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Catalogue list by Period

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The term Contemporary Music covers the music of living composers who continue to compose in the 21st century.
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Title Catalogue No.
MA, K.: North Shaanxi Suite 82088
MACDONALD, A.: Violin Concerto / ECKHARDT-GRAMATTE: Bassoon Concerto / MATTHEWS, M.: Between the Wings of the Earth BIS-CD-698
MACHE / OHANA: Music for Two Pianos 8.557988
MACKEY, J.: Strange Humors / DAUGHERTY, M.: Raise the Roof / Brooklyn Bridge / SYLER, J.: The Hound of Heaven (Rutgers Wind Ensemble, Berz) 8.572529
MACKEY, S.: Lonely Motel: Music from Slide (Eckert, Mackey, eighth blackbird) CDR90000-128
MACKEY: Redline Tango / MOWER: Flute Concerto / PANN: Slalom 8.570074
MACMILLAN, J.: 7 Last Words from the Cross / Christus vincit / Nemo te condemnavit / …here in hiding… (Dmitri Ensemble, Ross) 8.570719
MACMILLAN, J.: Clemency [Opera] (Boston Lyric Opera, D. Angus) BIS-2129
MACMILLAN, J.: Epiclesis / Ninian BIS-CD-1069
MACMILLAN, J.: Triduum, Part I: The Worlds Ransoming / Triduum, Part II: Cello Concerto BIS-CD-989
MACMILLAN, J.: Visitatio Sepulchri / Sun-Dogs (Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra) BIS-SACD-1719
MACMILLAN: Confession of Isobel Gowdie (The) / Tuireadh / The Exorcism of Rio Sumpul BIS-CD-1169
MACMILLAN: Sinfonietta / Cumnock Fair / Symphony No. 2 BIS-CD-1119
MACMILLAN: Triduum, Part III: Symphony Vigil BIS-CD-990
MACMILLAN: Tryst / I (A Meditation on Iona) / Adam BIS-CD-1019
MACMILLAN: Veni, Veni Emmanuel / Tryst 8.554167
MACMILLAN: Why is this night different? / Tuireadh / Visions of a November Spring BIS-CD-1269
MADE IN EUROPE: Naxos Jazz European Collection 86059-2
MAGIC BOXES - Meccanismi incantati (Müller) CDS7684
MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 1 / HANDSTEIN, J.: Welt und Traum - Eine Horbiografie (Bavarian Radio Symphony, Jansons) 900901
MAHLER: Symphony No. 2 in C Minor / SCHOENBERG: Kol Nidre, Op. 39 / KURTAG: Stele, Op. 33 CD93.001
MAILLARD, R.: Surviving after Hiroshima / Concerto Grosso / Concerto da Camera No. 2 (Jouffroy, Royal Philharmonic, Dervis-Bournias) 8.572623
MAJESTIC JOURNEY - Original Works for Euphonium and Orchestra 8.570538
MAMLOK, U.: String Quartet No. 1 / Polyphony No. 1 / Confluences / 2000 Notes / Rhapsody (Spectrum Concerts Berlin, Armida Quartet) 8.559771
MAN AND A WOMAN (A) 8.990028
Mandolin Quartets - COPLAND, A. / DVORAK, A. / BERNSTEIN, A. / GERSHWIN, G. / MARSHALL, M. (Americana) (Modern Mandolin Quartet) DSL-92157
MANOURY: 60th Parallel 8.554249-50
MANTOVANI, B.: Siddharta [Ballet] (Paris Opera Ballet, 2010) (Blu-ray, Full-HD) 101558
MANTOVANI, B.: Siddharta [Ballet] (Paris Opera Ballet, 2010) (NTSC) 101557
MARATONE QUINTET: Finding the Way PCD128
Marches - WEILL, K. / STRAUSS I, J. / KAGEL, M. / RIHM, W. / GRUBER, H.K. (Demilitarised Zones) (HR Brass, Kohler) C5121
Marco Polo Sampler (2 CDs) MP-2000-1/2HDCD
MARCO, T.: Chamber Works for Guitar (Fantoni) CDS7664
MARCO, T.: Guitar Music (Fantoni) CDS708
MARCO, T.: Symphonies Nos. 2, 8 and 9 (Malaga Philharmonic, Serebrier) 8.572684
MARCO: Green Eyes in Moonlight / Soul Concerto BIS-CD-811
Marimba Recital: Vartan, Lynn - PICARD, G. le / FARR, G. / IGNATOWICZ, A. / BERG, D. / MARJAN, C.Z. / MARIC, D. (Dancing on the Head of a Pin) DE3451
MARK, Jon / STARR, Deirdre: Quiet Land of Erin 11039-2
MARK-ALMOND: Night Music 11026-2
MARKOPOULOS, Y.: Liturgy of Orpheus (The) 8.572235
