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Catalogue list by Genre

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Classical Music > Concertos

These are works for one or more solo instruments and orchestra. The most famous of all concertos is Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, actually a set of four concertos each devoted to one season. Most great composers have written concertos, with Vivaldi and Mozart being the most prolific – Vivaldi wrote hundreds of concertos for many different instruments and string orchestra and Mozart wrote 27 piano concertos and five violin concertos. In the 19th century, many instrumental virtuosos wrote concertos as vehicles for their own performances; Paganini wrote six violin concertos, Liszt wrote two piano concertos and Chopin wrote two as well. The most popular piano concerto of all is probably that written by Tchaikovsky, who also wrote one of the most popular violin concertos.

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Title Catalogue No.
KABALEVSKY, D.B.: Cello Concerto No. 2 / KHACHATURIAN, A.I.: Cello Concerto in E Minor (Lidstrom) BIS-CD-719
KABALEVSKY: Cello Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 / Spring, Op. 65 8.553788
KABALEVSKY: Piano Concerto No. 3 / RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Piano Concerto 8.557794
KABALEVSKY: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 8.557683
KAGEL, M.: Konzert (Das) / Phantasiestuck / Pan (M. Faust, Alvares, Ensemble Contrasts, R. HP Platz, Sinfonia Finlandia Jyvaskyla, P. Gallois) 8.572635
KAIPAINEN, J.: Horn Concerto / Cello Concerto No. 1 (Tapani, Ylonen) ODE1062-2
KAIPAINEN, J.: Symphony No. 2 / Oboe Concerto / Sisyphus Dreams ODE855-2
KAIPAINEN, J.: Symphony No. 3 / Bassoon Concerto ODE1089-2
KALLIWODA, J.W.: Oboe Concertino, Op. 110 / MOLIQUE, W.B.: Oboe Concertino in G Minor / PONCHIELLI, A.: Capriccio (Glaetzner, Berlin Symphony, Flor) C10281
KAPUSTIN, N.: Cello Works (Rauh, Nuss, Saarbrücken German Radio Philharmonic, Collon) SWR19002CD
KARAEV, F.: Violin Concerto / Vingt ans apres — nostalgie… (Kopatchinskaja, Azerbaijan State Symphony, Polyansky, Abdullayev) PMR0070
KARAMANOV: Symphony No. 3 / Piano Concerto No. 3 8.223796
KARLOWICZ, M.: Serenade / Violin Concerto (Kaler, Warsaw Philharmonic, Wit) 8.572274
KARLOWICZ, M.: Violin Concerto / Eternal Songs / Stanislaw and Anna Oswiecim CDAccordACD071
KARLOWICZ, M.: Violin Concerto / MACHAVARIANI, A.: Violin Concerto (Barinova, Vaiman) (1955-1956) 9.80683
KASILAG / BUENAVENTURA: Violin Concertos 8.220419
KAY, U.: Concerto for Orchestra / LOCKWOOD, N.: Concerto for Organ and Brasses / Quiet Design (Mason, Perlea) (1955) 9.80483
KERNIS, A.J.: 3 Flavors / 2 Movements (with Bells) / Ballad(e) out of the Blue(s), "Superstar Etude No. 3" (Russo, Ehnes, Albany Symphony, Miller) 8.559711
Keyboard Recital: Schornsheim, Christine - BACH, C.P.E. / BACH, W.F. / BACH, J.C. / KIRNBERGER, J.P. / MUTHEL, J.G. / NICHELMANN, C. C49541
KHACHATURIAN, A.I.: Cello Concerto / Concerto-Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra (Yablonsky, Moscow City Symphony, Fedotov) 8.570463
KHACHATURIAN, A.I.: Piano Concerto (Levant, New York Philharmonic Symphony, Mitropoulos) (1950) 9.80672
KHACHATURIAN, A.I.: Piano Concerto / Concert Rhapsody 8.550799
KHACHATURIAN, A.I.: Piano Concerto / PROKOFIEV, S.: Piano Concerto No. 3 (Atamian, Seattle Symphony, Schwarz) DE3155
KHACHATURIAN, A.I.: Violin Concerto (Oistrakh, Philharmonia, Khachaturian) (1954) 9.80275
KHACHATURIAN, A.I.: Violin Concerto / BARTOK, B.: Violin Concerto No. 2 (Haendel, Stuttgart Radio Symphony, Muller-Kray) CD94.207
KHACHATURIAN, A.I.: Violin Concerto / Concerto-Rhapsody 8.555919
KHACHATURIAN, A.I.: Violin Concerto / Concerto-Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra (Koeckert, Royal Philharmonic, Serebrier) 8.570988
KILAR, W.: Koscielec 1909 / Piano Concerto / Bogurodzica / Exodus (Malicki, Warsaw Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Wit) CDAccordACD120
KILAR: Bogurodzica / Piano Concerto / Hoary Fog / Koscielec 1909 8.557813
KIM: Violin Concerto / Dialogues / Cornet 8.559226
KLAMI / AHO: Pyorteita / KLAMI: Violin Concerto BIS-CD-696
