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Catalogue list by Period

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The term Contemporary Music covers the music of living composers who continue to compose in the 21st century.
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Title Catalogue No.
FAGERLUND, S.: Mana / AHO, K.: Bassoon Concerto (Sambeek, Lahti Symphony, Kamu, Slobodeniouk) BIS-2206
FAIROUZ, M.: Chamber Works - Litany / 4 Critical Models / Piano Miniatures / Lamentation and Satire / Airs (Orieans, Stragier, Reimer, Couper) DSL-92146
FAIROUZ, M.: Native Informant / Tahwidah / Chorale Fantasy / Posh / For Victims / Jebel Lebnan (Hughes, Kravitz, Barton Pine, Krakauer, Thompson) 8.559744
FAIROUZ, M.: Songs (No Orpheus) (Lindsey, Duffy, Burchett) 8.559783
FAIROUZ, M.: Symphony No. 3, "Poems and Prayers" / Tahrir (S. Cooke, D. Kravitz, Krakauer, UCLA Performing Groups, Stulberg) DSL-92177
FAIROUZ, M.: Zabur (Coakwell, Kelly, Indianapolis Childrens Choir, Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, Indianapolis Symphony, Stark) 8.559803
FALK: Gala Night CD93.020
FALLA, M.: Concerto / CARTER, E.: Sonata / ARGENTO, D.: 6 Elizabethan Songs (Combs, Michaels Bedi, Rembrandt Chamber Players) CDR90000-011
FARKAS, F.: Aria e Rondo allungherese / RANKI, G.: Don Quijote and Dulcinea / HIDAS, F.: Oboe Concerto (Gilbert) C10894
FAURE, G. / RAVEL, M. / HERSANT, P.: Piano Trios (Trio Ceres) OC730
FAVORITE SONGS FROM PIPPI, EMIL, MADICKEN - Lyrics by Astrid Lindgren 8.557536
Feelings 8.990025
FEENEY: Dracula 8.553964
FELD, J.: Chamber Music for Flute, Vol. 1 (Jans, Martinu Quartet) UP0118-2
FELD, J.: Musique Concertante / Flute Sonata / LUKAS, Z.: Koncertantni Hudba (Jans, Hosprova, Englichova) UP0097-2
FERKO: Stabat Mater CDR90000-051
FERRERO: Nueva España (La) 8.555044
FETLER, P.: Violin Concerto No. 2 / Capriccio / 3 Poems by Walt Whitman (Berofsky, Blaske, Ann Arbor Symphony, Lipsky) 8.559606
Film Music - GOLDSMITH, J. / HERRMANN, B. / KORNGOLD, E.W. / NORTH, A. / STEINER, M. / MORRICONE, E. (Brandenburgische Philharmonic, Rosenberg) C10469
Film Music - SHORE, H. / BERNSTEIN, E. / YARED, G. / MORRICONE, E. / ROTA, N. / ROTA, N. / TIERSEN, Y. / ENYA (Cinema Concertante) (Zacher) OC785
FINLANDIA: A Festival of Finnish Music BIS-CD-575
FINSKA KLASSISKA FAVORITER (Finnish Classical Favourites) 8.551023
FIRST CONTEMPORARY CHINESE COMPOSERS FESTIVAL 1986 (THE) (Rippon, Banowetz, Hong Kong Philharmonic, Schermerhorn, Jordan Tang) 8.225834
FIRST SLIHOT (THE): The Entire Midnight Service According to Orthodox and Traditional Ritual 8.559428-29
FITKIN, G.: Circuit / T1 / Relent / Carnal / From Yellow to Yellow / White / Furniture / T2 (Stott, Ogawa, Tokyo Symphony, Otomo) BIS-SACD-1517
FITZGERALD, Ella: Its the Way That You Do It (1936-1939) 8.120611
FITZGERALD, Ella: Lullaby Of Birdland (1947-1954) 8.120774
FIVE SAX: Five Sax at the Movies OR0016
FLAGELLO, N.: Symphony No. 2, "Symphony of the Winds" / ROSNER, A.: Symphony No. 8, "Trinity" (University of Houston Wind Ensemble, Bertman) 8.573060
FLAGELLO: Missa Sinfonica / ROSNER: Symphony No. 5 8.559347
Flute and Guitar Recital: Balint, Janos / Paulikovics, Pal - PIAZZOLLA, A. / VILLA-LOBOS, H. / RODRIGO, J. / MACHADO, C. / SHANKAR, R. C10498
Flute and Guitar Recital: Cavatina Duo - RIVERA, C.R. / IVANOVIC, V. / DUNNE, M. / ASSAD, C. / GAQUERE, B. / TADIC, M. (The Balkan Project) CDR90000-117
Flute and Guitar Recital: Cavatina Duo - THOMAS, A. / WILLIAMS II, J.V. / RIVERA, C.R. / LEISNER, D. / ASSAD, C. (Sephardic Journey) CDR90000-163
