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DICKENS, C.: Dombey and Son (Abridged)


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About this Recording

DICKENS, C.: Dombey and Son (Abridged)

Mr Dombey is a successful businessman who looks forward to the day when his young son Paul will be old enough to join the family business. But Dombey also has a loving daughter, Florence, whom he ignores, lavishing all his attention on his precious son. Set in the 1840s, against a background of Britain’s emerging industrial power, the world of commerce and the developing railway, Dickens tells a moving story of a dysfunctional family and society. He shows the effects of the struggle between the unnatural (the pursuit of power and wealth) and the natural (the love of family and friends), striking a distinctly modern note.

Disc 1

  Dombey and Son (Abridged)
1.   Dombey sat in the corner of the darkened room… 00:05:59
2.   'Mrs. Chick' said a very bland female voice… 00:03:42
3.   'I am sorry to say, Louisa…' 00:02:39
4.   'I shall never cease to congratulate myself,'… 00:05:41
5.   'My good woman,' said Mr. Dombey… 00:05:11
6.   'I never saw such a melting thing in all my life!' 00:04:44
7.   Next night, she found him walking… 00:04:33
8.   The offices of Dombey and Son were within the liberties… 00:05:38
9.   'And now,' he said… 00:04:31
10.   Solomon Gills rubbed his hands… 00:05:33
11.   'So that Paul's infancy and childhood…' 00:04:42
12.   It happened to be an iron - grey autumnal day. 00:04:58
13.   'I am very glad to see you have so much feeling…' 00:05:00
14.   'Look! there's a pretty little lady come to see you,'… 00:04:54
15.   The old woman took her by the wrist… 00:06:00
16.   In hurriedly putting on the bonnet… 00:04:49

Disc 2

  Dombey and Son (Abridged)
1.   Obedient to the indication of Mr. Clerks hand… 00:05:09
2.   'Let the servants know that no further steps…' 00:04:24
3.   Miss Tox inhabited a dark little house… 00:04:30
4.   It was on the very next day… 00:04:55
5.   On one of these occasions… 00:04:32
6.   Mrs. Chick and Miss Tox… 00:05:35
7.   At about noon Mrs. Pipchin… 00:05:10
8.   That spice of romance and love of the marvellous… 00:05:05
9.   'Captain Cuttle's at home, I know,' said Walter 00:04:55
10.   Major Bagstock, after long and frequent observation… 00:05:36
11.   But Mr. Dombey, without attending to what he said… 00:05:57
12.   Mrs. Pipchin had kept watch and ward over little Paul… 00:04:56
13.   Upon the Doctor's doorsteps one day Paul stood… 00:04:33
14.   'I shall see you soon, Paul…' 00:04:53
15.   At eight o'clock or so, the gong sounded again… 00:04:20
16.   'Oh Saturdays! Oh happy Saturdays…' 00:03:19

Disc 3

  Dombey and Son (Abridged)
1.   Such spirits as he had in the outset… 00:05:02
2.   'Talking of Morfin,' resumed Mr. Carker… 00:05:21
3.   'It is of no service to me,' said the brother. 00:05:57
4.   Paul, pocketing his invitation, sat down on a stool… 00:04:55
5.   Paul now slipped away… 00:04:43
6.   Once, for a last look, he turned and gazed… 00:05:40
7.   The Captain, however, scarcely appeared to relish… 00:05:14
8.   Greatly moved by what he heard… 00:04:27
9.   He was visited by as many as three grave doctors. 00:05:25
10.   Captain Cuttle, in the exercise of that surprising talent… 00:05:19
11.   At first, when the house subsided… 00:05:24
12.   Did he see before him the successful rival… 00:04:56
13.   'Oh but Walter,' said Florence. 00:04:12
14.   'Mr. Dombey, Sir,' saiD Major Bagstock… 00:04:48
15.   During the bustle of preparation at the railway… 00:02:44
16.   There was a face - he had looked upon it… 00:03:41

Disc 4

  Dombey and Son (Abridged)
1.   ThE Major and Mr. Dombey were walking arm - in - arm… 00:03:05
2.   The discrepancy between Mrs. Skewton's… 00:03:25
3.   On the next day but one, Mr. Dombey and thE Major… 00:02:23
4.   Mr. Carker the Manager sat at his desk… 00:05:01
5.   'Ain't you a thief' said Mr. Carker… 00:04:45
6.   'Now, boy!' said Mr. Carker… 00:01:49
7.   Florence lived alone in the great dreary house… 00:04:36
8.   Arriving in good time abreast of the wooden… 00:04:20
9.   The Captain in his own apartment was sitting… 00:05:07
10.   'Bunsby,' said the Captain, striking home at once… 00:04:15
11.   The voice here went out of the back parlour… 00:02:02
12.   Sir Barnet and Lady Skettles, very good people… 00:04:17
13.   Captain Cuttle, though no sluggard… 00:04:43
14.   On mature consideration of this evidence… 00:03:13
15.   'Your most obedient, Sir,' said thE Major. 00:02:05
16.   'You must have found the gentleman a great resource,' said Carker… 00:04:59
17.   'Bluntness, Ma'am,' returned thE Major… 00:03:18
18.   'Major Bagstock, my darling Edith,' drawled her mother… 00:03:44
19.   Mr. Carker the Manager rose with the lark… 00:03:45
20.   Mr. Carker laughed, and turned upon his heel. 00:02:51
21.   Mr. Dombey having nothing else to say… 00:03:14

