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Catalogue list by Genre

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Classical Music > Choral-Secular

This category includes cantatas and oratorios with secular or religious themes, frequently composed to celebrate great events but also for entertainment. Among the most popular secular oratorios are Haydn’s The Seasons, while his The Creation, also intended for concert performance, treats a sacred subject. Handel’s oratorios, many with sacred themes, are also among the most frequently performed.

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Title Catalogue No.
SAARIAHO, K.: 5 Reflets de LAmour de loin / Nymphea Reflection / Oltra Mar (Freund, Suovanen) ODE1049-2
SAARIAHO, K.: Orchestral Music (Eschenbach, Lintu, Salonen, Saraste) ODE1113-2Q
SAARIAHO, K.: Passion de Simone (La) (Upshaw, Tapiola Chamber Choir, Finnish Radio Symphony, Salonen) ODE1217-5
SAINTS AND SINNERS - The Music of Medieval and Renaissance Europe [10 CD Boxed Set] 8.501067
SALLINEN, A.: Songs of Life and Death / The Iron Age Suite (Hynninen) ODE844-2
SALLINEN: Chamber Music BIS-CD-64
SALVE REGINA - Classical Music for Reflection and Meditation 8.556709
SANCTUS - Classical Music for Reflection and Meditation 8.556704
SARMANTO, H.: Songs of Extinct Birds (The) (Tapiola Choir, Heikki Sarmanto Ensemble, Ala-Pollanen) OCTO411-2
SAYLOR, M.: Hunting of the Snark (The) / New Music for Vintage Silent Film Comedies (Cantate Chamber Singers, Snark Pit-band, Snark Ensemble, Becker) 8.572685
SCHMITT, F.: Choral Music for Female Voices (Calliope Womens Chorus, Theodoresco) 1C1218
SCHNITTKE / PART: Voices of Nature BIS-CD-1157
SCHNITTKE, A.: Choir Concerto / 3 Sacred Hymns / Voices of Nature / PÄRT, A.: Dopo la vittoria (Bavarian Radio Chorus, Dijkstra) 900505
SCHNITTKE, A.: Penitential Psalms / Voices of Nature (Creed) CD93.281
SCHNITTKE: Faust Cantata BIS-CD-437
SCHNITTKE: Symphony No. 0 / Nagasaki BIS-CD-1647
SCHOENBERG, A.: Gurre-Lieder (Lewis, Semser, Tangeman, Paris New Symphony Society, Leibowitz) (1953) 9.80581-82
SCHOENBERG, A.: String Trio / 4 Pieces for Mixed Chorus / 3 Satires / Suite (Craft) (Schoenberg, Vol. 11) 8.557529
SCHOENBERG, A.: Violin Concerto / Ode to Napoleon / A Survivor from Warsaw (Craft) (Schoenberg, Vol. 10) 8.557528
SCHOENBERG: 6 A Cappella Choruses / String Quartet No. 2 / Suite in G Major (Schoenberg, Vol. 3) 8.557521
SCHOENBERG: 6 Orchestral Songs / Kol Nidre / Friede auf Erden (Schoenberg, Vol. 7) 8.557525
SCHOENBERG: Gurre-Lieder CD93.198
SCHOENBERG: Gurre-Lieder (Schoenberg, Vol. 1) 8.557518-19
SCHREKER, F.: 5 Gesange / Ein Tanzpiel / Festwalzer und Walzerintermezzo / Schwanensang / Fagea (Gulke) C67063
SCHUBERT, F. / BRAHMS, J.: Lieder (Groop) ODE986-2
SCHUBERT, F.: Choral Music - Opp. 11, 17, 28, 131, 134, 135, 139, 167 (Knothe) C10152
SCHUBERT, F.: Choral Music (Knothe) Phoenix408
SCHUBERT, F.: Choral Music (Mannerchore) (Froschauer) C10841
SCHUBERT, F.: Choral Music (Works for Male Choir a cappella) (The Polytech Choir, Lansio) ODE811-2
