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  • 13-digit ISBN: 978-184-379-641-1
  • Barcode: 9781843796411
  • Approximate length: 44,000 words
  • Formats: iPad/iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Kobo

Led by his guide Beatrice, Dante leaves the Earth behind and soars through the heavenly spheres of Paradise. In this third and final part of the Divine Comedy, he encounters the just rulers and holy saints of the Church. The horrors of the Inferno and the trials of Purgatory are left far behind. Ultimately, in Paradise, Dante is granted a vision of God’s heavenly court the angels, the Blessed Virgin and God Himself.

About the Author

Dante Alighieri was born in Florence in 1265 into a family of the city’s lesser nobility in reduced circumstances. They were Guelphs, a party originally identified with the claims of papal authority and opposed by the Ghibellines, who offered allegiance to the German Emperors in Italy. By Dante’s time both parties had developed into vehicles for feud and private interest. In 1302 control of Florence fell to ‘Black’ Guelphs and Dante was exiled by the faction. It was during this permanent exile from Florence that The Divine Comedy was written, completed in the year of Dante’s death in Ravenna, 1321.