Best Loved Series – Your Introduction to Classical Music Favourites
The trumpet is one of the oldest known instruments, descending from animal horns or shells used for signalling over great distances. This clarity of tone has been prized by composers through the ages, with brilliance and virtuosity a feature of works by Albinoni and Bach, and Handel’s regal Water Music composed to sound superb in the open air. The invention of the keyed trumpet enhanced the instrument’s lyrical, expressive qualities which were fully exploited by Hummel and Haydn, while its macho character was used to full effect in Bizet’s Toreador Song.

MOURET Rondeau et Fanfares (Suite de Symphonies) – I. Rondeau • HAYDN Trumpet Concerto in E fl at major, Hob.VIIe:1 – III. Finale: Allegro • ALBINONI Concerto Saint Marc – II. Allegro • ROSSINI Guillaume Tell – Overture (excerpt) • VIVALDI Concerto for two trumpets in C major, RV 537 – I. Allegro • B.D. WEBER Variations for Trumpet and Orchestra in F major – Largo • HINDEMITH Trumpet Sonata – II. Mässig bewegt • CORELLI Sonata a 4 in D major, WoO 4 – I. Grave • HUMMEL Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in E major, S49 – Andante • HANDEL Water Music: Suite No. 2 in D major, HWV 349 – II. Alla Hornpipe • L. MOZART Trumpet Concerto in D major – II. Allegro moderato • TORELLI Sinfonia for Trumpet in D major, G. 4 – III. Allegro • BIZET Carmen Suite No. 2 – IV. Chanson du toreador • J.S. BACH Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F major, BWV 1047 – III. Allegro assai • TELEMANN Trumpet Concerto in D major, TWV 51:D7 – I. Adagio • HONEGGER Intrada, H. 193 • MARCELLO Trumpet Sonata, Op. 2, No. 11 – I. Adagio • BALDASSARE Trumpet Sonata No. 1 in F major – I. Allegretto • TCHAIKOVSKY Swan Lake – Danse napolitaine • PURCELL The Indian Queen, Z. 630 – Trumpet Overture • VIVIANI Trumpet Sonata No. 2 • TORELLI Sonata a 5 in D major – II. Allegro • HANDEL Messiah, HWV 56 – Part III: Aria: The trumpet shall sound

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Mouret’s Rondeau et Fanfares (Suite de Symphonies) – I. Rondeau