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Haydn Boxed Sets

Haydn Complete Masses Box Set Now Available

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732–1809)

2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the death of one of the most successful and influential composers of classical music. An intimate friend of Mozart, Beethoven’s teacher, acclaimed across Europe and then around the world, dubbed ‘father’ of the string quartet and the symphony, Franz Joseph Haydn composed some of the most enjoyable, sophisticated and good-natured music ever written. Yet he remains insufficiently recognized, his music less frequently heard than it deserves, his legacy still to be discovered by many. Naxos proudly presents 4 magnificent box sets celebrating his greatest musical achievements in highly praised performances.

Franz Joseph Haydn


Soloists • The Trinity Choir • REBEL Baroque Orchestra • Burdick • Glover

Today Haydn is viewed mainly in the light of his string quartets and symphonies, yet his first and last compositions were Mass settings. They encompassed an extraordinary musical output, within which his Masses shine as uplifting and deeply satisfying sacred works. Whilst acknowledging the Viennese traditions of church music, these Masses are infused with the kind of inspiration and originality that make Haydn an undisputed master in so many genres.

CD 1 Stabat Mater
CD 2 Missa Cellensis in honorem BVM, ‘Cäcilienmesse’
CD 3 Missa Sancti Nicolai ‘Nikolaimesse’, Missa in angustiis ‘Nelsonmesse’
CD 4 Missa Cellensis ‘Mariazellermesse’, Missa in tempore belli ‘Paukenmesse’
CD 5 Missa in honorem BVM ‘Grosse Orgelsolomesse’, Missa Sancti Bernardi von Offi da, ‘Heiligmesse’
CD 6 Missa brevis ‘Harmoniemesse’
CD 7 Missa brevis (1805 revision) ‘Schöpfungsmesse’
CD 8 Missa brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo ‘Kleine Orgelsolomesse’, ‘Theresienmesse’

‘…a performance that goes straight to the top of the heap in terms of clarity, energy, musicality, and ensemble coordination.’ – on Missa brevis (CD 6) and Cäcilienmesse (CD 2)

Cologne Chamber Orchestra • Helmut Müller-Brühl • Augustin Hadelich • Dmitri Babanov • Harald Hoeren • Ariadne Daskalakis • Jürgen Schuster • Maria Kliegel • Sebastian Knauer • Ketil Haugsand • Christian Hommel • Daniel Rothert • Philipp Spätling

This boxed set includes all the surviving concertos of Haydn as well as some of the works which have been attributed to the composer. Haydn is not primarily known for his concertos, yet beacons such as the Trumpet Concerto and the D major Cello Concerto remain justly and universally popular. Included alongside these works are five concertos for two lire organizzate (performed on two recorders / two flutes / flute and oboe), ten keyboard concertos (performed on harpsichord / organ / piano), the three violin concertos, and the ‘little’ D major Cello Concerto – among others. This wonderfully varied set thus throws a spotlight on a less-celebrated area of Haydn’s extraordinary output.

Individual volumes have been highly praised:

“Maria Kliegel is a fine cellist, with an appealing tone and a strong presence.” – Gramophone on 8.554041

“In Knauer such music has an ideal interpreter… Naxos’s balance and sound are as exemplary as the performances.” – International Piano on 8.570485

Jenő Jandó

The variety and boldness of invention found in Haydn’s piano sonatas are rewarded by Jenő Jandó’s ‘no-nonsense, down-to-earth vivacity’ (BBC Music Magazine) in this boxed set. Eminently collectable as the series has been, it is now presented complete. These sonatas give a more continuous and unified portrait of Haydn’s musical development than any other part of his output and as such form one of the greatest treasure troves in the history of music.

Individual volumes have been highly praised:

“Jandó is confirming his reputation as a fluent Haydn interpreter, wholly in sympathy with the composer’s musical language.” – Gramophone on 8.553127

“This disc is notable for its refined playing and for Jandó’s unfailing sense of the musics architecture.” – BBC Music Magazine on 8.550657

“He shows himself a complete master of this repertoire.” – Penguin Guide on 8.550844

“Jandó possesses an innate musicality which makes most other performances seem studied or mannered by comparison…” – Fanfare on 8.553128

Kodály Quartet

Haydn’s string quartets represent one of the greatest developments in the history of music. Here, they are presented complete, from the earliest divertimenti to the sophisticated ‘Apponyi’, ‘Erdödy’ and ‘Lobkowitz’ quartets written at the end of the eighteenth century. All the works in this comprehensive boxed set are performed by the Kodály Quartet – a group ‘fully worthy of the composer’s inexhaustible invention’ (Penguin Guide on 8.550314).

