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The Strad - June 2000 to August 2016

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Oehms Classics OC866
  Joanne Talbot, The Strad, March 2014 read the review
Chamber Music - CORELLI, A. / KREISLER, F. / VIVALDI, A. / SCHNITTKE, A. (Metamorphoses) (Smietana)
Solo Musica SM219
  Joanne Talbot, The Strad, July 2015 read the review
Chamber Music - FRANCK, C. / DEBUSSY, C. / FAURE, G. / OFFENBACH, J. (The French Album) (Krijgh, Isanbaeva)
Capriccio New Releases C5131
  Joanne Talbot, The Strad, September 2012 read the review
Chamber Music - MACKLAY, S. / REMINICK, D. / HAYDN, J. / FISHER-LOCHHEAD, C. (Serious Business) (Spektral Quartet)
Dorian Sono Luminus DSL-92198
  David Kettle, The Strad, May 2016 read the review
CHEN, Gang / HE, Zhanhao: Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto (The) (Si-Qing Lu, Taipei Chinese Orchestra, Yiu-Kwong Chung)
BIS BIS-2104

  Tim Woodall, The Strad, September 2015 read the review
CLARKE, R: Viola Music
Naxos Regular CD 8.557934
  Julian Haylock, The Strad, May 2007 read the review
COATES, G.: String Quartet No. 9 / Solo Violin Sonata / Lyric Suite (Kreutzer Quartet, Chadwick)
Naxos American Classics 8.559666
  David Kettle, The Strad, January 2011 read the review
COATES, G.: String Quartets Nos. 1, 5 and 6 (Kreutzer Quartet)
Naxos American Classics 8.559091
  The Strad read the review
COOKE, A.: Violin Sonata No. 2 / Viola Sonata / Cello Sonata No. 2 (Stanzeleit, Goff, Wallfisch, Terroni)
Naxos Regular CD 8.571362
  Edward Bhesania, The Strad, December 2014 read the review
CORIGLIANO, J.: Violin Concerto, "The Red Violin" / Phantasmagoria (M. Ludwig, Buffalo Philharmonic, Falletta)
Naxos American Classics 8.559671
  The Strad, July 2010 read the review
CZERNY, C.: String Quartets (Sheridan Ensemble)
Capriccio New Releases C5234

  David Milsom, The Strad, August 2015 read the review
DALE, B.: Viola Music (Complete) (The Romantic Viola) (Yuko Inoue, S. Coombs)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573167
  Carlos María Solare, The Strad, September 2013 read the review
Dacapo CD 8.226081

  Tim Woodall, The Strad, November 2014 read the review
DEANE: Quaternion / Krespel's Concerto / Oboe Concerto
Marco Polo Western CD 8.225106
  Roderic Dunnett, The Strad, June 2000 read the review
DOHNANYI, E.: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 3 (Aviv Quartet)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572569
  Matthew Rye, The Strad, May 2012 read the review
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