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Catalogue list by Genre

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This category covers works written for between two and ten instruments. The most popular chamber music works are sonatas for piano and one other instrument such as violin or cello and string quartets. Most great composers have written such instrumental sonatas and quartets. Other chamber music formats are the trio (three instruments -- for example, piano trios feature piano, violin and cello), the quintet (five instruments, frequently five string instruments -- Schubert's Trout Quintet for piano and four string instruments is perhaps the most famous chamber music work of all time), the sextet (six instruments), the septet (seven instruments), the octet (eight instruments) and the nonet (nine instruments). There are also a few works for ten instruments known by the French name dixtuor.

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Title Catalogue No.
SCHNITTKE: Cello Concerto No. 1 / Klingende Buchstaben / 4 Hymns BIS-CD-507
SCHNITTKE: Epilogue / Cello Sonata Nos. 1 and 2 / Improvisation / Musica Nostalgica BIS-CD-1427
SCHNITTKE: Gogol Suite / Labyrinths BIS-CD-557
SCHNITTKE: Piano Quintet / String Trio / Piano Quartet / Canon BIS-CD-547
SCHNITTKE: Piano Quintet / String Trio / Stille Musik 8.554728
SCHNITTKE: Piano Trio / Madrigals / A Paganini / Stille Musik BIS-CD-697
SCHNITTKE: Sonata for Violin and Chamber Orchestra (arr. from Violin Sonata No. 1) / Monologue / Concerto grosso No. 1 S2030
SCHNITTKE: String Quartets Nos. 1-3 BIS-CD-467
SCHNITTKE: Violin Sonatas BIS-CD-527
SCHNITZLER, A.: Morder (Der) / Das Tagebuch der Redegonda (ungekurzt) NHB10792
SCHNYDER, D.: Chamber and Orchestral Music (Around the World) (Schnyder) BIS-CD-1774
SCHOECK: Cello Concerto / Cello Sonata / 6 Songs Transcription BIS-CD-1597
SCHOENBERG, A.: Chamber Symphony No. 1, Op. 9 (arr. A. Webern) / Suite, Op. 29 (Zahir Ensemble, Garcia Rodriguez) 8.572442
SCHOENBERG, A.: Chamber Symphony No. 2 / Die gluckliche Hand / Wind Quintet (Craft) (Schoenberg, Vol. 8) 8.557526
SCHOENBERG, A.: Serenade / Variations for Orchestra / Bach Orchestrations (Craft) (Schoenberg, Vol. 4) 8.557522
SCHOENBERG, A.: String Quartet No. 1 / Verklarte Nacht (Fred Sherry String Quartet and Sextet) (Schoenberg, Vol. 13) 8.557534
SCHOENBERG, A.: String Quartet No. 2 / WEBERN, A.: Langsamer Satz / BERG, A.: Lyrische Suite (excerpt) (C. Schafer, Petersen Quartet) Phoenix133
SCHOENBERG, A.: String Quartets Nos. 3 and 4 / Phantasy (Fred Sherry String Quartet, Schulte, Oldfather) (Schoenberg, Vol. 12) 8.557533
SCHOENBERG, A.: String Trio / 4 Pieces for Mixed Chorus / 3 Satires / Suite (Craft) (Schoenberg, Vol. 11) 8.557529
SCHOENBERG, A.: Verklarte Nacht / Chamber Symphony No. 1 (Smithsonian Chamber Players, Slowik) DSL-90909
SCHOENBERG, A.: Verklarte Nacht / STEUERMANN: Piano Trio (Ravinia Trio) CDX-29107
SCHOENBERG, A.: Violin Concerto / Ode to Napoleon / A Survivor from Warsaw (Craft) (Schoenberg, Vol. 10) 8.557528
SCHOENBERG: 6 A Cappella Choruses / String Quartet No. 2 / Suite in G Major (Schoenberg, Vol. 3) 8.557521
