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Catalogue list by Genre

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Classical Music > Instrumental

The instrumental category covers works for a single instrument, mostly keyboard and plucked instruments. Keyboard instruments include the piano, harpsichord and organ. The most popular keyboard form is the piano sonata (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert made major contributions). During the Romantic period smaller forms became very popular, among them miniature tone poems and national dances such as mazurkas and polonaises. Many virtuosos/composers also wrote technical display pieces for their own use in concerts, including transcriptions of songs and opera arias. J.S. Bach, Handel, Couperin, Scarlatti and Soler are among the most important composers for the harpsichord. There is also a vast range of music for solo guitar (Sor, Giuliani and many 19th century and contemporary Spanish and Latin American composers) and lute (Weiss, Dowland). The relatively limited number of solo works for other instruments includes music for the solo violin and solo cello. Bach’s sonatas and partitas for violin solo are perhaps the best-known for these.

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Title Catalogue No.
NAGAI, Yukie: Japanese Piano Music BIS-CD-766
NANCARROW, C.: Lost Works, Last Works (Nancarrow) OM1002-2
NANCARROW, C.: Studies for Player Piano (The Original 1750 Arch Recordings) OM1012-15-2
NANCARROW: Pieces for Small Orchestra / Tango? / String Quartet No. 1 8.559196
NASCIMBENI, S.: Messa Paradis del Amours, 1612 (Forni) TC561401
NATSUDA / NODAIRA / HOSOKAWA: Japanese Saxophone Music BIS-CD-890
NAXOS SELECTION: Highlights 8.571000
NAZARETH: Tangos, Waltzes and Polkas 8.557687
NEEFE, C.G.: 12 Keyboard Sonatas (1773) / BEETHOVEN, L. van: 9 Variations on a March by Dressler (S. Kagan) GP615-16
NEIDHART: Minnesinger and His Vale of Tears (A) - Songs and Interludes (Ensemble Leones) 8.572449
NELSON, Karin: Christmas music PRCD9101
NENOV, D.: Piano Music (Valkov) GP652
NEPOMUCENO: Piano Works 8.223548
NIELSEN, C.: Masterworks (The), Vol. 2 - Chamber and Instrumental Works (Danish String Quartet, Diamant Ensemblet, Trio Ondine, Koppel) 8.206003
NIELSEN, C.: Piano Music 8.224095-96
NIELSEN, C.: Piano Music, Vol. 1 8.553574
NIELSEN, C.: Piano Music, Vol. 2 8.553653
NIELSEN, C.: Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / Solo Violin Works BIS-CD-1284
NIELSEN, C.: Trumpet and Organ Music (Zielke, Johannsen) 9.70253
NIELSEN, L.: Organ works / Songs for solo voice and organ BIS-CD-1494
NIELSEN, S.H.: Dance and Detours / In der Abendstille / Om Prinser og Dromme / Aria and Dance (Slaato, Randers Chamber Orchestra, Riddell) 8.226565
NIELSEN: Chamber Music, Vol. 2 - Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 8.226065
NIELSEN: Chamber Works for Violin and Strings BIS-CD-1444
NIELSEN: Complete Organ Music BIS-CD-131
NIELSEN: Complete Piano Music BIS-CD-167-68
NIEMANN, W.R.: Piano Music - Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / 3 Compositions for Piano / Fantasie-Mazurka (Bing Bing Li) GP662
NIGHT MUSIC 1 8.556815
NIGHT MUSIC 2 8.556816
NIGHT MUSIC 4 8.556818
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 1 8.551121
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 3 8.551123
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 4 8.551124
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 10 8.556824
Night Music, Vol. 11 8.551131
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 5 8.556819
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 6 8.556820
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 7 8.556821
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 8 8.556822
NIGHT MUSIC, VOL. 9 8.556823
NILSSON, T.: Orgelma¨ssa i fyra satser / Bronslur Concerto / Rondo / Det finns en va¨g / KOCH, E. von: Trombonia (Torgé, Nilsson) PROP9924
NILSSON: Complete Works for Soprano and Organ BIS-CD-924
NILSSON: Septem Improvisationes PRCD9157
NIN-CULMELL: Tonadas 8.223534
NISHIZAKI, Takako: Fritz Kreisler Edition, Vol. 1 8.557867
NOCTURNE - Classical Favourites for Relaxing and Dreaming 8.556620
NOCTURNE - Late Night Piano Music (Sweden only) 8.557292
NORDENTOFT, A.: Light Imprisoned / Dance of Separation / Cathedral / Pointed Out (Århus Sinfonietta, Hansen) 8.226577
NORDHEIM: Response / TANAKA: 2 Movements for Marimba BIS-CD-1118
NORGARD / HIND: Works for Piano 8.226037
NORGARD : A Drummers Tale - episode one 8.224024-25
NORGARD, P.: Piano Music (Kaltoft) 8.226089
NORGARD, P.: Sceneries (Martinez, Esbjerg Ensemble, Sundkvist) 8.226092
NORGARD: Works for Cello 8.224007
NORREFALK, Mats / SAMUELSSON, Ulf: Incontro 8.557148
NOWAK, A.: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2, "Little Commentary for the 25th Anniversary of Pro Novum" / 3 Peaceful Street (3x4+8) CDAccordACD180
NUORVALA: 3 Impromptus / String Quartet Nos. 1 and 2 BIS-CD-1107
NYSTEDT, K.: Stabat Mater / HUMMEL, B.: Abschied / PART, A.: Nunc dimittis / BARBER, S.: Agnus Dei (In Croce) (Berger, Kamer Choir, Sirmais) SM120
NYVANG: Movements for a Monument to the Loneliness of Our World 8.224074

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