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Catalogue list by Genre

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Classical Music > Instrumental

The instrumental category covers works for a single instrument, mostly keyboard and plucked instruments. Keyboard instruments include the piano, harpsichord and organ. The most popular keyboard form is the piano sonata (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert made major contributions). During the Romantic period smaller forms became very popular, among them miniature tone poems and national dances such as mazurkas and polonaises. Many virtuosos/composers also wrote technical display pieces for their own use in concerts, including transcriptions of songs and opera arias. J.S. Bach, Handel, Couperin, Scarlatti and Soler are among the most important composers for the harpsichord. There is also a vast range of music for solo guitar (Sor, Giuliani and many 19th century and contemporary Spanish and Latin American composers) and lute (Weiss, Dowland). The relatively limited number of solo works for other instruments includes music for the solo violin and solo cello. Bach’s sonatas and partitas for violin solo are perhaps the best-known for these.

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Title Catalogue No.
Songs of Praise 8.553876
SONIC REBELLION - Alternative Classical Collection 8.570760
SOR, F.: 12 Studies, Op. 6 / Fantasia No. 2, Op. 7 / 6 Divertimentos, Op. 8 (Krivokapic) 8.570502
SOR, F.: 24 Studies, Op. 31, "Leçons progressives" / 6 Short Pieces, Op. 32 (Kraft, McFadden) 8.573624
SOR, F.: Grandes Sonates, Opp. 22 and 25 / Divertissement, Op. 23 (Holzman) 8.553340
SOR, F.: Studies in the Form of Suites (Cherici) CDS7722
SOR: 24 Exercises, Op. 35 / Pieces de Societe, Op. 33 8.553341
SOR: 25 Progressive Studies, Op. 60 / Fantaisie Elegiaque 8.553342
SOR: 3 Pieces de Societe, Op. 36 / 6 Petites Pieces, Op. 42 8.553722
SOR: 6 Bagatelles, Op. 43 / Progressive Pieces, Op. 44 8.553986
SOR: 6 Divertimenti, Op. 13 / Cinquieme Fantaisie, Op. 16 8.553354
SOR: 6 Divertimenti, Opp. 1 and 2 / 6 Petite Pieces, Op. 5 8.554196
SOR: 6 Waltzes, Opp. 17 and 18 / 6 Airs, Op. 19 8.554197
SOR: Fantaisie, Op. 10 and 12 / Themes et Menuets, Op. 11 8.553723
SOR: Fantasias Nos. 7, 10, 13 / 24 Studies (excerpts) (Korhonen) ODE816-2
SOR: Guitar Duets, Vol. 1 8.553302
SOR: Guitar Duets, Vol. 2 8.553418
SOR: Introduction and Variations Opp. 26-28 / Etudes Op. 29 8.553451
SOR: Morceau de Concert / 6 Valses, Op. 57 / Fantaisie Villageoise, Op. 52 8.553450
SOR: Souvenir dAmitie / 6 Petites Pieces, Op. 47 8.553985
SORABJI, K.S.: Piano Music (Habermann) 8.571363-65
SØRENSEN, B.: Mignon (Gislinge, Lapland Chamber Orchestra, Storgårds) 8.226134
SORENSEN, B.: Piano Concerto, "La Notte" / Sieben Sehnsuchte / The Masque of the Red Death (Alberman, Hind, BBC Symphony, Schonwandt) 8.226045
SOUNDSCAPES, Vol. 1 - A Delos Digital Compact Disc Sampler DE3500
SOUNDSCAPES, Vol. 2 - A Delos Digital Compact Disc Sampler DE3501
SOWANDE, F.: African Suite / The Negro In Sacred Idiom (Sowande, New Symphony, Harvey) (1951, 1952) 9.80736
SOWERBY, L.: Symphony for Organ in G Major / Requiescat in pace / Fantasy for Flute Stops (Crozier) DE3075
SPAGNOLI RUSCA, F.: Cantate / Toccate / Motteti (Antonaz, Correnti, Foresti, Rossi) TC634301
SPANISH GUITAR 8.557122-23
SPAZZOLI, A.: Chamber Music (Loccidente nel labirinto) (Chiavacci, Ciccarese, Maroncelli, Pantieri, Pieri) TC961901
SPINACINO, F.: Intabulatura de lauto, Books 1 and 2 (Marchese) TC451901
STABAT MATER - Classical Music for Reflection and Meditation 8.556706
STANCHINSKY: Piano Sonatas / Three Sketches 8.223424
STANFORD: Anthems and Services 8.555794
STANFORD: Sonatas for Organ, Opp. 151-153 8.223754
STANLEY, J.: Organ Voluntaries, Opp. 5-7 (Koopman) C10256
STEEN-ANDERSEN, S.: Pretty Sound - Solo and Chamber Music (asamisimasa) 8.226523
STEINMANN, C.: Mare nostrum / Hierax I, II and III / Hymnos an den Schalf CDX-25241-2
STENHAMMAR, W.: Piano Pieces - 3 Fantasies / Sensommarnatter / Piano Sonata (Wyss) C5117
STENHAMMAR: Piano Works 8.553730
