O Morning Breeze (76014-2)
Alan Gasser, Stuart Gelzer, and Carl Linich are Kavkasia, a modern vocal trio performing traditional Georgian folk music. O Morning Breeze takes us to the rustic and brave terrain that makes up the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Chitravina Ravikiran
Rays And Forays (76017-2)
After his appearance with Taj Mahal and V.M. Bhatt on the acclaimed CD, Mumtaz Mahal, Indian master of the 21-string fretless instrument, the Chitravina, recruits a worldclass group of international artists from as far as China and Brazil for some fascinating cross-cultural comparative studies - playing similar scales using different systems of music.

Rainbow Dream (76007-2)
African é'migrés and Finlanders engage in some Afro-Nordic jamming. The dazzling and infectious grooves of Good People proves we can all get along.

Garden of Yidn (76005-2)
Respected klezmer fiddler/scholar and filmmaker Yale Strom digs into his roots for a vocal set of Yiddish and Ladino songs.

Erhu Classics (76011-2)
The erhu is a string and bow instrument as prominent in Chinese music as the violin in classical music. Chen Jun is a world-class prodigy from Jiangsu.


The Maori Heart (76020-2)
Though the melodies are from the West, these love songs have become accepted Maori classics. This exqusite presentation features the debut of 21-year-old sensation Jade Eru and the karanga chants of Tawai Te Rangi.

Ritesh Das & the Tabla Ensemble
Weaving (76018-2)
Revolutionizing the tabla drums with its ensemble use, percussion maestro Ritesh Das soars to ever higher artistic heights with energetic and powerful performances fusing tradition and innovation.

Venancio Mbande Timbila Orchestra
Timbila Ta Venancio (76016-2)
Master of the timbila drum orchestra, 70 years old Venancio Mbande lives near the small town of Quissico, in Mozambique without electricity or modern amenities. But his skills as an ensemble leader, musician and master of the xylophone-like timbila tradition is captured here in a live recording in the fall of 2000.

The Jiangnan Ensemble
Jiangnan Classics (76008-2)
From the vaults of the highly regarded Chinese label, Yellow River, comes a timeless recording from China. Jiangnan is a region to the south, but its basis in folk songs has influenced Chinese music from Shanghai to Zhejiang.

Eduardo Durao Timbila Ensemble
TBA (76015-2)

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