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Napoleon – In a Nutshell

Napoleon – In a Nutshell

  • 13-digit ISBN: 978-1-84379-658-9
  • Barcode: 9781843796589
  • Approximate length: 11,000 words
  • Formats: iPad/iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Kobo

Napoleon is one of the giants of modern history. From the last days of the French Revolution to the epochal battle of Waterloo, he bestrode the political landscape of Europe like a colossus, and the age to which he gave his name remains one of the most tumultuous in the history of the continent. But who was Napoleon Bonaparte? And why does he still arouse such powerful passions? This account traces the remarkable rise and fall of a man who, as military leader and lawgiver, left his mark on the lives of millions in France and beyond, and whose presence continues to be felt in Europe and the wider world to the present day.

About the Author

Neil Wenborn is a freelance writer and publishing consultant, whose work has appeared widely both in Britain and in the United States. Co-editor of the highly respected History Today Companion to British History (Collins and Brown) and A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian relations (Cambridge University Press), he has also written biographies of Haydn and Stravinsky, and is the author of Mendelssohn in Naxos’s Life and Music series. His publications include a study of Jane Austen’s Emma (humanities – and Confucius – In a Nutshell (Naxos AudioBooks). A collection of his award-winning poetry, Firedoors, is published by Rockingham Press.