The period since the Great War is undoubtedly the most bewildering of all, as composers have pulled in various apparently contradictory and opposing directions. Typical of the dilemma during the inter-war years, for example, were the Austrians, Webern and Lehar, the former was experimenting with the highly compressed and advanced form known as ‘serial structure’, while simultaneously Lehar was still indulging in an operetta style which would not have seemed out of place over half a century beforehand.

So diverse are the styles adopted throughout the greater part of the present century that only by experimentation can listeners discover for themselves whether certain composers are to their particular taste or not. However, the following recordings serve as an excellent introduction and will certainly repay investigation.

Album Title Catalogue No.
#CelloUnlimited C984191
[purgatorio] POPOPERA CA-21049
… and … 8.574281
… Dolly Today … around Fauré STR33834
… First Steps UP0137-2
… Just Gettin Started … 75442263372
… just songs! OC801
… Just the Way We Are 75442253292
100 Christmas Meditation C7371
101 Classics: The Best Loved Classical Melodies 8.508004
102 Masterpieces: Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra Miniatures C5051
12 Heroines of Imperial China 8.225816
129th Army Band 75442261232
1-Bit Music CA-21042
20 Best Irish Pub Songs EUCD2324
20 Best Irish Songs EUCD2556
20 Best of Brazilian Capoeira EUCD2828
20 Best of Caribbean Tropical Music EUCD1698
20 Best of Ireland EUCD2354
20 Best of Island Music EUCD1941
20 Best of Tropical Dance Music EUCD1243
20 Best of Tropical Dance Music EUCD2736
20 Best Syrtakis from Greece EUCD2839
20 Famous Irish Ballads EUCD2628
20 Klassiska Favoriter 8.570566