SCHUBERT, F.: Lied Edition 32 - Part Songs, Vol. 1 8.570961
SCHUBERT, F.: Lied Edition 33 - Part Songs, Vol. 2 8.570962
SCHUBERT, F.: Lieder (Groop) ODE886-2
SCHUBERT, F.: Sacred Music (Creed, Knothe) C71050
SCHUBERT: Male Choruses BIS-CD-1033
SCHULTZ: Yndigt Dufter Danmark (Works for Choir A Capella) 8.224108
SCHUMAN, W.: Free Song (A) / COPLAND, A.: Appalachian Spring / SOWERBY, L.: The Canticle of the Sun (The Pulitzer Project) (Kalmar) CDR90000-125
SCHUMANN, R.: Dichterliebe / SCHUBERT, F.: Lieder (Behle, Bjelland) C5086
SCHUMANN, R.: Requiem / Der Konigssohn / Nachtlied (Saarbrucken Chamber Choir, German Radio Saarbrucken-Kaiserslautern Philharmonic, Grun) CD93.270
SCHUMANN, R.: Romances and Ballads 8.570456
SCHUMANN, R.: Romanzen und Balladen / 4 Doppelchorige Gesange (Ruhr ChorWerk, Gritton) C67196
SCHUMANN, R.: Romanzen und Balladen I-IV / Romanzen fur Frauenstimmen (Gromes, Drope, Czinczel, Linn, Ackermann) CD93.256
SCHUMANN, R.: Rose Pilgerfahrt (Der) / Requiem, Op. 148 (Spering) OC871
SCHUMANN, R.: Scenen aus Goethes Faust (Scenes from Goethes Faust) (Warsaw Boys Choir, Warsaw Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Wit) 8.572430-31
SCHUMANN, R.: Szenen aus Goethes Faust (Gerhaher, Karg, Miles, Bavarian Radio Chorus, Bavarian Radio Symphony, Harding) 900122
SCHUMANN, R.: Szenen aus Goethes Faust (Scenes from Goethes Faust) (Warsaw Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Wit) (Blu-Ray Audio) NBD0015
SCHUMANN: Romances and Ballads CD93.002
SCHURICHT, Carl: Collection II (1951-1966) CD93.292
SEREBRIER, J.: Symphony No. 1 / Nueve / Violin Concerto, "Winter" (Callow, Karr, Quint, Bournemouth Symphony and Chorus, Serebrier) 8.559648
SHAKESPEARE, W.: Julius Caesar (adapted by Orson Welles) / King Richard II / ENGEL, L.: England / MENGES, H.: Fanfares (Barrier, Evans) (1937-1941) 9.81093-94P
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: 10 Poems, Op. 88 (Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir, Sveshnikov) (1959) 9.81171
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Chamber Symphony / 2 Pieces for String Octet / Antiformalist Rayok / Prelude in Memoriam D. Shostakovich (Moscow Virtuosi, Spivakov) C67115
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Execution of Stepan Razin (The) / Zoya Suite / Suite on Finnish Themes (Shenyang, Palo, Katajala, Ashkenazy) ODE1225-2
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Shostakovich - 100 Years Celebration (1906-2006) C71105
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Song of the Forests / The Nose Suite (Jurowski) C10779
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Songs (Complete), Vol. 4 - Unknown Shostakovich (1932-1968) DE3313
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Suite from Katerina Izmailova / 2 Fables of Krilov / The Execution of Stepan Razin (Jurowski) C10780
SHOSTAKOVICH: Execution of Stepan Razin (The) / October / 5 Fragments, Op. 42 8.557812
SIBELIUS (The Essential) BIS-CD-1697-1700