SCHOENBERG: Complete Works for Violin and Piano BIS-CD-1407
SCHOENBERG: Verklarte Nacht / String Quartet No. 2 / Chamber Symphony No. 1 BIS-CD-703
SCHOENBERG: Verklarte Nacht / WEBERN: Selected Piano and Chamber Works BIS-CD-1467
SCHOENBERG: Wind Quintet (Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet) (1957) 9.80263
SCHOENFIELD, P.: Refractions / 6 British Folk Songs / Peccadilloes (Tocco, Hanani, Fiterstein, Schoenfield) 8.559380
SCHOU: Breath and Wings 8.226507
SCHUBERT, F.: Piano Trios Nos. 1, 2 / Piano Trio, D. 28 / Notturno, D. 897 (Haydn Trio Eisenstadt) C71102
SCHUBERT, F.: 5 German Dances / 5 Minuets and 6 Trios / 3 Kleine Stucke (Budapest Strings) C10526
SCHUBERT, F.: Arpeggione Sonata / Lieder arrangements (Hülshoff, Frölich) OC1818
SCHUBERT, F.: Dances for Piano (Complete) (Endres) C49242
SCHUBERT, F.: Duo Sonata in A Major / Violin Sonatas (Sonatinas) in D Major / A Minor / G Minor ODE746-2
SCHUBERT, F.: Fantasy in C Major, D. 934 / Piano Trio No. 1, D. 898 (Hopkins, Kucharsky, Wopke) PMR0046
SCHUBERT, F.: Flute and Piano Music - Introduction and Variations on Trockne Blumen / Arpeggione Sonata / Songs (arr. for flute) (Grodd, Napoli) 8.570754
SCHUBERT, F.: Guitar Quartet / Arpeggione Sonata (Tarjasalo, Pulakka, Hirvikangas, Ivars) 8.572012
SCHUBERT, F.: Guitar Quartet / Arpeggione Sonata / Lieder (Schubert (re)inventions) (Ensemble Paladino) PMR0058
SCHUBERT, F.: Naxos Schubert Album (The) 8.578134
SCHUBERT, F.: Octet (Linos Ensemble) / Piano Trios Nos. 1 and 2 (Odeon Trio) C49071
SCHUBERT, F.: Octet, D. 803 (Linos Ensemble) C10840
SCHUBERT, F.: Piano Quintet, Op. 114 / SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Quintet, Op. 44 (Iuga, Tabe, Carmina Quartett) SM133
SCHUBERT, F.: Piano Trio No. 2 / Arpeggione Sonata in A Minor (arr. for viola and piano) (Kucharsky, Carroll, Hopkins) PMR0047
SCHUBERT, F.: Piano Trio No. 2 / Piano Sonata No. 13 (Trio opus100) SM145
SCHUBERT, F.: Piano Trios Nos. 1 and 2 (Odeon Trio) C10387
SCHUBERT, F.: String Quartet No. 14 / KERNIS, A.J.: String Quartet No. 1 (The Kernis Project: Schubert) (The Jasper String Quartet) DSL-92152
SCHUBERT, F.: String Quartet No. 14, "Death and the Maiden" / MATTHUS, S.: Das Madchen und der Tod" (Petersen Quartet) C10744
SCHUBERT, F.: String Quintet in C Major (Stern, Casals, Tortelier, Schneider, Katims) (1956) 9.80107
SCHUBERT, F.: String Quintet, D. 956 (Petersen Quartet, M. Sanderling) C10788
SCHUBERT, F.: Violin and Fortepiano Works (Complete), Vol. 1 (Ross, Cole) 9.70164
SCHUBERT, F.: Violin and Fortepiano Works (Complete), Vol. 2 (Ross, Cole) 9.70182
SCHUBERT, F.: Violin and Piano Works - Sonatas, D. 384, 385, 408, 574 (Kucharsky, E. Hopkins) PMR0045
SCHUBERT, F.: Violin Sonata (Sonatina), D. 384 / Arpeggione Sonata, D. 821 (Schubert Arrangements) (Bergstrom) PRCD2053
SCHUBERT, F.: Violin Sonata, D. 385 / DVORÁK, A.: Violin Sonatina, Op. 100 (Bartov and Wikström) SLT33228
SCHUBERT, F.: Violin Sonatas (Sonatinas), Op. 137, D. 384, 385, 408 (Hyejin Chung, Warren Lee) 8.573579
SCHUBERT, F.: Winterreise (arr. M. Rummel for narrator, cello and piano) (Hutter, Rummel Shetler) PMR0018