Flute and Harp Recital: Shulman, Nora / Loman, Judy - PIAZZOLLA, A. / LIEBERMANN, L. / SHAPOSHNIKOV, A. (20th Century Music for Flute and Harp) 9.70205
Flute Concertos - KHACHATURIAN, A.I. / RAUTAVAARA, E. (Bezaly, São Paulo Symphony, Lahti Symphony, Diemecke, Slobodeniouk) BIS-1849
Flute Concertos - SEREBRIER, J. / IZARRA, A. / VINE, C. / GINASTERA, A. (Pipe Dreams) (Bezaly, Tognetti) BIS-1789
Flute Concertos (Chinese-American) - ZHOU, Long / SHENG, Bright / CHEN, Yi (Across the Sea) (Bezaly, Singapore Symphony, Lan Shui) BIS-CD-1739
Flute Recital (21st Century): Martin, Marya (Eight Visions - A New Anthology for Flute and Piano) 8.559629
Flute Recital: Bezaly, Sharon - BACRI, N. / BERNSTEIN, L. / DAN, B. / ROUSE, C. BIS-CD-1799
Flute Recital: Hoskuldsson, Stefan - SCHUBERT, F. / LIEBERMANN, L. / JOHANNSSON, M.B. / PROKOFIEV, S. (Solitude) DE3447
Flute Recital: Marcusson, Goran - CHEN, G. / HE ZHAN, H. / SIBELIUS, J. / MANCINI, H. / ROTA, N. (Inspiration, Vol. 2: Melodies of a Silver Flute) 8.570389
Flute Recital: Ostergaard, Eva - BRUUN, P. / HOLMEN, J. / SNEKKESTAD, R. / OLSEN, M. / OLESEN, T.A. (Spaces and Places) 8.226573
Flute Recital: Zenz, Katrin - ANTONIOU, T. / TERZAKIS, D. / LOGOTHETIS, A. / KOUNADIS, A. (Greek Flute Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries) 8.572369
Flute Recital: Zukerman, Eugenia - DRATTELL, D. / DEBUSSY, C. / HOOVER, K. / LARSEN, L. / ESCHER, R. / BENNETT, R.R. / BOZZA, E. / HONEGGER, A. DE3184
FLY ME TO THE MOON - 16 Great Love Songs 8.880011
FLYNN: Trinity BIS-CD-1593-94
FONNESBAEK, Thomas: Sound of My Colors PCD135
FONNESBÆK, Thomas: Where we belong PCD159
FORSSEN: Fran Branno brygga till Branno brygga PCD010
FOSS, L.: Time Cycle (Bernstein) (1960, 1961) 9.80999
FOSS: Works for Solo Piano (Complete) 8.559179
FOSS: Elegy for Anne Frank / Song of Anguish / BEASER: The Heavenly Feast 8.559438
FOSS: Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (The) (After Dinner Opera) (1951) 9.80173
FRANCE Claire Gignac: Les Chants dEros (9 Centuries of French Love Songs) DOR-90280
FRANDSEN, J.: Requiem (Danish National Choir, Danish National Girls Choir, Danish National Symphony, Christensen) 6.220649-50
FRANDSEN, J.: Songs (Davidsen, Frandsen, Midtmageli, Nohr) 8.226582
FRANDSEN: Orchestral Works 8.226508
FRITH, F. / TEWARI, S.: new works (Frith, Tewari) OM2007
FROLICH, F.: Chanta o unda (Frolich) CDX-61301
FROLOV: Concert Fantasy on themes from Gershwins Porgy and Bess / Divertissement / Romance / Spanish Fantasy 8.570583
From the Merry Life of A Spy 8.226001
Frosty Silence (The): Music for Guitar by Danish Composers DCCD 9316
FUCHS, K.: American Place (An) / Eventide / Out of the Dark 8.559224
FUCHS, K.: Atlantic Riband / American Rhapsody / Divinum Mysterium / Concerto Grosso (London Symphony, Falletta) 8.559723
FUCHS, K.: Canticle to the Sun / United Artists 8.559335
FUCHS, K.: Falling Man / Movie House / Songs of Innocence and Experience (R. Williams, London Symphony, Falletta) 8.559753
FUCHS, K.: String Quartet No. 5, "American" / Falling Canons / Falling Trio (ORiley, Trio21, Delray String Quartet) 8.559733
FUNDAL / ROSING-SCHOW / NORGARD / HENDZE: 6 Works for Saxophone and Percussion 8.226504
FUNDAL, K.: Chamber Music (Ekkozone) 8.226113
FUNDAL: Chamber Music 8.224164
FUNG, Vivian: Piano Concerto, "Dreamscapes" / Violin Concerto / Glimpses (Kristin Lee, Hanick, Metropolis Ensemble, Cyr) 8.573009
FUZZY: Chimes of Memory (Krogh, Rehling, Balland) 8.226561

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