BEETHOVEN, L. van: Edition (Complete) (90-DISC Boxed Set)
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Edition (Complete) (90-DISC Boxed Set)
Includes a 136-page booklet with the full and detailed track list, and comprehensive notes on Beethoven’s life and works.
Two free album downloads of Liszt piano transcriptions of Beethoven’s symphonies or songs.
[90 DISCS]

A giant’s causeway

The Beethoven
Complete Edition

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Beethoven’s monumental contribution to Western classical music is celebrated here in this definitive collection marking the 250th anniversary of the composer’s birth. Surveying the totality of his career and achievement, the Complete Edition spans orchestral, concerto, keyboard, chamber, music for the stage, choral and vocal works, encompassing his most familiar and iconic masterpieces, alongside rarities and recently reconstructed fragments and sketches in world premiere recordings. The roster of artists and ensembles includes some of Beethoven’s greatest contemporary exponents, in performances that have won critical acclaim worldwide.

Over 100 hours of music • Over 1,550 tracks
Includes 136-page booklet

90-DISC box, featuring over 1,550 individual tracks, a detailed 136-page booklet and bonus of two free album downloads.
Accompanied by an authoritative and compelling note, the repertoire included spans Beethoven’s orchestral, concerto, keyboard, chamber, music for the stage, choral and vocal works. Encompassing his most familiar and iconic pieces as well as only recently discovered rarities, it is a truly thorough and exhaustive compendium of a complex genius.
The track list features a host of fragments, sketches, drafts, arrangements, transcriptions and reconstructions – some of which have never before been recorded – that reveal a very intimate, personal insight into the inner workings of Beethoven as a composer.
Bonus: Free downloads – purchasers of the box may download two albums from Liszt’s transcriptions of Beethoven’s symphonies and songs. Coupon code with details included in the box.
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(Disc 17, Tracks 18 & 29)
1–62 Piano Fragments, Arrangements and Sketches
34 Miscellaneous piano pieces including ‘Andante favori’, and Wellington's Victory, Hess 97 (version for piano) Piano Fragments, Arrangements and Sketches
(Disc 32, Tracks 3, 6, 8, 12, 16, 26, 35 & 37)
(Disc 34, Tracks 13 & 33)
39 12 Variations in F major on ‘Se vuol ballare’ from Mozart’s
Le nozze di Figaro, WoO 40 (1792–93)
40 Rondo in G major, WoO 41 (1793–94)
41–43 Horn Sonata in F major, Op. 17 (version for cello and piano)
(Disc 42, Track 13)
1–4 Irish Songs III, WoO 154 (1810–15)
TRACKS: 1, 3 | 2, 4
5–30 26 Welsh Songs, WoO 155 (1810–15)
1–22 22 Scottish Songs, WoO 156 (1810–20)
TRACKS: 1 | 2–22
1–4 4 English Songs, WoO 157 (1816/19)
5–33 29 Songs of Various Nationality, WoO 158 (1816–20)
TRACKS: 5–31 | 32, 33
25 Kriegslied der Österreicher, WoO 122
(version for voice, choir and piano) (1797)
26 La partenza, WoO 124 (probably 1795)
27 Es lebe unser teurer Fürst, WoO 106
‘Lobkowitz-Kantate’ (probably 1822)
18 Andenken, WoO 136 (1808)
19 Gesang aus der Ferne, WoO 137 (1809)
20 Der Jüngling in der Fremde, WoO 138 (final version) (1809)
21 Der Liebende, WoO 139 (1809)
22–27 6 Songs, Op. 75 (1809)
21 Der Mann von Wort, Op. 99 (1816)
22–27 An die ferne Geliebte, Op. 98 (1816)
28 Ruf vom Berge, WoO 147 (1816)
29 So oder so, WoO 148 (1817)
30 Resignation, WoO 149 (1814–15)
31 Abendlied unterm gestirnten Himmel, WoO 150 (1820)
32 Der edle Mensch sei hülfreich und gut, WoO 151, Hess 132 (1823)
33 Auf, Freunde, singt dem Gott der Ehen (2nd version),
WoO 105, Hess 124 ‘Hochzeitslied’ (1819)
34 Auf, Freunde, singt dem Gott der Ehen (1st version),
WoO 105, Hess 125 ‘Hochzeitslied’ (1819)
35 Der Kuss, Op. 128 (1822)
1–24 Miscellaneous Lieder and Alternative Versions
1–80 Canons and Musical Jokes
TRACKS: 1–3, 5–55 | 4 | 56–80
(Disc 88, Tracks 20 & 24)
(Disc 90, Tracks 1, 13, 14, 51 & 54)
18 4 Bagatelles, WoO 213: No. 3 in A flat major
(ed. A. W. Holsbergen, b. 1957)
29 Menuett in B flat major, Hess 331
(1799) (reconstructed by A. W. Holsbergen)
2 Sketch in A major, Hess 60
(1818) (transcribed by A. Schmitz, 1893–1980)
6 Sketches in C major and G major, Bia. 276
(c. 1800) (reconstructed by A. W. Holsbergen, b. 1957)
8 Fragment in A major producing effect of Horns,
Bia. 268
(1793) (reconstructed by A.W. Holsbergen)
12 Sketch in F major, Bia. 273
(1793) (reconstructed by A.W. Holsbergen)
16 Sketch for Piano Sonata in A minor, Bia. 318
(1802) (reconstructed by A.W. Holsbergen)
26 March in C minor, Hess 330
(1804) (reconstructed by A.W. Holsbergen)
35 Intermezzo for Sonata in C minor, Bia. 191
(possible sketches for Piano Sonata No. 5 or No. 8)

