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Catalogue list by Period

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The Baroque covers the period from 1600 to 1750.

The early Baroque finds the BEGINning of opera, a form of princely entertainment first seen in Florence.
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Title Catalogue No.
Piano Recital: Fung, David - LISZT, F. / BACH, J.S. / RAVEL, M. (The Piano: A Journey from Hubris to Humility) YAR52069
Piano Recital: Fung, David - MOZART, W.A. / CHOPIN, F. / TAN, Dun / RACHMANINOV, S. / SCHUMANN, R. / SCARLATTI, D. (Evening Conversations) YAR95992
Piano Recital: Gerstein, Kirill - BACH, J.S. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / SCRIABIN, A. / WILD, E. OC323
Piano Recital: Glemser, Bernd - BACH, J.S. / SHOSTAKOVICH, D. (Prelude and Fugue) OC738
Piano Recital: Groschopp, Holger (Busoni Paraphrases and Transcriptions for Piano, Vol. 2) C67135
Piano Recital: Gulda, Friedrich - BACH, J.S. / HAYDN, J. / BEETHOVEN, L. van (Schwetzinger Festspiele Edition, 1959) CD93.704
Piano Recital: Harada, Hideyo - SCHUBERT / LISZT / BACH, J.S. / FEINBERG / MAMIYA CDX-25209-2
Piano Recital: Hinterhuber, Christopher - BACH, J.S. / HAYDN, J. / LISZT, F. / STRAVINSKY, I. / RACHMANINOV, S. (The Original Debut Recording) PMR0031
Piano Recital: Horowitz, Vladimir - SCARLATTI, D. / HAYDN, J. / SCHUMANN, R. / CHOPIN, F. / MUSSORGSKY, M.P. (1951 Carnegie Hall Recital Recordings) 9.81145
Piano Recital: Horszowski, Mieczyslaw - BACH, J.S. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / CHOPIN, F. / HORSZOWSKI, M. (1958-1997) CDT5037
Piano Recital: Kabanova, Alina - BACH, J.S. / RACHMANINOV, S. / RUBINSTEIN, A. / SCHUMANN, R. / BEETHOVEN, L. van OC520
Piano Recital: Kapell, William - BACH, J.S. / SCHUBERT, F. / LISZT, F. (William Kapell in memoriam) (1945-53) 9.80316
Piano Recital: Kempf, Freddy - RACHMANINOV, S / BACH, J.S. / RAVEL, M. / STRAVINSKY, I. BIS-SACD-1810
Piano Recital: Kempff, Wilhelm - RAMEAU, J.-P. / COUPERIN, F. / HANDEL, G.F. / MOZART W.A. / BEETHOVEN, L. van (Schwetzinger Festspiele Edition, 1962) CD93.720
Piano Recital: Kessel, Susanne - RACHMANINOV, S. / BACH, J.S. / MILHAUD, D. / KRENEK, E. / HUPFELD, H. (Californian Concert) OC534
Piano Recital: Labe, Thomas - BACH, J.S. / GODOWSKY, L. (Transcendental Bach) DIS-80117
Piano Recital: Laretei, Käbi - MOZART, W.A. / CHOPIN, F. / HANDEL, G.F. / SCARLATTI, D. PROP7809
Piano Recital: Levingston, Bruce - ANDRES, T. / BACH, J.S. / FAIROUZ, M. (Heavy Sleep) DSL-92183
Piano Recital: Lewin, Michael - RAMEAU, J.-P. / HOFMANN, J. / GRIFFES, C. / MACDOWELL, E. / MESSIAEN, O. / GRIEG, E. / GRANADOS, E. (If I Were a Bird) DSL-92103
Piano Recital: Lin, Tao - SCARLATTI, D. / MOZART, W.A. / CHOPIN, F. (Live in Concert) AR-0055-2
Piano Recital: Margulis, Jura - BERG, A. / BRAHMS, J. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / BACH, J.S. OC732
Piano Recital: Margulis, Jura - GLUCK, C.W. / BACH, J.S. / LISZT, F. / CAPLET, A. / WAGNER, R. / RACHMANINOV, S. (Piano Transcriptions) OC545
Piano Recital: Mazmanishvili, Dudana - BACH, J.S. / LISZT, F. / RACHMANINOV, S. OC575
