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Catalogue list by Period

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20th Century

The 20th Century brings an enormous variety of musical styles and forms.
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Title Catalogue No.
REQUIEM - Classical Music for Reflection and Meditation 8.556703
REQUIEM - Music to Die For 8.554574
RESPIGHI / PIZZETTI: Violin Sonatas AR-0001-2
RESPIGHI, G.: Metamorphoseon modi XII / Ballata delle gnomidi / Belkis, Queen of Sheba Suite (Liège Philharmonic Orchestra, Neschling) BIS-2130
RESPIGHI, O.: Adagio con variazioni / Preludes for Piano / Liriche / Music for Organ (Windsor, Valli, Malferrari, Macinanti) TC871801
RESPIGHI, O.: Ancient Airs and Dances, Suites Nos. 1-3 (Ireland National Symphony, Saccani) 8.553546
RESPIGHI, O.: Boutique fantasque (La) / IBERT, J.: Divertissement / PISTON, W.: The Incredible Flutist Suite (Boston Pops, Fiedler) (1953, 1956) 9.80599
RESPIGHI, O.: Concerto in Modo Misolidio / Concerto a Cinque (Scherbakov, H. Griffiths, Danel) 8.553366
RESPIGHI, O.: Concerto in modo misolidio / Fontane di Roma (Fountains of Rome) (Mustonen, Finnish Radio Symphony, Oramo) ODE1165-2
RESPIGHI, O.: Fontane di Roma / Pini di Roma / Feste romane (Sao Paulo Symphony, Neschling) BIS-SACD-1720
RESPIGHI, O.: Fountains of Rome / Pines of Rome / Roman Festivals (Respighis Rome) (Oregon Symphony, DePreist) DE3287
RESPIGHI, O.: Gli uccelli (The Birds) / Trittico botticelliano / Suite in G Major (K. Brown, Chamber Orchestra of New York, Di Vittorio) 8.573168
RESPIGHI, O.: Impressioni brasiliane / La boutique fantasque (Liège Philharmonic, Neschling) BIS-2050
RESPIGHI, O.: Piano Concerto in A Minor / Toccata / Fantasia Slava (Scherbakov, Slovak Radio Symphony, H. Griffiths) 8.553207
RESPIGHI, O.: Piano Music (Scherbakov) - Ancient Airs and Dances / 6 Pieces / Piano Sonata in F Minor 8.553704
RESPIGHI, O.: Primavera (La) / Quattro Liriche / La pentola magica (Slovak Radio Symphony, Adriano) 8.570741
RESPIGHI, O.: Quartetto dorico / String Quartet in D Minor (Venezia String Quartet) CDS276
RESPIGHI, O.: Roman Festivals / Brazilian Impressions / Pines of Rome (Dallas Symphony, Mata) DOR-90182
RESPIGHI, O.: Roman Festivals / STRAUSS, R.: Don Juan / LUTOSLAWSKI, W.: Concerto for Orchestra (Oregon Symphony, DePreist) DE3070
RESPIGHI, O.: Sinfonia Drammatica (Slovak Philharmonic, Nazareth) 8.550951
RESPIGHI, O.: Sinfonia drammatica / Belfagor Overture (Liège Philharmonic, Neschling) BIS-2210
RESPIGHI, O.: Suite in E Major / Symphonic Variations / Prelude, Chorale and Fugue (Slovak Radio Symphony, Adriano) 8.557820
RESPIGHI, O.: Symphonic Poems (Royal Philharmonic, Batiz) - Roman Festivals / Pines of Rome / Fountains of Rome 8.550539
RESPIGHI, O.: Vetrate di chiesa / Impressioni Brasiliane / Rossiniana (Buffalo Philharmonic, Falletta) 8.557711
