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Beethoven and His Teachers
‘This is an outstanding release… The repertoire, performers, booklet notes, and recorded sound are all superb.’
American Record Guide

My First Beethoven Album
‘Beethoven is like the Olympic champion of classical music. Listen to orchestras, pianos, violins and other instruments playing some of the most famous pieces of all!’
Colorado Public Radio
BEETHOVEN: Romantic Beethoven (The)
‘A wonderful addition to the Beethoven discography.’
American Record Guide


‘This is some of the finest educational material…on the market in years.’
MusicWeb International

A fun and friendly introduction to Beethoven for young children, with many famous and well-loved pieces.

Beethoven was a musical giant. He wasn't taller or fatter than everyone else, but his music is big and his name is important. Beethoven is like the Olympic champion of classical music. Some of the music he wrote is strong and serious, and some of it is very gentle. Listen here to orchestras, pianos, violins, and other instruments playing some of the most famous pieces of all!

8.558024-27 [4 DISCS]
‘Siepmann presents the life of Beethoven through musical biography. Combining [the] composer's music with narrative,
he demonstrates the development of each musician’s skills and growth as an artist.’

Library Journal

ISBN: 1-84379-111-0
In this biographical portrait, a titanic personality is revealed, both vulnerable and belligerent, comic and tragic, and above all heroic, as he comes to grips with perhaps the most challenging disability a musician can suffer. No man’s music is more universal; few men’s lives are more inspiring. Yet almost every work was the result of passionate struggle. In every sense but one – his modest height – Beethoven was a giant.
Also available as eBook!
ISBN: 978-184-379-254-3