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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to claim your free download:

*supports smart mobile devices, tablets, Mac/PC.
— STEP 1 —
On the offer page, choose the audio format of the music you wish to redeem and click the blue ‘Download’ button.
— STEP 2 —
Confirm your choice* by clicking ‘Continue!’ or click ‘Cancel’ to choose another album and/or audio format.

*When you confirm, your selection is automatically tagged as claimed, and buttons are disabled for re-downloading.

— STEP 3 —
A pop-up confirmation will appear informing you that your download is underway.

In case you are redeeming multiple album/track offers, make sure you close this window to continue with your other download selections.

— STEP 4 —
When you are prompted to ‘save’ your audio file, select your local folder destination. Otherwise, go to your default ‘Downloads’ folder to check when your download is complete.
— STEP 5 —
Full album downloads are normally delivered in a zip file which you will need to extract to access your audio files. Album covers and booklets are usually included too when available.

Failed Download

In the rare case that your download gets interrupted and/or fails, you should be able to access the offer again, but you may need to start all over from Step 1 by re-accessing the offer link. In case you’re having troubles, contact the Offer Administrator.

Offer Limit and Exclusivity

  1. Offers are exclusive to its intended recipients and may not be shared or redistributed without Naxos’ explicit permission. The number of redemptions allowed, and its validity period is determined by the Offer Administrators. Naxos reserves the right to demand payment for unauthorized and/or illegal multiple downloads, if the act is done explicitly, with intention to deceive the system.
  2. Free downloads are currently offered in MP3s and FLAC formats.
  3. Offers are valid for a limited period of time. The offer period in each of our offers will vary so make sure you claim your download before the specified end date. Otherwise, an expired offer will automatically become unavailable and cannot be reinstated or extended.


Should you need assistance or require more help, please contact our Customer Service Team

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