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This year’s featured new holiday-related releases include a special collection of 100 Christmas Classics, sung by some of the world's most famous choirs and soloists, ranging from J. S. Bach's lofty Christmas Oratorio to simple songs of the countryside, including the most famous of all, Silent Night, Holy Night, as well as Septura's arrangement of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker for brass septet. The Royal Ballet's newest production of The Nutcracker may also be enjoyed exclusively on Apple Music.
Christmas Catalogue 2019 We hope our Christmas catalogues will provide you with music that is both comfortingly familiar and refreshingly novel. May you spend a very happy Christmas with Naxos.
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Classical Music Playlists for the Holidays

Happy Holidays from Naxos! The holidays are a very special time of the year filled with celebrations of all kinds, from office parties to family gatherings and festive meals. All of these events wouldn’t feel right without the perfect soundtrack of holiday music to set the tone of joy and celebration. Here is a selection of playlists to do just that, we hope you enjoy and have a very happy holiday season!