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The A–Z of Classical Music

by Keith Anderson

3rd expanded edition
2 CDs plus 932-page booklet
8.558212–13 | 636943821220

The A–Z of Classical Music 3rd edition has been expanded to include even more composers and 150 bonus music tracks. The 930-page illustrated book details the lives of hundreds of composers, from Aaltoila to Zwilich, via Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and others. Like the range of Naxos recordings itself, this set highlights the extraordinary breadth of classical music and its masters across the centuries; it is a rich and inspiring resource for everyone!

  • 2 CDs: 2½ hours of music
  • Glossary of musical terms
  • List of classical music in over 450 films
  • Bonus Area: OVER 17 HOURS OF BONUS MUSIC – 150 tracks to stream [NB Username & Password required]
A–Z of Classical Music Bonus Area
A–Z of Classical Music Bonus Area
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The A–Z of Conductors surveys the history of recording during the twentieth century, from the earliest days of capturing orchestral music on disc to the present era of the iPod, through the biographies of 310 of the most significant conductors whose art is preserved on record. In addition, the entry for each conductor contains a list of selected recordings and a career outline. Four accompanying CDs present excerpts from recordings by forty-eight of the conductors featured. The A–Z of Conductors will be of interest and value both to those new to orchestral music on record who wish to explore the huge resources of repertoire and performance available, as well as to seasoned collectors.

Various Artists

A–Z of Opera is a 762-page, illustrated book, accompanied by two-and-a-half hours of opera’s most glorious and moving moments on two CDs, and reflects the ever-growing Naxos catalogue of recordings, ranging from Monteverdi to the contemporary. A–Z of Opera provides a wide range of information on operas and their composers, from Handel’s Rinaldo to Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, and beyond. It features plot synopses, background details and cast lists for hundreds of operas including well-known standards as well as opera rarities. In addition, there is a wealth of information about all the great composers and a glossary of key musical and operatic terms.

Various Artists
The A–Z of Pianists surveys the lives, careers and recordings of 300 pianists. Illustrious names from past and present, forgotten titans of the keyboard, unsung geniuses: all the great pianists who have made recordings are included, from Argerich to Zadora. Amazingly, the text touches three centuries, from the birth of Francis Planté in 1839 to the established artists of today; from the earliest, most primitive recording processes to contemporary, cutting-edge technology. The format is clear and simple to follow. The subjects are listed alphabetically, each one beginning with a summary of that pianist’s career and most important recordings before going on to an extended biography and critical appraisal of his or her recorded legacy. In addition, four compact discs present the author’s selection of seventy-five artists in new transfers by Ward Marston. This package will appeal to enthusiast and scholar alike as a readable, informed and fascinating work of reference.


* Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

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