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Naxos Digital Releases

Alongside our unparalleled range of monthly new CD and DVD releases, Naxos also releases a marvellous selection of digital albums. For more information about this month’s digital titles and to purchase them from ClassicsOnline, please click on the album covers or titles below.
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BEETHOVEN Piano Variations
Ian Yung-Wook Yoo, piano

15 Variations and a Fugue in E flat major on an Original Theme Op 35 ‘Eroica Variations’, 12 Variations on the Menuet a la Vigano from Haibel's Le nozze disturbate WoO 6812, Variations on a Russian Dance from Wranitzky's Das Waldmadchen WoO 718, Variations in F major on the Trio Tandeln und Scherzen from Sussmayr's Solimann der Zweite WoO 7610, Variations in B flat major on the Duet La stessa le stessissima from Salieri's Falstaff WoO 736, Variations in D major on an Original Theme Op 76

CLEMENTI Gradus ad Parnassum Nos 1-24
Alessandro Marangoni, piano

COOMAN Nantucket Dreaming
Soloists • Slovak National Symphony Orchestra
Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra • Kirk Trevor, conductor


Miacomet Dreaming Op 781, Nobadeer Dreaming Op 784, Bassoon Quintet Op 764, Madaket Dreaming Op 774, Shawkemo Dreaming Op 811, Lyric Trio Op 710, String Quartet No 4 Op 461 ‘Sankaty Dreaming’, Flying Machine Op 775
COOMAN Sacred Choral Music 8.559361
COOMAN Symphonies Nos 2 & 3, Violin Sonata 8.559329

GABRIELI Keyboard Music – Ricercari, Praeambula, Canzoni
Glen Wilson, harpsichord & spinetta

Praeambulum primi toni, Ricercar del primo tuono alla quarta alta (Libro Secondo, 1595), CRECQUILLON Ricercar sopra Pour ung plaisir (Libro Quinto, 1605), Toccata primi toni, Capriccio sopra il Pass' e mezo Antico (Libro Terzo, 1596), LASSUS Canzona ‘Susanne un jour’ (Libro Quinto, 1605), Canzona, ‘Qui la dira’ (Libro Sesto, 1605), Toccata del nono tono (Libro Primo, 1593), Ricercar del primo tono (Libro Terzo, 1596), Praeambulum quarti toni, Ricercar quarti toni (Libro Secondo, 1595), CRECQUILLON Canzona ‘Frais and galliard’ (Libro Quinto, 1605), FERRABOSCO Madrigale ‘Io mi son giovinetta’ (Libro Terzo, 1596), Toccata del decimo tuono (from Il Transilvano), Ricercar del primo tuono (Libro Secondo, 1595), Ricercar Arioso (Libro Quinto, 1605), Ricercar del terzo tuono (Libro Secondo, 1595), Canzon ariosa (Libro Terzo, 1596), RORE Madrigale ‘Anchor che co'l partire’ (Libro Terzo, 1596)

HOFFMEISTER Double Bass Quartets Nos 2-4
SCHUBERT Arpeggione Sonata (arr. for double bass)

Norbert Duka, double bass • Erno Sebestyen, violin • Helmut Nikolai, viola Martin Ostertag, cello • Phillip Moll, piano

HOFFMEISTER Double Bass Quartet No 2 in D major, Double Bass Quartet No 3 in D major, Double Bass Quartet No 4 in D major, SCHUBERT Arpeggione Sonata in A minor (arr. for double bass)

MELTZER Brion, 2 Songs from Silas Marner, Sindbad, Exiles
Cygnus Ensemble • James Baker, conductor • Elizabeth Farnum, soprano
Greg Hesselink, cello • John Shirley-Quirk, narrator • Peabody Trio
Richard Lalli, baritone • Sequitur • Paul Hostetter, conductor


MENDELSSOHN String Quartets Vol 3
New Zealand String Quartet

String Quartet No 3 in D major Op 44 No 1, Andante sostenuto and Variations in E major Op 81 No 1, Scherzo in A minor Op 81 No 2, String Quartet in E flat major
MENDELSSOHN String Quartets Vol 1 - String Quartets Nos 1, 4 & 6  8.570001
MENDELSSOHN String Quartets Vol 2 - String Quartets Nos 2 & 5, Capriccio, Fugue 8.570002

MESSIAEN Livre du Saint Sacrement
Paul Jacobs, organ

RANJBARAN String Music
Sejong string orchestra

Awakening, Moto Perpetuo (version for violin and strings), Elegy for Cello and Strings, Elegy for Strings, 6 Caprices, String Quartet No 1

REGER Organ Works Vol10
Michael Welzel, organ

Prelude and Fugue in E minor Op 85 No 4, 52 Easy Chorale Preludes Op 67 Nos 39-52, Prelude and Fugue in G sharp minor, Chorale Fantasia on Freu' dich sehr, o meine Seele Op 30
REGER Organ Works Vol 1 8.553926
REGER Organ Works Vol 2 8.553927
REGER Organ Works Vol 3 8.554207
REGER Organ Works Vol 4 8.555905
REGER Organ Works Vol 5 8.557186
REGER Organ Works Vol 6 8.557338
REGER Organ Works Vol 7 8.557891
REGER Organ Works Vol 8 8.570455
REGER Organ Works Vol 9 8.570454

SCARLATTI Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol 12
Gerda Struhal, piano


R & C SCHUMANN Cello Works
Karine Georgian, cello • Jan Willem Nelleke, piano

ROBERT SCHUMANN Adagio and Allegro Op 70, Phantasiestuecke Op 73 (version for cello and piano), Violin Sonata No 1 in A minor Op 105 (arr. J.W. Nelleke for cello and piano), Maerchenbilder Op 113 (arr. for cello and piano),
3 Romanzen Op 94, CLARA SCHUMANN 3 Romanzen Op 22
(arr. for cello and piano)

SOUSA Music for Wind Band Vol 8
Royal Artillery Band • Keith Brion, conductor

The High School Cadets, Northern Pines, El Capitan: Selections, Boy Scouts of America, The Crusader, El Capitan, Act II: Oh, Warrior Grim, On the Campus, Jack Tar, Comrades of the Legion, At the King's Court Suite, The Pride of Pittsburgh, The Washington Post
SOUSA Music for Wind Band Vol 1 8.559058
SOUSA Music for Wind Band Vol 2 8.559059
SOUSA Music for Wind Band Vol 3 8.559092
SOUSA Music for Wind Band Vol 4 8.559093
SOUSA Music for Wind Band Vol 5 8.559131
SOUSA Music for Wind Band Vol 6 8.559132
SOUSA Music for Wind Band Vol 7 8.559247
SOUSA Music for Wind Band Vol 8 8.559248

VIEUXTEMPS Fantasia appassionata, Ballade and Polonaise,
Fantaisie-Caprice, Greeting to America

Misha Keylin, violin • Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Andrew Mogrelia, conductor


WOLOSOFF Songs Without Words
Carpe Diem String Quartet

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