RESPIGHI, O.: Violin and Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 1 (Bernecoli, Bianchi) 8.573129
RESPIGHI, O.: Violin and Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 2 / PICK-MANGIAGALLI, R.: Violin and Piano Works (Complete) (Bernecoli, Bianchi) 8.573130
RESPIGHI, O.: Violin Concerto in A Major / Aria / Suite for Strings (Marzadori, Chamber Orchesta of New York, Ottorino Respighi, Di Vittorio) 8.572332
RESPIGHI, O.: Violin Sonata (after J.S. Bach) / Pastorale / Suite / SAINT-SAENS, C.: Romances - Opp. 27, 48 (Spectacular Strings) (Erxleben) C10563
RESPIGHI, O.: Works for Organ (Complete) (Macinanti) TC871802
RESPIGHI, O.: Works for Violin and Piano (Complete) (Rogliano, Paciariello) TC871890
RESPIGHI: Aretusa / La Sensitiva / Il Tramonto 8.223347
RESPIGHI: Astuzie de Columbina (Le) / La pentola magica 8.223346
RESPIGHI: Bella dormente nel bosco (La) 8.223742
RESPIGHI: Chamber Works CDS404
RESPIGHI: Concerto Gregoriano / Poema Autunnale 8.220152
RESPIGHI: Concerto in Modo Misolidio / Three Preludes on Gregorian Themes 8.220176
RESPIGHI: Feste romane / Vetrate di Chiesa (Dorati) (1955) 9.80007
RESPIGHI: Lucrezia 8.223717
RESPIGHI: Primavera (La) / 4 Liriche 8.223595
RESPIGHI: Suite della tabacchiera / Fontane di Roma / 6 Pezzi per bambini / BUSONI: Finnlandische Volksweisen / CASELLA: Pagine di guerra CDS96
RESPIGHI: Suite in E Major / Burlesca 8.223348
RESPIGHI: The Sunset / String Quartet in D Minor / Quartetto Dorico BIS-CD-1454
RESPIGHI: Violin Sonata in B Minor / GHEDINI: Violin Sonata No. 2 CDS39
RETURN TO SORRENTO - Italian Songs arranged for Trombone 8.570232
REVOLUTION DER KLANGE (DIE): Musik im 20. Jahrhundert (NTSC) 102072
REVOLUTION DER KLANGE (DIE): Musik im 20. Jahrhundert, Vol. 1: Tanz auf dem Vulkan (NTSC) 102032
REVOLUTION DER KLANGE (DIE): Musik im 20. Jahrhundert, Vol. 2: Rhythmus (NTSC) 102034
REVOLUTION DER KLANGE (DIE): Musik im 20. Jahrhundert, Vol. 3: Klangfarbe (NTSC) 102036
REVOLUTION DER KLANGE (DIE): Musik im 20. Jahrhundert, Vol. 4: 3 Schicksale (NTSC) 102038
REVOLUTION DER KLANGE (DIE): Musik im 20. Jahrhundert, Vol. 6: Nach der Katastrophe (NTSC) 102042
REVOLUTION DER KLANGE (DIE): Musik im 20. Jahrhundert, Vol. 7: Zu neuen Ufern (NTSC) 102044
REVUELTAS, S.: Coronela (La) / Caminos (Itinerarios) / Colorines (Santa Barbara Symphony, English Chamber Orchestra, Ben-Dor) 8.572250
REVUELTAS, S.: Orchestral Music 8.555917
REVUELTAS, S.: Redes (Film, 1935) (NTSC) 2.110372
REVUELTAS, S.: Redes / ORBON, J.: Concerto grosso / GINASTERA, A.: Pampeana No. 3 (Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Simon Bolivar Symphony, Mata) DOR-90178
REVUELTAS, S.: Sensemaya / Troka / Cuauhnahuac / 5 Songs / 4 Pequenos trozos (The Unknown Silvestre Revueltas) (Camerata de las Americas, Diemecke) DOR-90244