Piano Recital: McCullough, Ryan MacEvoy - MAGIN, M. / HAYDN, J. / BACH, J.S. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / SCHUBERT, F. (McCullough in Concert) YAR79577
Piano Recital: Nishimoto-Neubert, Miku - BACH, J.S. / BRAHMS, J. SM195
Piano Recital: Nishimoto-Neubert, Miku - BACH, J.S. / MENDELSSOHN-HENSEL, Fanny / MENDELSSOHN, Felix SM223
Piano Recital: Paperno, Dmitry - SCARLATTI, D. / CZERNY, C. / MOSZKOWSKI, M. / TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I. / RACHMANINOV, S. (The Virtuoso Paperno) CDR3003
Piano Recital: Prjevalskaya, Marianna - HAYDN, J. / SCARLATTI, D. / SCHUMANN, R. / ZARATE, J. 8.573031
Piano Recital: Qian, Kadar - HAYDN, J. / CHOPIN, F. / BACH, J.S. / LISZT, F. 9.70191
Piano Recital: Rangell, Andres - SCARLATTI, D. / BRAHMS, J. / RAVEL, M. / SCHUBERT, F. / BACH, J.S. (A Recital of Intimate Works, Vol. 2) DOR-93194
Piano Recital: Rangell, Andrew - SWEELINCK, J.P. / BACH, J.S. / ENESCU, G. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / MESSIAEN, O. (A Recital of Intimate Works) DIS-80147
Piano Recital: Romanovsky, Alexander - BACH, J.S. / HAYDN, J. / CHOPIN / LISZT / PROKOFIEV / LIGETI, G. CDX-25245-2
Piano Recital: Rosenberger, Carol - DEBUSSY, C. / CHOPIN, F. / LISZT, F. / FAURE, G. / RAVEL, M. / SCHUMANN, R. / HAYDN, F. / BACH, J.S. DE3113
Piano Recital: Rosenberger, Carol - KABALEVSKY, D. / TCHAIKOVSKY, P. (Perchance to Dream - A Lullaby Album for Children and Adults) DE3079
Piano Recital: Scherbakov, Konstantin (ME - On Wings of Song) TP1039107
Piano Recital: Walzer, Maria - SCARLATTI, D. / MOZART, W.A. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / MEDTNER, N. / SCRIABIN, A. (profundum) OR0017
Piano Recital: Weiss, Orion - BACH, J.S. / SCRIABIN, A. / MOZART, W.A. / CARTER, E. YAR78873
Piano Recital: Weyer, Sabine - DEBUSSY, C. / RAMEAU, J.-P. (Images) OR0015
Piano Recital: Wu, Ya Li - GALUPPI, B. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / CHOPIN, F. / LISZT, F. 9.70188
Piano Recital: Xu, Yue - HAYDN, J. / CHOPIN, F. / FURST, J. / LEVITZKI, M. / BACH, J.S. / CZERNY, C. / LISZT, F. 9.70189
PIANO RHAPSODY - An Odyssey from Bach to Satie with Roland Pontinen BIS-9044
Pianola Music - STRAVINSKY, I. / LUTOSLAWSKI, W. / RACHMANINOV, S. / HANDEL, G.F. / WIDOR, C.-M. (The Virtuoso Pianolist) (Lawson) OM1001-2
PIANORAMA - Collection of Film Music for Piano BIS-CD-1326
PICCINNI, N.: Roland [Opera] (Festival della Valle dItria di Martina Franca, 2000) CDS367
PICCINNI: Americano (L) [Opera] (Hull) CDS177
PICCINNI: Finte gemelle (Le) CDS378
Pieces for Soloists and Orchestra - HANDEL, G.F. / BEETHOVEN, L. / WEBER, C.M. / CHABRIER, E. (Principals of Philadelphia Orchestra, Ormandy) (1952) 9.80320
PLATTI, G.: Cello Sonatas, Set 2 (Hess, A. Wolf) OC794
PLATTI, G.: Sonatas for Cello, Violin and Basso Continuo / Ricercares (S. Hess, Lotter, Birsak) OC836
PLATTI, G.B.: Cello Sonatas, Set 1: Sonatas Nos. 1, 2, 4 / VIVALDI, A.: Cello Sonatas, RV 42, 44, 46 (S. Hess, A. Wolf) OC881
PLATTI, G.B.: Flute Sonatas, Op. 3 (Ensemble Festina Lente) TC691602
PLATTI: 6 Flute Sonatas, Op. 3 8.570282
PLAYFORD, J.: Tunes and their Ballads (A Trip to Killburn) (Baltimore Consort) DOR-90238