(1798–99) (reconstructed by A.W. Holsbergen)
37 Andante in B flat major, Bia. 272
(1793) (reconstructed by A.W. Holsbergen)
13 Pastorella in C major, Bia. 622 (1815) (transcribed by F. Rovelli, b. 1979)
33 Melody in C minor, Hess 324
(1802) (reconstructed by A.W. Holsbergen, b. 1957)
13 Piano Trio in F minor, Bia. 637
(1816) (fragments transcribed by N. Marston, b. 1958)
  Die Ruinen von Athen, Op. 113 (‘The Ruins of Athens’)
(1811) – of version with narration
20 Opferlied, Hess 145
(sketch of 1st setting, WoO 126, version for voice and piano)
24 6 Songs, Op. 48: No. 3. Vom Tode (1st version) (1798–99)
1 Herr Graf, ich komme zu fragen, WoO 221, Hess 276
(c. 1796–97) (arr. T. Holmes, b. 1965, for choir and piano)
13 Ich küsse Sie, WoO 169, Hess 250 (1816) (arr. T. Holmes for voice and choir)
14 Ars longa, vita brevis, WoO 170, Hess 251
(1815/16) (arr. T. Holmes for choir)
51 Signor Abate!, WoO 178 (c. 1820) (arr. T. Holmes for choir and piano)
54 Ich bin bereit! – Amen, WoO 201, Hess 282
(after 1818) (arr. T. Holmes for choir)
Martin Galling

Martin Galling, Piano

The German pianist, harpsichordist and chamber musician, Martin Galling, gave numerous concerts in Germany and toured Western Europe, the USA, Israel and Japan. During his career he has been involved in recordings of the most important composers of the Classical and Romantic periods. Galling was a soloist in numerous tours with the Stuttgarter Kammerorchester under Karl Münchinger and worked a lot with Helmuth Rilling. Read more here.
Sergio Gallo

Sergio Gallo, Piano

A Steinway artist, Sergio Gallo specializes in the repertoire of the Romantic period, especially Liszt and his contemporaries, including Schumann, Henselt, Brahms, and Chopin. He has also championed the work of composers in Brazil, the nation of his birth. His recent release for Naxos is Liszt’s transcriptions of opera by Meyerbeer (8.573235), and in 2011 he won the Global Music Awards Award of Excellence for his album, Mostly Villa-Lobos: 20th Century Piano Music from the Americas. Read more here.
Patrick Gallois

