:48
17.   Later, Smerdyakov had been discharged from the hospital 00:04:25
18.   Smerdyakov took the rag from his eyes 00:05:58

Disc 7

  The Brothers Karamazov
1.   Ivan did not go home 00:04:27
2.   When he was half - way there 00:04:01
3.   Smerdyakov was not in the least scared 00:03:54
4.   Ivan stepped up to the table 00:06:09
5.   'What more is there to tell!' 00:06:05
6.   He stopped. Ivan had listeded all the time 00:04:02
7.   'I don't want it,' Smerdyakov articulated in a shaking voice 00:03:54
8.   A loud, persistent knocking was suddenly heard at the window 00:04:44
9.   Alyosha ran to the washing stand 00:06:05
10.   At ten o'clock in the morning of the day following the events 00:03:04
11.   At last the President opened the case of the murder of Fyodor Pavlovitch Karmazov 00:03:14
12.   One peculiar characteristic of the case 00:03:56
13.   Grigory remained silent 00:04:13
14.   It came as quite a surprise even to Alyosha himself 00:04:39
15.   Katerina Ivanovna was called to the witness box 00:04:04
16.   I am approaching the sudden catastrophe 00:03:59
17.   I may note that he had been called before Alyosha 00:03:44
18.   The usher of the court took the whole roll 00:04:13

Disc 8

  The Brothers Karamazov
1.   The whole court was thrown into confusion 00:04:37
2.   They asked Mitya whether he admitted having written the letter 00:05:22
3.   Ippolit Kirillovitch began his speech 00:03:29
4.   'But to return to the eldest son.' 00:03:56
5.   At this point Ippolit Kirillovitch broke off 00:03:13
6.   'I shall be told that he shamed illness' 00:03:27
7.   As Fetyukovitc, the Council for the Defence began his speech 00:04:18
8.   'But I shall be asked' 00:04:53
9.   'Allow me, gentlemen of the jury, to remind you' 00:02:57
10.   'In the first place we have Smerdyakov's sudden suicide 00:03:30
11.   'It's not only the accumulation of facts 00:03:25
12.   'Gentlemen of the jury, you remember that awful night 00:04:36
13.   This was how Fetyukovitch concluded his speech 00:04:38
14.   Very early, at nine o'clock in the morning 00:04:18
15.   He hurried to the hospital where Mitya was now lying 00:04:10
16.   At that instant Katya appeared in the doorway. 00:05:06
17.   He really was late 00:04:02
18.   They reached the church at last 00:04:41
19.   They all stood still by the big stone 00:04:46

Total Playing Time: 10:34:45

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Mikhail

Pigott-Smith, Tim

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA830612

Barcode: 9789626343067

Physical Release: 02/2004

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