MARKOPOULOS, Y.: Shapes in Motion / Pyrrichios Dance No. 13, "Nemesis" / Concerto-Rhapsody / Triptych (Grauwels, Spyridakis, Papatheodorou, Tilkin) 8.572237
MARTHINSEN, N.: Burst / STEEN-ANDERSEN, S.: Study for Alto Saxophone and Percussion / HOLMEN, J.: Oil (Duo Kapow) 8.226572
MARTHINSEN, N.: Snapshot Symphony / In the Shadow of the Bat / Snow Whites Mirror / Kongen af Himmelby Demo 8.226545
MARTHINSEN: Monster Symphony / Panorama / The Confessional 8.226510
MARTIN, F.: String Quartet / SZYMANOWSKI: String Quartet No. 2 / HALLER, H.: String Quartet No. 2 / VOGEL, W.: Colori e Movimenti (Amati Quartet) CDX-25231-2
MARTIN, F.: String Quartet / VOGEL, W.: Klangexpressionen / HALLER, H.: String Quartet No. 2 / KELTERBORN, R.: String Quartet No. 4 (Amati Quartet) CDX-29002
MARTIN, M.: Sacred Choral Music (Jubilate Deo) (Magdalen College Choir, Oxford, Hyde) OACD9030D
MARTINSSON / PART / TAMBERG: Trumpet Concertos BIS-CD-1208
MARTINU, B.: Cello Sonatas Nos. 1-3 / SIBELIUS, J.: Malinconia / MUSTONEN, O.: Cello Sonata (Isserlis, Mustonen) BIS-2042
MARTINU, B.: Piano Quartet No. 1 / KALABIS, V.: Ludus / HUSA, K.: Variations for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano (Martinu Piano Quartet) UP0027-2
MASLANKA: Wind Quintets Nos. 1-3 BIS-CD-1228
MÁSSON, A.: Clarinet Music - Blik / Sonatina / Seasons / 3 Bagatelles / Fantasia / Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano / Wind Quintet (Jóhannesson) 9.70238
MÁSSON, Á.: Kammersinfónia / Elja / Ymni / Maes Howe (Ólafsdóttir, Bjørn-Larsen, Caput Ensemble, Sachs) 9.70203
Master of Chinese Percussion 8.225942HDCD
Master of Chinese Precussion - Yim Hok Man 8.225942XRCD
MATSUMURA, T.: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 / To the Night of Gethsemane (Ireland RTE National Symphony, Takuo Yuasa) 8.570337
MAW, N.: Sophies Choice (Royal Opera House, 2002) (NTSC) OA1024D
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Beltane Fire (The) / The Turn of the Tide / Sir Charles his Pavan (BBC Philharmonic, Maxwell Davies) 8.572362
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Black Pentecost / Stone Litany (D. Jones, Wilson-Johnson, BBC Philharmonic, Maxwell Davies) 8.572359
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Lighthouse (The) [Chamber Opera] (Neil Mackie, Keyte, Comboy, Members of BBC Philharmonic, Maxwell Davies) 8.660354
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Linguae Ignis / Vesalii icones / Fantasia on a Ground and 2 Pavans (V. Ceccanti, Contempoartensemble, M. Ceccanti) 8.572712
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Naxos Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 (Maggini Quartet) 8.557396
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Naxos Quartets Nos. 3 and 4 (Maggini Quartet) 8.557397
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Naxos Quartets Nos. 5 and 6 (Maggini Quartet) 8.557398
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Naxos Quartets Nos. 7 and 8 (Maggini Quartet) 8.557399
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Naxos Quartets Nos. 9 and 10 (Maggini Quartet) 8.557400
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Piano Concerto / Worldes Blis (Stott, Royal Philharmonic, Maxwell Davies) 8.572357
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Resurrection [Opera] (D. Jones, C. Robson, M. Hill, N. Jenkins, BBC Philharmonic, Maxwell Davies) 8.660359-60
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Strathclyde Concerto No. 2 / Cello Sonata (Ceccanti, Canino, Italian Radio Symphony, Maxwell Davies) 8.573017