SIBELIUS / RAUTAVAARA / CRUSELL: Musical Souvenirs from Finland BIS-CD-1277
SIBELIUS, J.: Academic March / Cantata for the Conferment Ceremony of 1894 / Cantata for the Coronation of Nicholas II (Finnish Philharmonic Choir) ODE936-2
SIBELIUS, J.: Cantatas / Finlandia (Complete) (Finnish National Opera Chorus, Finnish National Opera Orchestra, Klas) ODE754-2
SIBELIUS, J.: Choral Music (Fire on the Island) (Dominante Choir, Murto) BIS-1889
SIBELIUS, J.: Choral Music (Mixed Chorus a cappella) (Complete) (Jubilate Choir, Riska) ODE805-2
SIBELIUS, J.: Partsongs / Vapautettu kuningatar / Rakastava / Laulu Lemminkaiselle (YL Male Voice Choir) (YL - The Voice of Sibelius) BIS-CD-1433
SIBELIUS, J.: Sibelius Edition, Vol. 3 - Voice and Orchestra BIS-CD-1906-08
SIBELIUS, J.: Souda, souda sinisorsa / Driftwood / Tempest Suite (The) / Karelia Suite / Lemminkainen Suite / Belshazzars Feast Suite ODE1083-2
SIBELIUS, J.: Symphonies (Complete) / Violin Concerto / Finlandia (Kuusisto, Helsinki Philharmonic, Segerstam) ODE1075-2Q
SIBELIUS, J.: Symphony No. 4 / Pohjolas Daughter / Finlandia (Polytech Male Choir, Helsinki Philharmonic, Segerstam) ODE1040-2
SIBELIUS, J.: Tapiola / Lemminkainen Suite (excerpts) / Pohjolas Daughter / Vainos Song / A Song for Lemminkainen (Helsinki Philharmonic) ODE1052-2
SIBELIUS, J.: Works for Mixed Choir (Complete) (Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Seppänen) ODE1260-2D
SIBELIUS: Works for Mixed Choir a cappella BIS-CD-825
SIBELIUS: Choral Works BIS-CD-314
SIBELIUS: Music for Mixed and Female Choir BIS-CD-998
SIBELIUS: Patriotic Music BIS-CD-1115
SIBELIUS: Snofrid / Cantata for the Coronation of Nicholas II / Rakastava BIS-CD-1265
SIBELIUS: Song of the Earth / Hymn of the Earth BIS-CD-1365
SIBELIUS: Spirit of Nature (Luonnotar) BIS-CD-1565
SIBELIUS: Tulen Synty (The Origin of Fire) Original and Revised Versions BIS-CD-1525
SILCHER, F.: Ich ging einmal spazieren / SCHUMANN, R.: Es wollt ein Jagerlein jagen / 5 Gesange aus H. Laubes Jagdbrevier (Arman) C67023
SINGER PUR: Herztone (Love Songs) OC516
SINGING APES (THE) and Other Songs of Love and War BIS-CD-733
SMITH, J.S.: Star Spangled Banner (The) / THOMPSON, R.: The Testament of Freedom (A Musical Journey, Vol. 2) (United States Army Chorus) 75442255832
SOMMAR I SVERIGE - Tradition, Ringdans och hogtidston (Summer in Sweden) 8.578151
SOMMARTONER FRAN FORR (Swedish Summer Nostalgia) - Original Recordings from the 30s, 40s and 50s 8.103011
SØRENSEN, B.: Choral Music (Snowbells) (Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Hillier) 6.220629
SPIRO, Simon: Traditional Cantorial and Concert Favorites 8.559460
STANFORD, C.V.: Choral Music - Stabat Mater / Song to the Soul / The Resurrection (The Bach Choir, Bournemouth Symphony, D. Hill) 8.573512
STENHAMMAR: Choral Works BIS-CD-438
STOBÆUS, Kristina: Jag vet en äng … PROP7799
Story of Naxos (The) - The Soundtrack 9.00124
STRANDSJO, G.: Vocal Music (En strom av liv) (Freiholz, Nu-koren) PROP7790

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