An innovative dance extravaganza
Contemporary, cutting edge, cross-cultural
Unforgettable performances from the Naxos Audiovisual Collection
A choreography by Mourad Merzouki
Adrien M & Claire B Company
Compagnie Käfig
Music by Armand Amar
Pixel is a stunning contemporary dance performance for 11 dancers in a virtual and living visual environment. A work on illusion combining energy and poetry, fiction and technical achievement, minimal music and hip-hop. It opens a dialogue between the synthetic world of digital projection and the real bodies of dancers.
NBD0060 [Blu-ray] • 2.110386 [DVD]
   About Mourad Merzouki
Choreographer Mourad Merzouki, a key figure in the hip-hop movement since the early 90s, creates works that draw on a wide range of disciplines. He explores all styles of hip-hop, but also combines them with circus skills and martial-arts moves, not to mention using the visual arts and music as well. Merzouki produced his first show, Käfig, in 1996 as part of the Rencontres Urbaines de la Villette event in Paris. Käfig means cage in both Arabic and German, and became the name of the company he founded that year. 2004 he was awarded the prize for best young choreographer at the Movimentos Festival at Wolfsburg, Germany. In June 2009, Merzouki was appointed director of the Parisian Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne. Mourad Merzouki has choreographed 22 productions in 18 years, and on average Compagnie Käfig gives 150 performances around the world each year.
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   About Adrien M & Claire B Company
Multidisciplinary artist, IT specialist and juggler Adrien Mondot has created shows based on intimate interactions between digital art, juggling, dance and music since 2004. In 2011, he and visual artist, graphic designer and set designer Claire Bardainne created the Adrien M & Claire B Company, one of whose key strategies has been to move beyond conventional stage spaces and the temporal limits of a performance. Their approach puts the human aspect at the centre of their technological innovation, and the human body at the heart of the images they create. They specialise in using made-to-measure digital tools, their goal being to create a living, breathing, virtual world – mobile, hand-crafted, ephemeral and responsive. Together, Claire and Adrien seamlessly blend movement and its multiple resonances with their graphic and digital creations, creating a distinctive visual and poetic idiom which combines the imaginary, the real and the virtual, and which has infinite potential for artistic exploration.
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   About Armand Amar
Armand Amar, who has Moroccan roots, discovered dance thanks to the South African choreographer and anthropologist Peter Goss in 1976. He was fascinated by the interaction of dance and music and the possibilities it can create for improvisation. He is well-known for his prize-winning soundtracks for films such as A Thousand Times Goodnight by Erik Poppe and The Concert by Radu Mihaileanu, to name but two. He has also very successfully collaborated with choreographers Marie-Claude Pietragalia, Carolyn Carlsson, Francesca Lattuada and Russel Maliphant.
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