KLASSIK HIGHLIGHTS - Music for the 20th Anniversary of Naxos 8.550020
KLASSIK OHNE KRISE: Festliche Trompete 8.551332-33
KLASSIK OHNE KRISE: Feuerwerk Barock 8.551330-31
KLASSIK OHNE KRISE: Ganz grosses Kino 8.551306-07
KLASSIK OHNE KRISE: Gelassen geniessen 8.551300-01
KLASSIK OHNE KRISE: Gitarre Furios 8.551312-13
KLASSIK OHNE KRISE: Kinderszenen 8.551334-35
KLASSIK OHNE KRISE: Oboe der Liebe 8.551336-37
KLASSIK OHNE KRISE: Zauberhafte Weihnachten 8.551338-39
KLASSIK OHNE KRISE: Zeit zum Chillen 8.551302-03
Klassiska Favoriter Guld - Det bästa av det bästa ur Klassiska Favoriter (Gold Classical Favorites) 8.503129
KLASSISKT A-O (The A to Z of Classical Music) 8.553362
KLETZKI, P.: Piano Concerto / 3 Preludes / 3 Unpublished Piano Pieces / Fantasie (Banowetz, Russian Philharmonic, T. Sanderling) 8.572190
KLETZKI: Symphony No. 3 / Concertino for Flute BIS-CD-1399
KODALY, Z.: Dances of Galanta / MOZART, W.A.: Clarinet Concerto / BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphony No. 8 (Mach, Prague Symphony, Kout) FOK0003-2
KODALY, Z.: Hary Janos Suite / Dances of Galanta / DOHNANYI, E.: Konzertstuck (Starker, Seattle Symphony, Schwarz) 8.572749
KOEHNE: Inflight Entertainment / Powerhouse / Elevator Music 8.555847
KOKKONEN, J.: Cello Concerto / Symphonies Nos. 3 and 4 (Finnish Radio Symphony) ODE1098-2
KOKKONEN: Complete Kokkonen Edition, Vol. 1 BIS-CD-468
KOPPEL, A.: Concerto for Recorder, Saxophone and Orchestra / Triple Concerto for Mezzo Saxophone, Cello and Harp (Hye-Knudsen, Koppel, Petri, Rehling) 6.220633
KOPPEL, A.: Concerto for Violin and Accordion / Concerto for Saxophone and Piano (Storgards) 8.226055
KOPPEL, A.: Marimba Concertos Nos. 1-4 (Bednarska, Aalborg Symphony, Christensen) 6.220595
KOPPEL, A.: Saxophone Concertos 8.226036
KOPPEL, A.: Sinfonia concertante for Violin, Viola, Clarinet and Bassoon / Concerto for Flute and Harp / Tuba Concerto (Aeschbacher) 8.226052
KOPPEL, Thomas: Los Angeles Street Concerto / Moonchilds Dream / Neles Dances 8.226021
KOPPEL: Cello Concerto / NORHOLM: Violin Concerto BIS-CD-80
KOPPEL: Flute Concerto / Cello Concerto / Piano Concerto No. 2 8.226032
KOPPEL: Symphony No. 5 / Piano Concerto No. 3 8.226027
KORNGOLD / GOLDMARK: Violin Concertos 8.225908
KORNGOLD, E.: Violin Concerto / LALO, E.: Symphonie espagnole (excerpts) (Heifetz) (1951, 1953) 9.80401
KORNGOLD, E.W.: Sinfonietta, Op. 5 / Violin Concerto, Op. 35 (Mathe) DOR-90216
KORNGOLD, E.W.: Violin Concerto / DVARIONAS, B.: Violin Concerto (Gluzman, Hague Residentie Orchestra, N. Jarvi) BIS-CD-1822
KORNGOLD, E.W.: Violin Concerto / Schauspiel Overture / Much Ado About Nothing Suite (Quint, Mineria Symphony, Prieto) 8.570791
KOSHKIN, N.: Megaron Concerto / Guitar Quintet / Listesso tempo / Polka Papandreou (Papandreou, Lan Shui) BIS-CD-1846
KOZELUCH: Piano Concertos Nos. 1, 4 and 5 OC588
KRAUS, J.M.: Viola Concerto, VB 153b and 153c / Concerto for Viola and Cello (D.A. Carpenter, Pesola, Tapiola Sinfonietta) ODE1193-2
KRAUS: Violin Concerto / Olympie / Azire 8.570334
KREISLER, F.: String Quartet / ZIMBALIST, E.: String Quartet / YSAYE, E.: Harmonies du soir (Fine Arts Quartet, Philharmonic Orchestra of Europe) 8.572559
KREISLER, F.: Violin Music (Banfalvi, Budapest Strings, Botvay) C5120
KREISLER, Fritz: Complete Recordings, Vol. 3 (1914-1916) 8.112064
KREISLER, Fritz: Complete Recordings, Vol. 4 (1916-1919) 8.111384
KREISLER, Fritz: Complete Recordings, Vol. 5 (1919-1924) 8.111398
KREISLER, Fritz: Complete Recordings, Vol. 6 (1924-1925) 8.111400
KREISLER: Kreisler Plays Kreisler (1942-1946) 8.110947
KREUTZER, R.: Violin Concertos Nos. 17-19 (A. Strauss, San Francisco Conservatory Orchestra, Mogrelia) 8.570380
KROMMER, F.: Sinfonia Concertante in E-Flat Major, Op. 70 / Clarinet Concerto in E-Flat Major, Op. 36 (Ashkenazy, Griffiths) PMR0025
KROMMER: Clarinet Concertos Opp. 35, 36 and 91 8.553178
KROMMER: Oboe Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 / HUMMEL: Introduction, Theme and Variations CDR90000-045
KUUSISTO, I.: Symphony No. 1 / Concertino Improvvisando / Kun talo alkaa soida (Kuusisto) BIS-CD-1847
KYRIE - Classical Music for Reflection and Meditation 8.556707

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