PLISETSKAYA, Maya: A Tribute To Maya Plisetskaya (NTSC) 101539
POGLIETTI, A.: Rossignolo (Lindorff) PMR0048
POGLIETTI, A.: Rossignolo / Toccatina sopra la ribellione di Ungheria (Loreggian) TC621601
PONSELLE, Rosa: American Recordings (1939, 1954) 8.111142-44
PONSELLE, Rosa: American Recordings, Vol. 2 (1923-1929) 8.111139
PONSELLE, Rosa: American Recordings, Vol. 3 (1923-1929) 8.111140
PONTINEN, Roland: Evocation - Legendary Encores BIS-CD-661
PONTINEN: Blue Winder / MILHAUD: Concertino dhiver BIS-CD-348
PORPORA, N.: Cantatas (Stefanowicz) CDAccordACD183
PORPORA, N.: Opera Arias (Manzotti) TC681601
PORPORA, N.: Stelle lucide / BENEDETTI, F.M.: Pastori o voi / FINALE, G.M.P. del: Oh quam jubilat (Assisi Christmas Cantatas) (Ehrhardt) Phoenix149
PORPORA: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1-12 CDS202
PORTER, William: Improvisation and North German Masters PRCD9102
Portuguese Polyphony 8.553310
POWELL, Maud: Complete Recordings, Vol. 1 (1904-1917) 8.110961
POWELL, Maud: Complete Recordings, Vol. 2 (1904-1917) 8.110962
POWELL, Maud: Complete Recordings, Vol. 3 (1904-1917) 8.110963
PRAETORIUS, H. / PRAETORIUS, J.: Organ Works (Norddeutsche Orgelmeister, Vol. 6) (Kelemen) OC691
PRAETORIUS, M.: Quem pastores laudavere / BACH, J.S.: In dulci Jubilo / ECCARD, J.: Ubers Gebirg Maria geht (Flamig, Stier) C10062
PRELUDE - Classical Favourites for Relaxing and Dreaming 8.556607
PRESIDENTS OWN UNITED STATES MARINE BAND: Bicentennial Collection (The) 75442261012
PRESIDENTS OWN UNITED STATES MARINE BAND: Bicentennial Collection (The), Vol. 7 75442262002
PRESIDENTS OWN UNITED STATES MARINE BAND: Santelmann, Vol. 1 of the Robert Hoe Collection (Historic Recording) 75442263182
PRESIDENTS OWN UNITED STATES MARINE BAND: Santelmann, Vol. 6 of the Robert Hoe Collection 75442230682
PRESIDENTS OWN UNITED STATES MARINE BAND: Schoepper, Vol. 14 of the Robert Hoe Collection 75442262812
PRESIDENTS OWN UNITED STATES MARINE BAND: Schoepper, Vol. 8 of the Robert Hoe Collection 75442262752
PRIMROSE, William: Recital, Vol. 1 (1939-47) 8.111382
PRIMROSE, William: Recital, Vol. 2 (1939-1952) 8.111383
PROGETTO MUSICA - Musica Sacra NellOratorio di San Filippo Neri TC520001
PROGETTO MUSICA - Nuove Laudi Ariose della Beatissima Vergine TC600102
PROKOFIEV, S.: Violin Concerto No. 2 / BARTOK, B.: Viola Concerto / VIVALDI, A.: Concerto for 2 Cellos in G Minor (Brazilian Festival 88) DE1018
PROKOFIEV, S: Violin Sonata, Op. 94a / HANDEL, G.F.: Violin Sonata in D Major, HWV 371 / VITALI, T.: Chaconne (Milstein) (1955) 9.80311
Psalms for the Soul 8.554823
PUCCINI: Boheme (La) (La Scala) (1938) 8.110072-73
PURCELL / BOHM / GRIGNY / BLOW / BACH, J.S.: Organ Works OC553
PURCELL, H. / DOWLAND, J.: Vocal Music (Orpheus in England) (Kirkby, Lindberg) BIS-CD-1725
PURCELL, H.: Ayres for the Theatre - Prophetess (The) / King Arthur / The Fairy Queen / The Indian Queen (Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Lamon) TMK1010CD
PURCELL, H.: Come, ye sons of art away (Ritchie, Deller, Whitworth, A. Lewis) (1954) 9.80629
PURCELL, H.: Dido and Aeneas (Royal Opera House, 2009) (Blu-ray, HD) OABD7049D

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