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Strathclyde Concertos Nos. 3 and 4 (R. Cook, Franks, Morrison, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Maxwell Davies) 8.572353
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Strathclyde Concertos Nos. 5 and 6 (Clark, Marwood, Nicholson, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Maxwell Davies) 8.572354
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Strathclyde Concertos Nos. 7 and 8 / A Spell for Green Corn (McTier, Leveaux, Clark, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Maxwell Davies) 8.572355
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Strathclyde Concertos Nos. 9 and 10 / Carolísima (Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Maxwell Davies) 8.572356
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Symphonies Nos. 4 and 5 (Maxwell Davies) 8.572351
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Symphony No. 1 / Mavis in Las Vegas (BBC Philharmonic, Maxwell Davies) 8.572348
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Symphony No. 2 / St. Thomas Wake (BBC Philharmonic, Maxwell Davies) 8.572349
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Symphony No. 3 / Cross Lane Fair (BBC Philharmonic, Maxwell Davies) 8.572350
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Symphony No. 6 / Time and the Raven / An Orkney Wedding with Sunrise (Royal Philharmonic, Maxwell Davies) 8.572352
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: The Boyfriend Suite / The Devils Suite / Seven In Nomine / The Yellow Cake Revue (Maxwell Davies, Aquarius, N. Cleobury) 8.572408
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Trumpet Concerto / Piccolo Concerto / 5 Klee Pictures (Wallace, McIlwham, Maxwell Davies) 8.572363
MAXWELL DAVIES: Peter Maxwell Davies - A Portrait (DUNNETT) 8.558191-92
MAXWELL DAVIS, P.: Caroline Mathilde Ballet Suites / Chat Moss / Ojai Festival Overture (BBC Philharmonic, Maxwell Davies) 8.572358
MCAULIFFE, M.: Gloria! / Leaving / 7 Songs of W.B. Yeats / The Drifter / Frolics / Return to Old Ireland (George, Mauro, McTeer, Johnson, ONeal) DE1046
MCCABE, J.: Choral Music (Visions) (BBC Singers, Farrington, Hill) 8.573053
McCABE, J.: Composer, Pianist, Conductor - Symphony No. 1 / Liszt Fantasy / Studies / Tuning (Snashall, McCabe) 8.571370
McCABE, J.: Piano Music - Variations, Op. 22 / Studies No. 3, 4 and 6 / 5 Bagatelles / Haydn Variations (McCabe) 8.571367
McCONNELL: So Very Rob: Boss Brass Revisited CD93.107
McCORMACK, John: Come Back to Erin (1910-1921) 8.120748
MCCORMACK, John: McCormack Edition, Vol. 11: Victor Talking Machine Company Recordings / Gramophone Company Ltd. Recordings (1924) 8.111402
MCCORMACK, John: McCormack Edition, Vol. 8: The Acoustic Recordings (1918-1920) 8.112056
MCCORMACK, John: McCormack Edition, Vol. 9: Victor Talking Machine Company Recordings (1920-1923) 8.111385
MCFARLANE, R.: Chamber Music (One Morning) (Ronn McFarlane and Ayreheart) DSL-92111
MCFARLANE, R.: Lute Music (Indigo Road) (McFarlane) DSL-90701
MCGREGOR, W.: Chroma / Infra / Limen [Ballets] (Royal Ballet, 2006-2009) (Blu-ray, HD) OABD7083D
MCGREGOR, W.: Chroma / Infra / Limen [Ballets] (Royal Ballet, 2006-2009) (NTSC) OA1048D
MCTEE, C.: Symphony No. 1 / Circuits / Einsteins Dream / Double Play (Detroit Symphony, Slatkin) 8.559765
MED LUST OCH FAGRING STOR - Sommarens sanger och psalmer 8.554389

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