Patrick Gallois, Flute

Patrick Gallois belongs to the generation of French musicians leading highly successful international careers as both soloist and conductor. Gallois has a wide repertoire, with a predilection for contemporary music and many new works have been dedicated to him. For Naxos he has recorded the complete flute concertos of C.P.E. Bach, Mercadante and Devienne, works by Franz and Karl Doppler, as well as W.F. Bach’s Six Flute Duets (8.573768) with Kazunori Seo, among many others. Read more here.
Boris Giltburg

Boris Giltburg, Piano

The young Moscow-born Israeli pianist Boris Giltburg is lauded across the globe as a deeply sensitive, insightful and compelling musician. He has played recitals in leading venues such as the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, Carnegie Hall, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Southbank Centre in London, Bozar in Brussels and the Louvre. In 2018 he won Best Soloist Recording (20th/21st century) at the inaugural Opus Klassik Awards for his recording of Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto (8.573629). Read more here.
Amy and Sara Hamann

Amy and Sara Hamann, Pianos

The pianists Amy and Sara Hamann have won international recognition, captivating audiences and critics alike wherever they appear. Frequently, their performances have been broadcast on national and international television and radio, including NPR’s Performance Today and Studio 360. The Hamann Sisters are the first American duo to win the Absolute First Prize in the Fryderyk Chopin Concorso Pianistico Internazionale, First Prize in the International Grieg Competition, and First Prize of the Ellis Competition for Duo-Pianists. Read more here.
Jenő Jandó

Jenő Jandó, Piano

The Hungarian pianist Jenő Jandó all the piano concertos and sonatas of Mozart for Naxos. Other recordings include the concertos of Grieg and Schumann as well as Rachmaninov’s Second Concerto and Paganini Rhapsody and the complete piano sonatas of Haydn and Beethoven. He has performed and recorded a wide repertoire of chamber music, in addition to his recording of the complete piano music of Bartók. Read more here.
Jakub Junek

Jakub Junek, Violin

Jakub Junek has won prizes at many international competitions, including the 2006 Beethoven’s Hradec International Interpretation Competition and the A.I. Yampolsky International Violin Competition, Moscow. His discography comprises an album of Dvořák and Sibelius violin concertos, and more recently a solo release featuring pianist Karel Vrtiška. Renowned Czech director Hana Pinkavová has created two documentaries featuring Junek for Česká televise: Do Not Extinguish, I’m On Fire! with cellist Ivan Vokáč and Go For Your Dream. Read more here.
Dong-Suk Kang

Dong-Suk Kang, Violin

Korean violinist Dong-Suk Kang studied at the Juilliard School and the Curtis Institute of Music in the USA. He has appeared with many great orchestras and conductors and performed at major music centres and festivals including the BBC Proms in London. Kang is also a sought-after recording artist whose album have won critical acclaim, including a Gramophone ‘Recording of the Month’ and award nomination for his Walton Violin Concerto disc. Read more here.
Maria Kliegel

Maria Kliegel, Cello

Maria Kliegel’s subsequent success at the Rostropovich Competition in Paris led immediately to an international profile. Recording highlights include her Dvořák and Elgar Concertos and Schnittke’s Cello Concerto No. 1, described by the composer as ‘definitive’. Her playing is notably refined and beautiful, with a fastidious approach and the ability to adapt a mainstream style to suit a variety of repertory. For Naxos, Kliegel has recorded Beethoven’s cello sonatas, as well as some chamber works as part of the Xyrion Trio. Read more here.
Warren Lee

Warren Lee, Piano

Warren Lee has performed on four continents, often in collaboration with international artists and leading orchestras. His recordings for Universal Music (Hong Kong) and Naxos have garnered favourable reviews worldwide. A Steinway Artist as well as an award-winning composer, Warren Lee received the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award in Hong Kong in 2012 and was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music in 2015 for his contribution to the music profession. Read more here.
Takako Nishizaki

Takako Nishizaki, Violin

Takako Nishizaki is one of the most frequently recorded and bestselling violinists of all time. Her recording of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was named the 8th best-selling classical disc of all time with sales exceeding one million copies and her recordings of the Butterfly Lovers Concerto by He and Chen sold more than three million copies in China and throughout South-East Asia. She has recorded more than 100 albums to date, including the complete works for violin and orchestra by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Tchaikovsky as well as the concertos of Brahms, Bruch and Mendelssohn. Read more here.
Carl Petersson