REYER, E.: Selam (Le) / BIZET, G.: Au fond du temple saint / STRAUSS, R.: Dance of the Seven Veils (Breezes From the Orient, Vol. 2) (Guida) C10380
REYNOLDS, A.: Alice Through the Looking Glass Suite 8.225184
RHAPSODY 8.550327
RICCI, Ruggiero: Legacy of Cremona (The) - Ruggiero Ricci plays 18 Contemporary Violins CDS373
RICH, Buddy: Live in 78 (NTSC) DVWW-JIBR
RICHTER, Sviatoslav: Early Recordings, Vol. 2 (1956-1958) 8.111387
RIDOUT, A.: Ferdinand (R.B. Pine, Elizondo) CDR3001
RIISAGER, K.: Benzin / Archaeopteryx / Til Apollon (Danish National Symphony, Hughes) 6.220527
RIISAGER, K.: Chamber Music 8.224081
RIISAGER, K.: Orchestral Music (Hardenberger, Helsingborg Symphony, Dausgaard) 6.220584
RIISAGER, K.: Symphonic Edition, Vol. 1 (Aarhus Symphony, Holten) - Symphony No. 1 / Danish Pictures 8.226146
RIISAGER, K.: Symphonic Edition, Vol. 2 (Aarhus Symphony, Holten) - Symphonies Nos. 2, 3 / Concerto for Orchestra / Primavera Overture 8.226147
RIISAGER, K.: Symphonic Edition, Vol. 3 (Aarhus Symphony, Holten) - Symphonies Nos. 4, 5 / Sinfonia Concertante / Summer Rhapsody 8.226148
RIISAGER, K.: Violin Works (Hansen, Iwan, Bjorkoe) 6.220594
RIISAGER: Piano Works 8.226004
RIISAGER: Qarrtsiluni / Manerenen (Ballet Music) 8.226022
RIISAGER: Suites Op. 33 / Tolv med Posten / Darduse 8.224082
RILEY, T.: Heaven Ladder, Book 5 (The) / Half-Wolf Dances Mad In Moonlight / G Song (ZOFO Duet) DSL-92189
RILEY, T.: In C (Bang on a Can All-Star) CA-21004
RILEY: Cantos Desiertos / BEASER / TOWER / LIEBERMANN 8.559146
RILEY: In C 8.226049
RILKE, R.M.: Duineser Elegien VI-X (Reinthaller, Lademann) SM155
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV / TOMASI / ROTA: Trombone Concertos BIS-CD-568
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, N.A.: Scheherazade / PROKOFIEV, S.: Scythian Suite (Les Ballets Russes, Vol. 8) (Perez, Karabits) CD93.289
RINALDI, Susana: Gabbiani PCD043
RINALDI, Susanna: Sin Estridencias PCD037
RING, K.: Hand for Holmboe / HOLMBOE, V.: Chamber Concertos (Ring, Danish National Chamber Orchestra, Koivula) 8.226569
RISK, Laura: Merry Making (The) DOR-90282
River of No Return and Other Chinese Orchestral Favourites 8.223961
RIVERS, Mavis: Its A Good Day DE4002
ROBERT WELLS TRIO: Tribute to Charlie (A) PCD144
ROBESON, Paul: Roll Away Clouds (1928-1937) 8.120543
ROCHBERG, G.: Flute Music (Complete), Vol. 1 (C. Jennings, Johnson, J. Han) 8.559776
ROCHBERG, G.: Piano Music, Vol. 1 - Circles of Fire (Hirsch-Pinkas Piano Duo) 8.559631
ROCHBERG, G.: Piano Music, Vol. 2 - 12 Bagatelles / 3 Elegiac Pieces / Sonata Seria (Hirsch) 8.559632
ROCHBERG, G.: Piano Music, Vol. 3 - Partita-Variations / Nach Bach / Sonata-Fantasia (Pinkas) 8.559633
ROCHBERG, G.: Piano Music, Vol. 4 - Carnival Music / 4 Short Sonatas / Variations on an Original Theme (Pinkas) 8.559634

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