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February 2010  

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Naxos Digital Releases

Alongside our unparalleled range of monthly new CD and DVD releases, Naxos also releases a marvellous selection of digital albums. For more information about this month’s digital titles and to purchase them from ClassicsOnline, please click on the album covers or titles below.
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ROSLAVETS Cello Sonata No 1, Dance of the White Girls, Cello Sonata No 2, Meditation, Viola Sonata (transcribed for cello)
Lachezar Kostov, cello • Viktor Valkov piano

SCHMITT Chamber Music
A tour d'anches Op 97, Piano Quintet Op 51
Solisten Ensemble Berlin

PISTON String Quartets Nos 1, 3 & 5
Harlem Quartet

ROLLA Works for Viola
Viola Sonata in C Major, Viola Sonata in D Minor, Viola Sonata in Eb Major,
3 Ezercisios for viola, Duetto for viola and violin Op 16 No 1 in D Major
Jennifer Stumm, viola • Connie Shih, piano • Liza Ferschtman, violin

MESSIAEN Vingt regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus
Jocy de Oliveira, piano

SHCHETYNSKY Know Yourself (Symphony for mixed choir a cappella), Light to Lighten (Svit vo Otkroveniye),
Requiem for mixed choir and string orchestra

Uzhhorod Chamber Choir • Emil Szokacs, conductor • Gloria Chamber Choir 
Leopolis Chamber Orchestra • Roman Rewakowicz, conductor


SIERRA Complete Piano Trios
Trío Tropical, Trío II, Trío III
Trío Arbós

TANAYEV String Quartets No 2 Op 5 & No 4 Op 11
Carpe Diem String Quartet

LESHNOFF Double Concerto for violin, viola and orchestra,
Symphony No 1 ‘Forgotten Chants and Refrains’, Rush

Iris Orchestra • Charles Wetherbee, violin • Roberto Diaz, viola
Michael Stern, conductor


SCHOENBERG Suite Op 29, Kammersymphonie No 1 Op 9
Zahir Ensemble

COATES Chamber works
String Quartet No 9, Sonata for violin solo,
‘The Searching Soul’ for violin, cello and piano
Kreutzer Quartet • Peter Sheppard Skaerved, violin • Neil Heyde, cello
Roderich Chadwick, piano


ZWILICH Millenium Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra,
Images for Two Pianos and Orchestra, Peanuts Gallery for Orchestra

Jeffrey Biegel, piano (Millenium Fantasy & Peanuts Gallery)
Read Gainsford, piano (Images) • Heidi Louise Williams, piano (Images)
Florida State University Symphony Orchestra


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