Disc 5

  Dombey and Son (Abridged)
1.   Mr. Dombey, who had taken a stately leave… 00:05:19
2.   'This is an attack, I suppose,' returned her mother… 00:05:01
3.   Florence descended from the coach… 00:05:19
4.   Florence was, one day, sitting reading in her room… 00:05:07
5.   'My dear Dombey,' said Cleopatra… 00:04:54
6.   Dawn with its passionless blank face… 00:04:23
7.   So, from that day forward, for better for worse… 00:04:50
8.   The Captain got safe home again… 00:05:53
9.   The Captain glanced at the newspaper… 00:05:01
10.   Near to where the busy great north road… 00:05:04
11.   She was now opposite the house… 00:04:57
12.   If Florence could have stood within the room… 00:05:02
13.   'Whose child' 00:05:12
14.   The dark blot on the street is gone. 00:01:46
15.   Florence had come down to the hall… 00:01:48

Disc 6

  Dombey and Son (Abridged)
1.   But dinner was announced, and Mr. Dombey… 00:05:19
2.   It was his wife's. She had exchanged her dinner dress… 00:05:40
3.   'Mrs. Dombey,' said Mr. Dombey, advancing… 00:05:27
4.   They took her to pieces in very shame… 00:02:30
5.   Time, sure of foot and strong of will… 00:05:33
6.   Mr. Bunsby, who had a musical ear… 00:05:49
7.   To the moody, stubborn, sullen demon… 00:04:06
8.   'And now,' he thought, rising in his moral magnificence… 00:05:49
9.   They had now come up. 00:04:02
10.   All is going on as it was wont. 00:02:20
11.   A shadow even on that shadowed face… 00:04:23
12.   Mr. Carker nodded. 'Take care, then!' 00:05:52
13.   'You know,' said Mr. Carker… 00:04:42
14.   Mr. Carker signified his understanding… 00:05:32
15.   Florence, long since awakened from her dream… 00:05:36
16.   With the day, though not so early as the sun… 00:05:31

Disc 7

  Dombey and Son (Abridged)
1.   Susan then bestirred herself to get her trunks in order… 00:04:49
2.   Arrived at her own door, she was alighting… 00:04:36
3.   'It is growing late,' said Carker, after a pause… 00:05:05
4.   'See where he goes!' cried one of these two women… 00:05:34
5.   Florence loved him still, but, by degrees… 00:04:58
6.   'Tell your sovereign master, Sir,' said Edith… 00:05:04
7.   When the evening had set in… 00:05:12
8.   She did not sink down at his feet… 00:03:59
9.   'Oh, Captain Cuttle!' cried Florence… 00:02:38
10.   'How de do, Captain Gills' said a voice beside him… 00:03:57
11.   It was long before Florence awoke. 00:04:58
12.   'He was older than you, my lady lass,' pursued the Captain… 00:04:07
13.   She had no thought of him but as a brother… 00:04:33
14.   There was an empty room above - stairs… 00:04:32
15.   'Thank you, heartily,' said Walter. 00:05:00
16.   She raised her head, and spoke to him… 00:01:21
17.   What is the proud man doing, while the days go by 00:01:09

Disc 8

  Dombey and Son (Abridged)
1.   At the Counting House, the clerks discuss… 00:05:18
2.   'Oh, for goodness' sake, Misses Brown… 00:05:18
3.   There were two of the traitor's own blood… 00:04:56
4.   The time - an hour short of midnight… 00:04:29
5.   They both stood looking at each other. 00:05:23
6.   'All stratagems in love—' he interrupted, smiling. 00:05:39
7.   The lamps, gleaming on the medley of horses' heads… 00:04:59
8.   Unable to rest, and irresistibly attracted… 00:04:32
9.   The Midshipman was all alive. 00:05:34
10.   From that time, Miss Nipper never returned… 00:04:06
11.   Although I have heard something of the changes… 00:06:00
12.   And what are the young couple saying… 00:04:20
13.   Solomon puts back the letter carefully… 00:04:48
14.   Harriet Carker left her house, and entered… 00:03:46
15.   The old woman, whose wits appeared disorderly… 00:04:31

Disc 9

  Dombey and Son (Abridged)
1.   Changes have come again upon the great house… 00:04:49
2.   In the dusk of the evening Mr. Toodle, being off duty… 00:04:03
3.   'And the ruined man. How does he pass the hours, alone' 00:04:02
4.   When the day broke he was shut up in his rooms again. 00:05:43
5.   The grand half - yearly festival holden by Doctor… 00:05:18
6.   Mr. and Mrs. Toots withdrew to the Bedford. 00:02:45
7.   This awful demonstration… 00:03:33
8.   All this time, the Captain could not but observe… 00:04:10
9.   Florence had need of help. 00:05:33
10.   It chanced one evening, towards sunset… 00:04:14
11.   Their ride was six or eight miles long. 00:04:08
12.   Edith, breaking her silence, without moving eye or limb… 00:05:58
13.   'Oh Mama!' said Florence. 00:04:39
14.   And how goes the wooden Midshipman… 00:04:47
15.   The Captain approves of this figure greatly… 00:03:37
16.   Mr. Toots, with the assistance of his pipe… 00:03:50

Total Playing Time: 11:15:15

Dickens, Charles

Timson, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA899012

Barcode: 9789626349908

Physical Release: 09/2009

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