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Vikings (The)

Vikings (The)

  • 13-digit ISBN: 978-1-84379-649-7
  • Barcode: 9781843796497
  • Approximate length: 22,000 words
  • Formats: iPad/iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Kobo

Between the 8th and 11th centuries Vikings stormed out of their Scandinavian homelands to raid and loot along the coasts of Europe. In old Norse to ‘go-a-viking’ meant to go on an adventure—to seek wealth and fame. Vikings would take to the sea in a long ship, sometimes for a trading trip, sometimes a piratical raid. Often it was both. Explorers and traders, warriors and poets, they ranged between Byzantium in the south and Iceland, and even North America, in the North. Their fame lives on. This is an engaging release: David Angus shows how the Vikings were much more than raiders and pillagers. This ebook contains excellent explanatory notes.

About the Author

David Angus read Anthropology at university and then trained as an actor at the Drama Studio, London. In between acting jobs he began to write scripts and books and he has now written the texts for more than thirty audio books, including Ballet Stories for Naxos AudioBooks. This was both an AudioFile Earphone Award winner and a 2002 Audie Award winner for Best Children’s Titles for Ages 0–7.