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JoAnn Falletta
JoAnn Falletta

“In my work as a music director and guest conductor, I have come to rely on the Naxos Music Library for assistance in programming and in discovering new repertoire and soloists. The breadth and depth of the offerings of the Library are astounding, and the quality extremely high. I have found it to be an invaluable tool in my musical life”

– JoAnn Falletta, Music Director, Buffalo Philharmonic, Virginia Symphony

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Michael Fine
Michael Fine
Photo by Linda Morgan, Scranton Times-Tribune

“Naxos Music Library plays an important role in my professional work as a recording producer, Artistic Manager of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Artistic Advisor to the Seoul Philharmonic. It is a quick and easy way to hear an unfamiliar work whether at home, in the office, or on the road. The recordings—in fine performances—as well as the extensive information available via the website make the Naxos Music Library as essential in my work as the Daniels ‘Orchestral music’, with the advantage of being audible. As a music lover, it allows me to have a complete listening library with me anywhere in the world. Naxos has become so much more than a record library and continues to show the rest of the world how to do it and do it right.”

– Michael Fine, Recording Producer; Artistic Manager, Rotterdam Philharmonic; Orchestra Advisor, Seoul Philharmonic

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Leonard Slatkin
Leonard Slatkin

“The Naxos Music Library has become an indispensable tool for musicians and public. With its extraordinary catalogue of recordings and performances, the Library offers all of us a chance to listen to both familiar and unusual selections. There are times I find myself simply browsing, and other times where I use the service for research. With the new additions of instrumentation, publisher and timings, it is like having your own personal music library. With all this at the touch of a button, the Naxos music library is truly remarkable.”

– Leonard Slatkin, Music Director, Detroit Symphony

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Uwe Grodd

“The Naxos Music Library has become one of my most trusted tools and inspirations. Within seconds I can find out all the information I need in order to make program decisions—composer dates, opus numbers, keys of works, playing time, instrumentation, informative notes on works and composers, cross references to other works—everything is there. If I need to compare three or four works of similar length or structure I can do so at the click of a button. Having access to many different labels allows comparison of the same works and Naxos Historical is becoming a treasure trove par excellence. Besides, my students no longer say: I couldn’t find it!”

– Uwe Grodd, educator, flautist, conductor

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Alan D. Valentine
Alan D. Valentine
Photo: Todd Stringer © 2008

“All of us at the Nashville Symphony find the Naxos Music Library to be an indispensable tool in our everyday work. On a personal level, I have found that having access to such a large and comprehensive resource has saved me countless hours of research and helped me to make better decisions and provide much more insightful input into all manner of programming discussion and decision-making. I literally even accessed the library during my early discussions with Joan Tower and Leonard Slatkin about the repertoire we would ultimately decide to include on our Grammy-winning Naxos recording of Joan’s work!”
[TOWER: Made in America/Tambor/Concerto for Orchestra, Naxos 8.559328]

– Alan D. Valentine, President & CEO, Nashville Symphony

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Elmar Oliveira
Elmar Oliveira
Photo: Tucker Densley
© 2008

“Naxos Music Library is amazing! In my travels as a concert violinist and as a teacher I am constantly looking for repertoire for myself and my students. There is no music source that even comes close to Naxos Music Library. In no time at all I am able to access almost anything I am looking for.”

– Elmar Oliveira, Violinist and Teacher, Artist on Naxos recordings (Milken Archive)

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Gerard Schwarz
Gerard Schwarz
Photo: Wah Lui

“I am very happy to recommend the Naxos Music Library to anyone with a curiosity about the vast amount of music that has been written over the years. This service is incredibly useful to me because I can easily access repertoire that I may not be familiar with, that I am considering for future programming. It is very easy to use, and I am able to make decisions quickly and knowledgeably. I am grateful to Naxos for making this exhaustive library available to all of us in the professional music world.”

– Gerard Schwarz, Music Director, Seattle Symphony

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