“Haydn’s String Quartets by the Kodály Quartet are wonderful.” – Classic CD

“…a series that’s already set new standards for modern-instrument Haydn quartet interpretation on CD.” – BBC Music Magazine

“The Naxos recordings by the Kodály Quartet are outstanding in every way…” – Gramophone

“Their forceful performances are amongst the most intelligent and thoughtful that I have heard.” – CD Review on 8.550399

“…we recommend these highly skilled, well-recorded performances.” – Penguin Guide on 8.550394

Sinfonia Finlandia • Patrick Gaullois • Northern Chamber Orchestra • Nicholas Ward • Cologne Chamber Orchestra • Helmut Müller-Bruhl • Toronto Chamber Orchestra • Kevin Mallon • Nikolaus Esterházy Sinfonia • Béla Drahos • Capella Istropolitana • Barry Wordsworth

One of the most extraordinary bequests in the history of music, Haydn’s symphonies established his reputation as the greatest composer of his time. This comprehensive boxed set – including not only Nos 1–104 but also No. 105 (Sinfonia concertante) and the less familiar No. 107 (‘Symphony A’) and No. 108 (‘Symphony B’) – celebrates both a highly commended symphonic series and a supremely imaginative composer who changed the course of classical music.

Individual volumes have been highly praised:

“Alert and vivacious playing from all concerned; admirable pacing and first-class sound…” – Penguin Guide on 8.550757

“…crisp, spirited readings… A winner.” – BBC Music Magazine on 8.550721

“In short, these are first-rate modern-instrument versions of works that you should waste no time in getting to know.” – Classics Today on 8.557656

“I would recommend this disc at any price.” – Fanfare on 8.554154


Die Schöpfung (The Creation)
Max Ciolek • Sunhae Im • Jan Kobow • Hanno Muller-Brachmann • Christine Wehler • Cologne Vocal Ensemble • Capella Augustina • Andreas Spering

“If you’re looking for a good, period-instrument version of The Creation, the great oratorio by Haydn, at budget price, look no further. This new one from Naxos, of the German version, Die Schöpfung, is youthful, fresh and energetic, nicely capturing the wide-eyed innocence, mystery and awe of the work.” – Scena

Die Jahreszeiten (The Seasons)
Andreas Karasiak • Stephan MacLeod • Rubens, Sibylla • Gewandhaus Chamber Choir • Leipzig Chamber Orchestra • Morten Schuldt-Jensen

“This Naxos set of Die Jahreszeiten, in German, is given with modern instruments, and very well they play, aided by a fine clear recording. The chorus makes an impact, caught cleanly by the microphones, as are the instruments in their occasional solos (a delightful oboe), and nobody is submerged in the murk of reverberation: a credit to Phil Rowlands, both producer and engineer.” – International Record Review

Il Ritorno di Tobia (The Return of Tobias)
Nikolay Borchev • Anders J. Dahlin • Ann Hallenberg • Roberta Invernizzi • Sophie Karthäuser • Cologne Vocal Ensemble • Capella Augustina • Andreas Spering

“The choruses are all superb, the arias inventive and vastly challenging. They include spectacular vocal concertos, enlivened by Haydn’s genius for tone-painting… Haydn lovers should snap it up as a matter of urgency. – Gramophone


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“It wasn’t an academic book. It certainly wasn’t a technical or pedagogical book. In fact, it was rather alluring in that it was so accessible, easy to read, informative and, even to someone who knows his Haydn, occasionally enlightening. It’s a good story, very well written by David Vickers, effortlessly flowing and engaging. What a great and original composer was Haydn; and what a man.” – Michael Tumelty, The Herald, 25 October 2008

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Franz Joseph Haydn

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