SCHUBERT, F.: Winterreise (Shirai, Hartling, Zimmermann, Holl) C10382-83
SCHUBERT: Arpeggione Sonata / SCHUMANN: Fantasiestucke 8.550654
SCHUBERT: Arpeggione Sonata / Schwanengesang (arr. for viola and piano) / KALLIWODA: 6 Nocturnes OC591
SCHUBERT: Best of Schubert (The) 8.551116
SCHUBERT: Complete Chamber Music for Piano and Strings BIS-CD-521-24
SCHUBERT: Fantasy in C Major / Duo Sonata / SCHUMANN, R.: Violin Sonata No. 1 / BRAHMS: Violin Sonata No. 2 (Druian) (1956) 9.80264
SCHUBERT: Octet / Piano Sonata No. 13 7241
SCHUBERT: Octets, D. 803 and D. 72 8.550389
SCHUBERT: Piano Quintet in A Major, "Trout" / String Quartet No. 12, "Quartettsatz" 8.571101
SCHUBERT: Piano Quintet, "The Trout" / Piano Trio, "Notturno" 7126
SCHUBERT: Piano Quintet, D. 667 / String Trio, D. 581 8.553255
SCHUBERT: Piano Trio No. 2 in E-Flat Major / Sonatensatz 8.555700
SCHUBERT: Piano Trios in B-Flat Major, D. 898 and D. 28 8.550131
SCHUBERT: Piano Trios in E-Flat Major, D. 929 and D. 897 8.550132
SCHUBERT: Romantic Schubert (The) 8.552215
SCHUBERT: String Quartet in G Major / Piano Trio in E-Flat Major "Notturno" AR-0009-2
SCHUBERT: String Quartets (Complete), Vol. 1 8.550590
SCHUBERT: String Quartets (Complete), Vol. 2 8.550591
SCHUBERT: String Quartets (Complete), Vol. 3 8.550592
SCHUBERT: String Quartets (Complete), Vol. 4 8.555921
SCHUBERT: String Quartets (Complete), Vol. 5 8.557107
SCHUBERT: String Quartets (Complete), Vol. 6 8.557125
SCHUBERT: String Quartets (Complete), Vol. 7 8.557126
SCHUBERT: String Quartets No. 10 and No. 14, "Death and the Maiden" BIS-CD-1201
SCHUBERT: String Quartets Nos. 12, "Quartettsatz" and 14, "Death and the Maiden" 7114
SCHUBERT: String Quintet in C Major / String Trio in B-Flat Major 8.550388
SCHUBERT: Symphony No. 5 / MENDELSSOHN: Octet (Toscanini) (1947, 1953) 9.80284
SCHUBERT: Trout Quintet / Adagio and Rondo Concertante 8.550658
SCHUBERT: Violin Sonatas (Sonatinas) 8.550420
SCHUCH, Herbert: Oehms Classics Recordings (The) (8-CD Box Set) OC012
SCHULHOFF, E.: 5 Pieces / SUK, J.: Meditation on the old Bohemian Chorale / DVORÁK, A.: String Quartet No. 13 (alla czeca) (Signum Quartet) C5257
SCHULHOFF, E.: String Quartet / Violin Sonata / Duo for Violin and Cello / String Sextet (Petersen Quartet) C10539
SCHULHOFF, E.: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 / 5 Pieces (Aviv Quartet) 8.570965
SCHULHOFF, E.: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 / 5 Pieces (Petersen Quartet) C10463
SCHULHOFF, E.: String Sextet / STRAUSS, R.: Metamorphosen (Heinze, Hyperion Ensemble) PMR0010
SCHULHOFF: Chamber Music BIS-CD-679
SCHUMAN, W.: Free Song (A) / COPLAND, A.: Appalachian Spring / SOWERBY, L.: The Canticle of the Sun (The Pulitzer Project) (Kalmar) CDR90000-125
SCHUMANN : Best of Schumann (The) 8.551112
SCHUMANN, C.: Piano Concerto in A Minor / Piano Trio in G Minor 8.557552
SCHUMANN, Camillo: Cello Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / 2 Konzertstucke (Kliegel, Piemontesi) 8.572314
SCHUMANN, R. / BRAHMS: Piano Quintets 8.550406

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