STERK, N.: Vertigo. Saxophon. Desaster / Land der wachen spiegel / Hôtel de la Paix (Ensemble Kontrapunkte, Haydn Trio Eisenstadt, Ensemble Lux) C5164
STEVENSON: Passacaglia on DSCH 8.223545
STILL: Piano Music 8.559210
STOCKHAUSEN, K.: Zyklus / Refrain / KAGEL, M.: Transicion II (Caskel, A. and B. Kontarsky, Tudor) (1961) 9.81019
STOCKMANN: Musica Nuptialis 8.226024
STOR MUSIK FOR SMA ORON (Big Music for Little Ears) - Childrens Music Compilation 8.503156
STORACE, B.: Harpsichord Music (Selections from 1664 Collection, "Selva di varie compositioni") (Akutagawa) 8.572209
STORACE, B.: Selva di varie compositioni dintavolatura (Cera) TC601902
STORACE, B.: Selva di varie composizioni d’intavolatura per cimbalo et organo (Cera) TC601901
STORM, T.: Halligfahrt (Eine) (vollstandiger Text) NHB10372
STORM, T.: Pole Poppenspaler NHB20372
STORM, T.: Regentrude (Die) (vollstandiger Text) NHB10542
STORM, T.: Spiegel des Cyprianus (Der) NHB10952
Story of Naxos (The) - The Soundtrack 9.00124
STRADELLA: Sinfonias Nos. 15, 17 and 24 / GUIDO, G.: Violin Sonata in G Major / BITTI: Suite for Recorder, Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord CDS75
STRASFOGEL, I.: Franz Schreker Book / Scherzo No. 1 / SCHREKER, F.: Kammersymphonie (Lessing) C10873
STRAUSS II, J.: Paraphrases and Arrangements of Favorite Strauss Melodies by Rosenthal, Tausig, Godowsky and Schulz-Evler (Virtuoso Strauss) (Labe) DIS-80102
STRAUSS II, J.: Paraphrases and Piano Transcriptions, Vol. 1 (1930-1954) 8.111226
STRAUSS, R.: Burleske / SCHUMANN: Piano Concerto in A Minor / Carnaval (Arrau) (1939-46) 8.111265
STRAUSS, R.: Richard Strauss Project - Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 1 (Bonuccelli) CDS7695
STRAUSS, R.: Richard Strauss Project - Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 2 (Bonuccelli) CDS7748
STRAUSS, R: Piano Sonata / 5 Piano Pieces / Stimmungsbilder 8.557713
STRAVINSKY, I. / RAVEL, M. / GERSHWIN, G.: Transcriptions and Original Piano Works (Ferrand-NKaoua) GP696
STRAVINSKY, I.: Ballet Music (4-CD Box Set) SOB12
STRAVINSKY, I.: Duo concertant / Sonata for 2 Pianos / Requiem Canticles (Frautschi, Denk, Philharmonia Orchestra, Craft) (Stravinsky, Vol. 12) 8.557532
STRAVINSKY, I.: Histoire du Soldat Suite / Renard (Craft) (Stravinsky, Vol. 7) 8.557505
STRAVINSKY, I.: Petrushka (version for orchestra / version for piano 4 hands) (Basel Symphony, D.R. Davies, Maki Namekawa) SOB11
STRAVINSKY, I.: Piano Sonata / Serenade in A Major (S. Stravinsky) (1950) 9.80666
STRAVINSKY, I.: Rite of Spring (The) (arr. for piano) (Atamian) DE1612
STRAVINSKY, I.: Sacre du printemps (Le) (version for orchestra / version for piano 4 hands) (Basel Symphony, D.R. Davies, Maki Namekawa) SOB06
STRAVINSKY, I: Firebird (original orchestral version and arr. for 2 pianos) (Basel Symphony, D.R. Davies, Maki Namekawa) SOB10
STRAVINSKY: Chamber Music 8.554367
STRAVINSKY: Firebird (The) (Piano Transcription) 8.555999
STRAVINSKY: Igor Stravinsky - A Portrait (NICE) 8.558186-87
STRAVINSKY: Music for Piano Solo 8.570377
STRAVINSKY: Music for Two Pianos 8.553386
STRAVINSKY: Sonata / Serenade / 3 Movements from Petrushka 8.553871
STROZZI, G.: Capricci da sonare cembali, et organi (excerpts) (Sartori) TC614401
SUK, J.: Piano Music (Visek) UP0025-2
SUK: Six Piano Pieces / De Maman / Moods 8.553762
SUOMALAISIA KLASSISIA SUOSIKKISAVALMIA PIANOLLE (Finnish Classical Favourites for Piano) 8.551047
SUOMALAISIA KLASSISIA SUOSIKKISAVELMIA (Finnish Classical Favourites), Vol. 2 8.570839
SVEINBJORNSSON: Piano Trios / Violin Sonata 8.570460
SWEDISH SOCIETY DISCOFILS: Jubileumsskiva 1964 SLT33163
SWEELINCK, J.P.: Harpsichord Works - Fantasia chromatica / Echo fantasia / Toccata / Variations (Wilson) 8.570894
SWEELINCK, J.P.: Harpsichord Works (Fortune My Foe) (Rotaru) CD-16281
SWEELINCK, J.P.: Organ Works (Norddeutsche Orgelmeister, Vol. 5) (Kelemen) OC680
SWEELINCK: Organ Works 8.550904
SZEKELY, Z.: Violin Sonata / VERESS, S.: Violin Sonata No. 1 / BARTOK, B.: Violin Sonata (Lessing) C10847
SZYMANOWSKA, M.: Dances for Solo Piano (Complete) (Kostritsa) GP685

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