Carl Petersson, Piano

Carl Petersson has appeared at venues such as Toronto’s Glenn Gould Studio at the CBC Centre, Shanghai Oriental Art Center and Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, New York. He has performed with orchestras such as the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Kraków Philharmonic, and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. His most recent recordings include Beethoven’s ‘military’ pieces (Wellington’s Victory, Ritterballet) as well as some rare miniatures (8.573928), and Friedrich Burgmüller’s etudes. Read more here.
Hermann Prey

Hermann Prey, Baritone

The German lyric baritone Hermann Prey was equally at home with in the Lied, operatic and concert repertoires. He made his American debut in 1952 with the Philadelphia Orchestra and conductor Eugene Ormandy. He was a gifted interpreter of Schubert’s Lieder, especially Die schöne Müllerin, Winterreise and Schwanengesang. Especially successful in music that required a comic touch, Prey possessed a voice of great warmth, with complete dynamic control. Read more here.
Matti Salminen

Matti Salminen, Bass

Finnish singer Matti Salminen his international career as a member of the ensemble at the Cologne Opera in 1972, and has subsequently performed in the world’s leading opera houses including Opéra National de Paris, New York Metropolitan Opera, Wiener Staatsoper, Deutsche Oper Berlin and Teatro alla Scala in Milan among many others. His discography comprises an impressive number of recordings that document his exceptional career. Read more here.
Konstantin Scherbakov

Konstantin Scherbakov, Piano

Konstantin Scherbakov was the winner of the first Rachmaninov International Piano Competition in 1983. Boasting a phenomenal repertoire of some fifty concertos and a similar number of recital programmes, Scherbakov has recorded music from Bach to Strauss and Scriabin and from Beethoven to Medtner and Respighi, and the complete piano music of Leopold Godowsky. For Naxos he recorded Liszt’s transcriptions of Beethoven’s Symphonies, of which the Ninth Symphony (8.557366) was awarded the German Critics’ Prize 2005. Read more here.
Kazunori Seo

Kazunori Seo, Flute

A prizewinner of international competitions, notably the Carl Nielsen and Jean-Pierre Rampal in 1998, the Geneva in 2001 and the Pro Musicis International Award in Paris in 2005, Kazunori Seo has gained recognition as one of the world’s outstanding flautists through numerous appearances as soloist, recitalist and chamber musician. His recordings for Naxos currently include Flute Concertosby Hofmann, music by Karl and Franz Doppler, Moscheles, Czerny, and Beethoven (8.573569 & 8.573570). Read more here.
Nina Tichman

Nina Tichman, Piano

Acclaimed as one of the leading pianists of her generation, American born Nina Tichman is at home in repertoire ranging from Frescobaldi to composers writing today, many of whom have entrusted her with world premieres of their compositions. Her discography includes solo recordings of the complete piano works of Copland and the complete piano music of Debussy, with the complete Piano Trios of Beethoven for Naxos as a member of the Xyrion Trio, among others. Read more here.
Stefan Vladar

Stefan Vladar, Piano

The Austrian pianist Stefan Vladar has won a number of awards in piano competitions in Austria, including the first prize in the Rudolf Heydner Piano Competition, and the first prize in the 1985 Vienna International Beethoven Competition, the youngest of the 140 competitors. Stefan Vladar’s subsequent career has brought him a busy schedule of engagements, with performances throughout Europe and appearances in China, Thailand, Japan and Korea, as well as in the United States of America. Read more here.
Larry Weng

Larry Weng, Piano

A laureate of the 2016 Queen Elisabeth International Piano Competition, Larry Weng has been critically acclaimed by The New York Times. He also garnered critical praise for his 2014 New York debut at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall from the New York Concert Review, and from Harry Rolnick of ConcertoNet for his performance of Ravel’s Alborado del Gracioso. He has played in major venues around the world as both a soloist and chamber musician. Read more here.
Ian Yungwook Yoo

