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Discover Music of the Baroque Era (Book)

Discover Music of the Baroque Era (Book)

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-84379-234-5
  • Publication date: April 2008
  • Free access to accompanying website with hours of extra music

Grandiose and glamorous, Baroque music stands alone, written to glorify the finest courts of Europe, in Italy, France, Germany, England, Austria and even far-flung Spain. Its greatest composers, such as Vivaldi, Handel and Bach, head a fascinating cast of musical magicians, including Albinoni, Pachelbel and Scarlatti. Their lives are as intriguing as their music: we find virtuoso performers who earned their bread and butter in the cathedrals of Europe while keeping company with kings and queens, and setting opera houses ablaze across the continent with their fabulous new music. Discover Music of the Baroque Era is rich in musical detail of the time, set against some of the greatest events in history and illustrated by a website containing seventy minutes of masterpieces – both favourites and rarities – that give a true flavour of what there is to discover in the glorious Age of Baroque.

About the Author

Clive Unger-Hamilton was a professional harpsichordist before he entered the world of publishing and began to write about music. He is the author of several books on music history and related subjects, and writes regular reviews and other articles at home and abroad. He spent 14 years living and working in France before moving to Ely with his wife and family, where he now works as a musicologist, editor and translator.