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Favourite Poems for Children: Audiobook App

Favourite Poems for Children: Audiobook App

Dance with a lobster, telephone an elephant or knock on a moonlit door—this collection includes magical, macabre, dramatic, funny, bizarre, absurd, delightful, moving and charming poems by Lewis Carroll, A.A. Milne, Edward Lear, Hilaire Belloc, Kenneth Grahame and many others.

Readers such as Anton Lesser, Simon Russell-Beale and Timothy West bring the lines beautifully to life and make this an ideal introduction to some of the best-loved children’s poetry.


Anton Lesser, Roy McMillan, Rachel Bavidge, Katinka Wolf, Richard Wilson, David Timson, Anne Harvey, Simon Russell Beale and Timothy West.

“This is a wonderful introduction to familiar British verse which will delight children on both sides of the pond.” – Janet Julian, Sound Commentary, on the original audiobook production

“Another bedtime must!” – Kati Nicholl, Daily Express, on the original Audiobook production

“This is a recording for your permanent collection.” – Katherine A. Powers, The Washington Post, on the original audiobook production