Ian Yungwook Yoo, Piano

In 2007 Ian Yungwook Yoo won first prize in the Second Beethoven Competition in Bonn. His professional career was first launched when he won by unanimous vote first prize in the Thirteenth Paloma O’Shea Santander International Piano Competition in 1998. Since then he has performed in over twenty countries throughout the world, and released his first commercial records under the Naxos label, featuring piano transcriptions by Franz Liszt. Read more here.
Fine Arts Quartet

Fine Arts Quartet

The Fine Arts Quartet, ‘one of the gold-plated names in chamber music’ (Washington Post), ranks among the most distinguished ensembles in chamber music today, with an illustrious history of performing success and an extensive legacy of over 200 recorded works. Many of the Quartet’s releases have been selected for inclusion on GRAMMY Awards, as well as winning a Gramophone Award, receiving Gramophone Choice, American Record Guide ‘Critic’s Choice’ and BBC Music Magazine Choice ratings, among many others. Read more here.
Kodály Quartet

Kodály Quartet

Formed in Budapest in 1966, the Kodály Quartet has continued to exemplify the greatest standards of the rich Hungarian musical tradition that it has carried on with such extraordinary distinction throughout the world during over four decades of international appearances. For Naxos and Marco Polo the Kodály Quartet has recorded the complete string quartets of Beethoven, Haydn and Schubert and also quartets and quintets by d’Indy, Ravel, Debussy, Schubert, Brahms, Schumann and Bartók. Read more here.
New Zealand Piano Quartet

New Zealand Piano Quartet

The New Zealand Piano Quartet consists of pianist Richard Mapp, violinist Yury Gezentsvey, violist Donald Maurice and cellist David Chickering. For Naxos, they’ve recorded Beethoven’s Piano Quartets Nos. 1-3, WoO 36 (8.570998), in which American Record Guide’s Perry Tannenbaum commented: ‘Listening to this new Naxos set, played with winsome new zeal by the New Zealand [Piano] Quartet, I felt this latest exhumation to be entirely justified and enjoyable.’ Read more here.
Xyrion Trio

Xyrion Trio

Recognised as one of Germany’s most outstanding ensembles, the Xyrion Trio plays with passionate intensity, exuberance, subtlety of dynamic expression and the ability to illuminate the repertoire through the strongly individual personalities of its members. The ensemble’s debut recording on the Naxos label (8.557723) the first of five volumes presenting the complete Beethoven Trio cycle, was named Editor’s Choice of the Month by MusicWeb International and was awarded the Supersonic Prize of Pizzicato. Read more here.
Capella Istropolitana

Capella Istropolitana

The chamber orchestra Cappella Istropolitana was founded in 1983, taking its name from the Roman Istropolis, the city on the Danube that is the modern Bratislava. The orchestra has appeared throughout the world and has won distinction in the recording, broadcasting and television studios, working often under distinguished conductors in a comprehensive repertoire; it has more than ninety albums to its credit. Read more here.
Czech Chamber Philharmonic
Orchestra Pardubice

Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice

The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice is valued for its stylistic interpretations and the extraordinary quality of its orchestral sound, and it is rightly ranked amongst the world’s leading representatives of Czech musical culture. The orchestra has collaborated with many leading conductors and soloists, and has recorded dozens of successful albums on record labels including Naxos. Read more here.
Minnesota Orchestra

Minnesota Orchestra

The GRAMMY Award-winning Minnesota Orchestra, led by music director Osmo Vänskä, ranks among America’s top symphonic ensembles, with a distinguished history of acclaimed performances in its home state and around the world; award-winning recordings, radio broadcasts and educational engagement programs; and a visionary commitment to building the orchestral repertoire of tomorrow. Read more here.
Nashville Symphony

Nashville Symphony

One of Tennessee’s largest and longest-running nonprofit performing arts organizations, the Nashville Symphony has been an integral part of the ‘Music City’ sound since 1946. The orchestra is one of the most active recording orchestras in the US, with 30 releases. Together, these recordings have earned a total of 24 GRAMMY Award nominations and 13 GRAMMY Awards, including two for Best Orchestral Performance. Read more here.
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) is New Zealand’s national orchestra. Each year the NZSO performs more than 100 concerts in more than 30 different communities across New Zealand, to audiences in excess of 100,000 people. In addition, the orchestra’s performances can be heard on Radio New Zealand concert broadcasts, film soundtracks and commercial recordings. In 2016, the NZSO was nominated for Best Orchestral Performance at the prestigious GRAMMY Awards. Read more here.
Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia

Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia

The Hungarian Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia was formed in 1992 from members of the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, initially as a recording orchestra for Naxos. The Sinfonia ranges in size from a baroque string orchestra to an ensemble suitable for Haydn or Mozart, or, augmented, for performances of Beethoven. It has also recorded crossover or seasonally popular works, as on its Marco Polo/Naxos collections of popular Chinese melodies and Christmas baroque favourites. Read more here.
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

For more than seven decades the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) has been at the forefront of music making in the UK. Alongside its concert series and busy international touring schedule, the RPO embraces 21st-century opportunities, including recordings with pop stars and on film and television soundtracks, while its artistic priority remains paramount: the making of great music at the highest level for the widest possible audience. Read more here.
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra

Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra

The Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra was established in 1949 by the esteemed conductors Václav Talich and Ľudovit Rajter. The Orchestra has performed under the batons of some of the world’s greatest conductors including Claudio Abbado, Sergiu Celibidache, Christoph von Dohnányi, Mariss Jansons, Neeme Järvi, Riccardo Muti and Kirill Kondrashin as well as Krzysztof Penderecki and Aram Khachaturian. Read more here.
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

The Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra has made a large number of recordings for various labels including Naxos and Marco Polo. In addition to regular season concerts, which feature works by Slovak composers, many of them premieres, the orchestra has performed at concerts abroad, visiting Austria and Hungary, and touring in Europe, Japan and Korea. Read more here.
Staatskapelle Dresden

Staatskapelle Dresden

Founded in 1548, the Staatskapelle Dresden is one of the world’s oldest and highest ranked orchestras. The orchestra is the musical body of the Staatsoper Dresden, and is based on the Semperoper. The orchestra’s core repertoire includes works by Bruckner, Wagner and Richard Strauss, and has also collaborated with contemporary composers Wolfgang Rihm, György Kurtág, Sofia Gubaidulina, Arvo Pärt and Péter Eötvös, among others. Read more here.
Turku Philharmonic Orchestra

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra

As the oldest orchestra in Finland, the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra continues to develop and flourish under the baton of renowned conductors. From 2012 to 2019, the orchestra has been under the artistic leadership of Leif Segerstam. Several of the Turku Philharmonic’s recordings have been awarded platinum discs and other prizes. In 2019 the orchestra won the International Classical Music Award for Best Collection with their recording of Jean Sibelius’s Incidental Music. Read more here.
Herbert Blomstedt

Herbert Blomstedt

Herbert Blomstedt is a musician of sensitivity and refinement who ignores the media attention frequently focused upon major contemporary conductors, maintaining his attention upon the work in hand. His interpretations are notable for their clear sense of musical architecture. He is not afraid to impart the sense of drama inherent in the work of many composers such as Beethoven, and in this respect leans towards the values of conductors from earlier eras. Read more here.
Oliver Dohnányi

Oliver Dohnányi

Oliver Dohnányi has toured with the Slovak Philharmonic, Slovak Sinfonietta, Zagreb Radio Symphony Orchestra, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestras and appeared with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Czech Philharmonic, London Mozart Players, Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Prague, the Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Japan and the United Kingdom. He has made many recordings with Naxos and Marco Polo. Read more here.
Béla Drahos

Béla Drahos

Béla Drahos is well known both as an outstanding flautist and as a conductor. For Naxos, he has produced several discs of the complete cycle of Haydn symphonies, to great critical acclaim. The complete Beethoven symphonies Drahos conducted with the Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia were described as ‘the Beethoven cycle to have’ by BBC Music Magazine. Read more here.

