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License our Music

It’s never been easier to license world-class music from Naxos Licensing! Simply search our continuously expanding, multi-genre music catalogue of over 750,000 tracks and license tracks online. And because we own our recordings outright, we can clear the right overnight without involving third parties.


  • Corporate Presentations
  • Compilation CD’s
  • Custom Radio/Orchestra Premium Products and Compilations
  • Image Licensing
  • Live performance for use with the performing & visual arts
  • Podcast Licenses


  • Film Festival Licenses
  • Independent Documentaries
  • In-App Use (Game or Otherwise)
  • Film and Television Placements
  • National Advertising Campaigns
  • Textbook or Educational
  • Publication Use
  • Video Games (AAA, Indie, or Anywhere in Between)



Contact Us

Not sure where to begin? Need creative help? Never licensed music before? Contact your local licensing agent today and tap into our experience as the world’s leader in classical music. With representatives throughout the world, we’re always ready to lend an ear, 24/7 – no matter where you’re located.

If you are interested in finding out more about music Licensing and Incentive CDs from Naxos you can visit our Naxos Licensing website.