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Catalogue list by Period

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The Baroque covers the period from 1600 to 1750.

The early Baroque finds the BEGINning of opera, a form of princely entertainment first seen in Florence.
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Title Catalogue No.
HARRY OUR KING - Music for King Henry VIII Tudor CD-16292
HASSE, J.A.: Antonio e Cleopatra [Opera] (Dirst) DSL-92115
HASSE, J.A.: Artaserse (Festival della Valle dItria, 2012) (NTSC) DYN-37715
HASSE, J.A.: Artaserse [Opera] (Giustiniani, Schiavo, Prina, Fagioli, Bove, Giovannini, Rovaris) CDS7715
HASSE, J.A.: Cleofide (Opera Scenes and Arias) (Kirkby) Phoenix178
HASSE, J.A.: Cleofide [Opera] (Christie) C7080
HASSE, J.A.: Cleofide [Opera] (Kirby) C10193-96
HASSE, J.A.: Conversione di SantAgostino (La) (Creed) C10389-90
HASSE, J.A.: Didone abbandonata (excerpts) / La gelosia (excerpts) / Or la nube procellosa from Artaserse (Reloaded) (Barna-Sabadus) OC830
HASSE, J.A.: Didone abbandonata [Opera] (Holzhauser, Ferri-Benedetti, Barna-Sabadus, Hinterdobler, Celeng, Burkhart, Hofkapelle Munchen, Hofstetter) 8.660323-25
HASSE, J.A.: Mass in D Minor / HEINICHEN, J.D.: Requiem in E-Flat Major (Rheinische Kantorei, Max) C10570
HASSE, J.A.: Mass in D Minor / Miserere in C Minor (Max) C5125
HASSE, J.A.: Opera Arias Transcribed for Lute (Wolf) OC710
HASSE, J.A.: Piramo e Tisbe [Opera] C60043-2
HASSE, J.A.: Sanctus Petrus et Sancta Maria Magdalena (Hofstetter) OC950
HAYES, W.: Orchestral Music (Capriccio Basel Baroque Orchestra) C71135
HEAR MY PRAYER - Hymns and Anthems 8.557493
HEAVENLY NOYSE: English Music for Mixed Consort BIS-CD-451
HEAVENLY VOICES - BACH, J.S.: Arias 8.557947-48
HEIFETZ, J.: Transcriptions (Aharonian, Safonova) DE3351
Heifetz, Jascha: Encores, Vol. 2 (1946-1947) 8.112073
HEINICHEN, J.D. / GRAUPNER, C. / FASCH, J.F. / GRAUN, J.G.: Overtures (Linde) Phoenix173
HEINICHEN, J.D.: Overture in G Major / FASCH, J.F.: Overture in G Major / HASSE, J.A.: La gelosia / GRAUN, J.G.: Overture in D Minor (Linde, Bjorlin) C10626
HEINSIUS: Symphonies No. 1-6 BIS-CD-984
HERMAN, Woody: The Band That Plays the Blues (1937-1941) 8.120527
HINDEMITH, P.: Viola damore Works / BIBER, H.I.F.: Partia No. 7 for 2 Viola damore / STAMITZ, C.: Viola damore Sonata (G. Teuffel) CD93.309
Historic Organ at Frederiksborg Castle (The) 8.224057
HISTORIC ORGANS, Vol. 1 - ROSSI, M. / SALVATORE, G. / STORACE, B. / STROZZI, G. / PASQUINI, B. (The Heritage of Frescobaldi, Vol. 1) (Marcon) CDX-79405
HISTORY OF THE ORGAN - Vol. 1. Latin Origins (NTSC) 102111
HISTORY OF THE ORGAN - Vol. 2. From Sweelinck to Bach (NTSC) 102113
HISTORY OF THE ORGAN - Vol. 3. The Golden Age (NTSC) 102151
HISTORY OF THE ORGAN - Vol. 4. The Modern Age (NTSC) 102153
HOLIDAY CLASSICS (Seattle Symphony, G. Schwarz) 8.572673
HOREN - LERNEN - WACHSEN: Music for Babies and Children 8.551218
Horn Concertos 8.550393
Horn Recital: Stacy, Thomas - MYERS, S. / BORODIN, A. / FIOCCO, J. / BARLOW, W. / VILLA-LOBOS, H. / RODRIGO, J. / PASCULLI, A. (Plaintive Melody) DE3318
HOTTETERRE / LECLAIR: Recorder Suites BIS-CD-745
HOTTETERRE, J.-M.: Suites (Le Romain) (Les Inegales) CD-16257
HOTTETERRE: Music for Flute, Vol. 1 - Premiere livre de pieces 8.553707
HOTTETERRE: Music for Flute, Vol. 2 - Deuxieme livre de pieces 8.553708

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