Markov premieres Vieuxtemps

‘For every violinist, Henry Vieuxtemps is a pinnacle of violin virtuosity and romanticism. His music is a monumental part of the violin repertoire that any serious violinist learns at some point. I felt very honoured when I was contacted by Agnes Briolle-Vieuxtemps to make world premiere recordings of newly-discovered works by Vieuxtemps. It represented both a great discovery and a unique opportunity.

This album includes Vieuxtemps’ fascinating Variations on a Theme from Beethoven’s Romance No. 1 as well as the gorgeous, unfinished Violin Concerto No. 8 in one movement. My father, concert violinist and composer Albert Markov, has also written a very dramatic cadenza for the concerto.’

Alexander Markov

World Premiere Recordings

Vieuxtemps transformed the technique and aesthetic of violin playing in the 19th century, and as a virtuoso exponent and composer he was considered a worthy successor to Paganini. His works for violin and orchestra illustrate two notable features – a liking for variation form and the fusion of emotional density with virtuosic flair. These can be heard in the impressive Variations on a Theme from Beethoven’s Romance No. 1 and his Fantasie in E major ‘La Sentimentale’, one of his very greatest concert fantasies, where the music is influenced by bel canto. All of the works on this album were discovered after the composer’s death apart from the the unfinished Violin Concerto No. 8 – one of Vieuxtemps’ last compositions and dedicated to his most illustrious pupil, Eugène Ysaÿe.

Listen to an extract from Fantasie, Op. 9b, 'La Sentimentale'
About the Artists

Alexander Markov has been hailed as one of the world’s most captivating and versatile musicians, and is particularly known for his interpretations of 19th-century, romantic virtuoso repertoire, with his performances of Paganini’s 24 Caprices reaching over 11 million views on YouTube. Markov made his solo debut at Carnegie Hall at the age of 16 and has appeared with renowned orchestras and conductors around the world, including Lorin Maazel and Charles Dutoit.

Markus Huber has served as principal conductor of the Collegium Instrumentale Chemnitz (from 1999) and the Leipzig Symphony Orchestra (2003), principal guest conductor of the Bulgarian Chamber Orchestra (2002–07) and general music director of the Theater Pforzheim (2008–19). He is a permanent guest conductor with the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra and Johann Strauss Ensemble, and has led orchestras across Germany, the US, Finland and Asia. He has been chief conductor of the Thüringen Philharmonie Gotha⁠-⁠Eisenach since 2019.

The Thüringen Philharmonie Gotha-Eisenach’s versatile repertoire spans all musical epochs, from the Baroque to contemporary, music theatre and film music. The orchestra is frequently invited to perform abroad as well as nationally and regionally, including as a regular guest at venues such as the Alte Oper Frankfurt and in Zürich, Antwerp and Salzburg, serving as an ambassador for Thuringia’s extraordinary, long⁠-⁠standing music tradition.

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