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List of Arrangers arranged in alphabetical order.

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Richmond, Kim (1940)
Richner, T.
Richter, Caspar
Ricker, Ramon
Ricketts, Ted
Riddle, Nelson (1921-1985)
Riedel, Georg (1934)
Riedel, Hermann
Rieger, Gottfried (1764-1855)
Riehn, Rainer (1941)
Riemenschneider, Georg
Riesman, Michael
Rieti, Vittorio (1898-1994)
Rihm, Wolfgang (1952)
Riihimaki, Jarkko (1974)
Riisager, Knudage (1897-1974)
Riley, Doug
Riley, Philip
Rimmer, Nicholas
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay Andreyevich (1844-1908)
Rincon, Miguel Angel Ramirez
Ring, Oluf (1884-1946)
Ringwald, Roy
Rippas, Claude
Rischka, Gerhard Ewald
Risk, Laura
Rissanen, Sade
Ritchie, Anthony (1960)
Ritter, E.W.
Ritzen, Peter (1956)
Rivard, Mike
Rivera-Cepeda, Jose
Rizzo, Joe
Roberton, Hugh S. (1874-1952)
Roberts, Charles J.
Roberts, Edward
Roberts, James
Roberts, Jim
Robinett, Jarett
Robinson, C. (1936)
Robinson, Fred
Robinson, Frederick
Rockwin, Eric
Rodabough, A. Kale
Rodney, Earl
Rodrieg, Mark
Rodriguez, Alejandro
Roed, Bolette (1979)
Roelens, Alexandre
Rogal-Levitsky, Vasily
Roger-Ducasse, Jean (1873-1954)
Rogers, Bill
Rogers, Mark
Rogers, R. Mark
Rogg, Lionel (1936)
Rogoll, H. J.
Roland, Gene
Romano, John
Romberg, Kurt
Romero, Angel (1946)
Romero, Pepe
Romm, Ronald
Ronchini, F.
Ronconi, Luca (1933-2015)
Ronnes, Robert (1959)
Roques, Leon
Rormark, Jon
Rose, Barry (1934)
Rose, Don
Rose, L.
Rose, Leonard (1918-1984)
Rosen, Anders
Rosenak, Gary
Rosenberg, Ed
Rosenberg, Richard
Rosenberger, Carol
Rosenbluth, Leo (1904)
Rosengren, Finn
Rosenthal, Irving
Rosenthal, Laur. (1926)
Rosenthal, Manuel (1904-2003)
Rosier, F.W.
Ross, Gertrude
Rosseter, Philip (1567-1623)
Rossiter, Grace
Rost, Gunther (1974)
Rost, Jurgen
Rost, Monika
Rosth, Nils Thore
Roszkiewicz, Adam (1979)
Rot, M
Roth, Alfred
Roth, Louis (1843-1929)
Roumanis, George
Roupe, Bjarne
Rouse, J.
Rousseau, Eugene (1932)
Rowell, Mary
Rowland-Jones, Simon (1950)

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