Stephen Gunzenhauser

Stephen Gunzenhauser is a prolific recording artist and has sold over two million discs. For Naxos he has recorded some of the label’s most successful and best-selling titles including works by Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Saint-Saëns, Brahms, Bruch, Orff, Borodin, Dvořák, Rachmaninov, Copland, Goldmark, Paganini and Prokofiev. For Marco Polo he has been hardly less prolific with recordings of music by Liadov, Gliere, Dvořák, Rubinstein, Lachner, Taneyev and the Chinese composer Chen Gang. Read more here.
Michael Halász

Michael Halász

Michael Halász’s recordings for Naxos include ballets by Tchaikovsky, operatic excerpts of Wagner, symphonies by Beethoven, Schubert and Mahler, Rossini’s overtures, three volumes of Liszt’s symphonic poems (the latter critically acclaimed by the Penguin Guide), Beethoven’s Fidelio, Mozart’s operas and a pioneering recording of Schreker’s opera Der ferne Klang. He has also recorded Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater and Orfeo, Richard Strauss’s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, and Rubinstein’s Don Quixote. Read more here.
Kenneth Jean

Kenneth Jean

In 1984 Kenneth Jean won the prestigious Leopold Stokowski Conducting Award. Jean recorded a number of works by Chinese composers, and among them, the album Colourful Clouds achieved bestseller status when it was first released in 1982. With Japanese violinist Takako Nishizaki he recorded the violin concertos of Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky. Jean also recorded works by Da Falla, Ravel, Brahms, Massenet and Berlioz. Read more here.
James Judd

James Judd

Conductor James Judd has amassed an extensive collection of recordings on the Naxos label, including an unprecedented number in partnership with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, where he is Music Director Emeritus. His acclaimed recordings of works by Copland, Bernstein, Vaughan Williams, Gershwin and many others, and he brought the orchestra to a new level of visibility and international renown. Read more here.
Ondrej Lenárd

Ondrej Lenárd

World-renowned conductor Ondrej Lenárd is the principal conductor of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and was also appointed principal guest conductor and advisor of Fine Arts for the Japan Shinsei Symphony Orchestra. Throughout his career he has conducted many orchestras including the Czech Radio Orchestra, the Prague Symphony Orchestra, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Eva Urbanova. Read more here.

Kenneth Schermerhorn

Kenneth Schermerhorn was a most versatile conductor, equally at ease with symphonic repertoire, opera and ballet. Becoming music director of the Nashville Symphony in 1983, he steered the ensemble to new levels of artistic achievement and public support. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee was named in his honour. Schermerhorn’s career led him to podiums around the world, including appearances in Australia, China and Japan. Read more here.
Leif Segerstam

Leif Segerstam

Leif Segerstam is recognised internationally as a conductor, composer, violinist and pianist. He is currently chief conductor of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. He has also conducted many of the world’s most prestigious orchestras, and was one of the most important ambassadors for Sibelius’ 2015 anniversary year. His many recordings have been critically acclaimed, and feature works by contemporary composers as well as the complete symphonies of Mahler, Sibelius and Nielsen among many others. Read more here.

Stanisław Skrowaczewski

During his long and highly distinguished career, Stanisław Skrowaczewski commanded a rare position on the musical scene worldwide as both a renowned conductor and highly regarded composer. He has conducted the world’s major orchestras and collaborated with some of the musical giants of the 20th century, including Shostakovich, Lutosławski, Penderecki and Andrzej Panufnik. Skrowaczewski’s mastery of orchestral colour and balance is fully displayed in his recordings. Read more here.
Marek Štilec

Marek Štilec

Marek Štilec conducts a wide range of leading orchestras, including the New World Symphony, Ulster Orchestra, London Classical Soloists, Berlin Camerata, Kammerphilharmonie Graz and Sinfonietta Bratislava, as well as the top orchestras in the Czech Republic. His recording project Czech Masters in Vienna for Naxos features the orchestral works by Leopold Koželuch and Zdeněk Fibich, among others. Read more here.
Hilary Davan Wetton

Hilary Davan Wetton

Hilary Davan Wetton has been artistic director of the City of London Choir since 1989. One of the country’s most distinguished choral conductors, he was founder of Holst Singers, conductor emeritus of the Guildford Choral Society and artistic director of Leicester Philharmonic Choir. He has conducted many first performances for British composers as well as neglected works by Parry, Holst, Dyson, Bridge, Sterndale Bennett and Samuel Wesley, many of which he has recorded. Read more here.