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Catalogue list by Period

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The term Medieval covers the period from 800 to 1400.
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Title Catalogue No.
Cello Recital: Frey, Elinor - FALLA, M. de / MAYUZUMI, T. / BACH, J.S. / ROUSE, C. / STUCKY, S. / BRITTEN, B. (Dialoghi) YAR78876
CELTIC Clark, Mark and Philip Riley: Celtic Collection 11031-2
Chamber Music - MACHAUT, G. de / CICONIA, J. / SENLECHES, J. de (Neo-Medieval - Medieval Improvisations for a Postmodern Age) (Hesperus) DIS-80155
Chamber Music - PULLOIS, J. / DUFAY, G. / CICONIA, J. / BINCHOIS, G. de B. dit (Music from the Court of Burgundy) (Ciaramella) YAR05785
Chamber Music - WIDMANN, E. / DOWLAND, J. / KARPELES, N. (The Mystic and the Muse - Celebrating 600 Years of Women in Music) (Ensemble Galilei) DOR-90247
CHAMBER MUSIC (14th Century) (A Distant Mirror) (Folger Consort) DE1003
Chamber Music (Medieval) - GIRAUT DE BORNELH / BERNART DE VENTADORN / RAIMON DE MIRAVAL (Montsegur - La tragedie cathare) (La Nef) DOR-90243
Choral Concert: KFUM Male Choir - GRIEG, E. / TAUBE, E. / JOSEPHSON, J.A. / STENHAMMAR, W. / ADAM DE LA HALLE / PURDAY, C.H. (Sångarhälsning) PROP9906
Choral Concert: Stockholm Academic Male Chorus - PRINCE GUSTAF / BELLMAN, C.M. / ALFVÉN, H. / TÖRNUDD, H. / PALMGREN, S. / SÖDERMAN, A. / GRIEG, E. SLT33154
Choral Music - HILDEGARD OF BINGEN / PALESTRINA, G. / BYRD, W. / ISAAC, H. / JOSQUIN DES PREZ / DUFAY, G. (Voices of Ascension Chorus) DE3174
Choral Music (13th Century) - Catholicorum concio / Introitus / Conductus XI (Clemencic Consort, Clemencic, Vienna Hofburgkapell) OC361
Choral Settings of Kassiani - HATZIS, C. / THEODORAKIS, M. / MOODY, I. / MANTZAROS, N. (English Chamber Choir, Cappella Romana, Protheroe) 9.70039
Codex Faenza: Instrumental Music of the Early 15th Century (Ensemble Unicorn) 8.553618

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