Are you sitting comfortably, possums? Dame Edna narrates Peter and the Wolf
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Listen to an excerpt from Peter and the Wolf
Listen to an excerpt from Babar the Elephant

“A highly entertaining and very dramatic narrative, with the orchestral accompaniment splendidly paced to match the gripping onward flow of the story. There are twee moments, but children will readily respond to Dame Edna’s very positive involvement with her characters, and so will most parents.”

– The Penguin Guide
Dame Edna
© Greg Gorman

“It’s a big thrill for me to at last record one of my favourite pieces of classical music, Peter and the Wolf. Many people have done this work before, I know, but this has to be the authentic performance. To make this the absolute definitive performance the orchestra is the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, hand-picked players from my own home town, and arguably the finest group of musicians on the planet.

I’ve always been a big Benjamin Britten fan, and his masterpiece, The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra is one of my favourite pieces. It’s tuneful and educational, and I know this magnificent recording featuring myself will earn him many new fans.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot; also on this recording, my manager Barry Humphries does a reasonably good job of narrating the story of Babar the Elephant. I used to read this wonderful story to my children when they were young. It’s by a Frenchman, but very good nonetheless. Barry tries very, very hard and the music is absolutely gorgeous.”

Dame Edna Everage

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