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Beethoven: His Life and Music (Book)

Beethoven: His Life and Music (Book)

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • 2-colour inside, 20 illustrations
  • ISBN: 1-84379-111-0
  • Access to a dedicated website which offers the musical works in full alongside other bonus material

Beethoven bestrides the history of music like no other. Without him it would have been a very different story. In this biographical portrait, words combine with large swathes of music to reveal a titanic personality, both vulnerable and belligerent, comic and tragic, and above all heroic, as he comes to grips with perhaps the greatest disability a musician can suffer. No man’s music is more universal; few men’s lives are more inspiring. In every sense but one - his modest height - he was a giant.

About the Author

Jeremy Siepmann wrote and narrated all current titles in the Life and Works of the Great Composers, Classics Explained series as well as the one-volume Instruments of the Orchestra for Naxos Educational.