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Catalogue list by Genre

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Classical Music > Chamber Music

This category covers works written for between two and ten instruments. The most popular chamber music works are sonatas for piano and one other instrument such as violin or cello and string quartets. Most great composers have written such instrumental sonatas and quartets. Other chamber music formats are the trio (three instruments -- for example, piano trios feature piano, violin and cello), the quintet (five instruments, frequently five string instruments -- Schubert's Trout Quintet for piano and four string instruments is perhaps the most famous chamber music work of all time), the sextet (six instruments), the septet (seven instruments), the octet (eight instruments) and the nonet (nine instruments). There are also a few works for ten instruments known by the French name dixtuor.

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Title Catalogue No.
To Arrive Where We Started (Danish 20th Century Music) 8.224143
TOCH, E.: String Quartet No. 12 / String Trio, Op. 63 (Vienna String Trio, Zurich String Quartet) (1958) 9.80875
TOCH, E.: String Quartet No. 8 / Serenade, Op. 25 (Westwood String Quartet) (1958) 9.80881
TOCH, E.: Violin Sonata No. 1 / Cello Sonata / Divertimento / String Trio / Adagio elegiaco (Spectrum Concerts Berlin) 8.559716
TOCH: Piano Quintet / Violin Sonata No. 2 / Burlesken / 3 Impromptus 8.559324
TOCH: Tanz-Suite / Cello Concerto 8.559282
TOGNI, C.: 3 Studies on Morts sans sepulture / Flute Sonata / Violin Sonata / String Trio (Ex Novo Ensemble) 8.572074
TOMASINI, A.L.: Trios for 2 Violins and Cello, (Iannetta, Rogliano, Puxeddu) TC742001
TOMKINS / GIBBONS / BYRD: Consort and Keyboard Music 8.553241
TOMKINS, T.: Anthems and Canticles (Magdalen College Choir, Phantasm, Hyde) OACD9040D
TOMKINS: Consort Music for Viols and Voices 8.550602
TONER TILL TROST (Music for Comfort) 8.503158
TOVEY / BRIDGE: Cello Sonatas 8.223637
TOWER, J.: String Quartets Nos. 3-5 / Dumbarton Quintet (Daedalus Quartet, Miami String Quartet, McMillen) 8.559795
TOWER: Chamber and Solo Music 8.559215
TRABACI, G.M.: Secondo libro de ricercate and altri varij capricci (Il) (La Moderna Prattica, Molardi) TC572002
TRABACI: Keyboard Music, Book 2 8.553553-56
Transcriptions for Double Bass and Piano - GRIEG, E. / BACH, J.S. / STENHAMMAR, W. / FAURÉ, G. / MOZART, W.A. (Tranquillo) (PianoBasso) 8.573622
Traumerei: Romantic Violin Favourites (Lu Siqing) 8.225936
TREUTING, J.: Chamber Music (Amid the Noise) (So Percussion) CA-21039
TRIMBLE: 2 Pianos - Songs and Chamber Music 8.225059
Tristans Harp (The) (Arthurian Medieval Music) (Capilla Antigua de Chinchilla, Ferrero) 8.572784
TROMBONCINO, B.: Laudi e Lamentazioni (Ensemble Les Nations, Baldassari) TC472001
TROMBONCINO, Bartolomeo: Vocal Music (Dulces Exuviae) (Ensemble Les Nations, Baldassari) TC472002
TRUEMAN, D.: Neither Anvil nor Pulley (So Percussion, Trueman) CA-21093
Trumpet and Piano Recital: Schwarz, Gerard / Paik, Kun Woo - HONEGGER, A. / IBERT, J. / SENÉE, H. / ENESCU, G. / JOLIVET, A. (The French Influence) DE1047
Trumpet Music - ALTENBURG, J. / VIVALDI, A. / BIBER, H. / TORELLI, G. / TELEMANN, G. (The Sound of Trumpets) (Schwarz) DE3002
Trumpet Music - TELEMANN, G.P. / STOLZEL, G.H. / SCHEIN, J.H. / POGLIETTI, A. / TORELLI, G. / MOLTER, J.M. (Ceremony of Trumpets) (Kejmar) UP0006-2
Trumpet Recital: Friedrich, Reinhold - CHARLIER, T. / THOME, F. / PENNEQUIN, J. / ROPARTZ, J.-G. / GAUBERT, P. / BALAY, G. / ERLANGER, C. C67152
Trumpet Recital: Friedrich, Reinhold - JOLIVET, A. / DENISOV, E. / RAATS, J. / SHOSTAKOVICH, D. C10575
Trumpet Recital: Friedrich, Reinhold - MESSIAEN, O. / ZBINDEN, J.-F. / SHOSTAKOVICH, D. / EBEN, P. / JOLIVET, A. / ESCAICH, T. Phoenix143
Trumpet Recital: Friedrich, Reinhold - STRADELLA, A. / CORELLI, A. / MARCELLO, A. / TORELLI, G. / ALBINONI, T.G. C10768
Trumpet Recital: Friedrich, Reinhold - STRAVINSKY, I. / HONEGGER, A. / HENZE, H.W. / HINDEMITH, P. / WOLPE, S. / SKALKOTTAS, N. C10439
Trumpet Recital: Friedrich, Reinhold - ZIMMERMANN, B.A. / BERIO, L. / RIHM, W. / SCELSI, G. / KILLMAYER, W. C10482
Trumpet Recital: Linda, Jan - CLARKE, J. / HANDEL, G.F. / MARTINI, J.-P.-É. / VEJVANOVSKY, P.-J. (Baroque Trumpet) UP0156-2
Trumpet Transcriptions: Morris, Craig - DEBUSSY, C. / SCHUMANN, R. / BRAHMS, J. / BARBER, S. (Permit Me Voyage) 8.572506
TRUSCOTT: Chamber Music 8.223727
Tugend und Untugend: German Music from the Time of Luther 8.553352
TUNDER, F.: Ach, Herr lass deine lieben Engelein / REINCKEN, J.A.: Suite No. 6 / BALTZAR, T.: Airs (Ziesak, Berliner Barock Compagney, Kallweit) C67125
TURINA, J.: Chamber Music (Lincoln Trio) CDR90000-150
TURINA, J.: Violin and Piano Music - Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / El poema de una sanluquena / Variaciones clasicas / Euterpe (Leon, Maso) 8.570402
TURINA: Piano Trios (Complete) 8.555870
TURINA: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / Sonata Española CDS208
TURINA: Works for Violin and Piano CDS391
TURNBAN, Ingolf / NEMTSOV, Jascha: Hebrew Melodies CD93.028
TURRINI, F.G.: Keyboard Sonatas Nos. 1-6 / Violin Sonatas Nos. 1-6 (Palucci, Berardinis) TC744590
Two Violins and One Guitar, Vol. 1 8.550409
Two Violins and One Guitar, Vol. 2 8.550645
TYBERG, M.: Symphony No. 3 / Piano Trio (M. Ludwig, Mekinulov, Ya-Fei Chuang, Buffalo Philharmonic, Falletta) 8.572236

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