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March 2014

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2.110283 DVD


Tianwa Yang, violin
St Petersburg State Symphony
Vladimir Lande

This is the accomplished and stylish Russian debut of Tianwa Yang – one of the most unusual and energetic violinists of our time. To an enthusiastic audience within the walls of the beautiful Court Capella in St Petersburg, she performs the much-loved concertos of Tchaikovsky and Brahms with the St Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra under the sensitive direction of Vladimir Lande. The remarkable intensity of her playing is just as apparent in both her encore – Ysaÿe’s Violin Sonata No. 3 – and her separate performance of Bach’s solo Partita No. 2.

Watch the Video Trailer of Tianwa Yang
Live in concert in St. Petersburg

2.110284 DVD


Eldar Nebolsin, piano
St Petersburg State Symphony
Vladimir Lande

Against the backdrop of St Petersburg’s beautiful Court Capella, Eldar Nebolsin performs the piano concertos of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov with a passion and sincerity as palpable on screen as live in the hall. With such evident pleasure and seemingly with ease, he transforms the familiar into something fresh and wonderful. He is seen live with Vladimir Lande and the St Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra. Bonus material shows Nebolsin as soloist in an intimate and equally engaging performance of Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Sonata.

Watch the Video Trailer of Eldar Nebolsin
Live in concert in St. Petersburg


Félicien DAVID (1810–1876)
Lalla Roukh
(Opéra-comique in two acts)

Marianne Fiset, soprano
Emiliano Gonzalez Toro, tenor
Nathalie Paulin, soprano
Bernard Deletré, bass-baritone
David Newman, baritone
Andrew Adelsberger, bass-baritone
Opera Lafayette • Ryan Brown

French opera owes much of its obsession with exoticism to the pivotal figure of Félicien David, a pioneer of ‘musical Orientalism’. His opera Lalla Roukh, first performed to huge acclaim in 1862, was the catalyst for the explosion in operas set in the ‘Exotic East’. The fairy-tale plot revolves around an Indian princess who travels to Bukhara (part of modern Uzbekistan) to meet the man to whom she is to be given in marriage. Along the way she falls in love with the minstrel Noureddin who is, in fact, the King of Bukhara in disguise. David’s evocative and magical orchestration is harnessed to memorable melodies, including Lalla Roukh’s deftly harmonized arias ‘Sous le feuillage sombre’ and ‘O nuit d’amour’.


Giacomo MEYERBEER (1791–1864)
Ballet Music from the Operas

Barcelona Symphony Orchestra
Michał Nesterowicz

Giacomo Meyerbeer was one of the most significant opera composers of all time. The four grand operas represented here brought him his greatest fame, with Les Huguenots being one of the most performed of all operas. Meyerbeer’s contributions to the French tradition of opéra-ballet acquired legendary status, including the ghostly Ballet of the Nuns from Robert le Diable; the exotic orchestral colour of the Marche indienne in L’Africaine; and the virtuoso Ballet of the Skaters from Le Prophète in which the dancers famously glided over the stage using roller skates.


Toshio HOSOKAWA (b. 1955)
Orchestral Works, Volume 1

Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Jun Märkl

Japanese musicians have often taken the connection between man and nature as their theme and award-winning composer Toshio Hosokawa stands strongly in that artistic lineage. His Horn Concerto ‘Moment of Blossoming’ imagines the solo instrument as a lotus flower and the orchestra as the cosmos. The theme of the blossoming lotus continues in the piano concerto Lotus under the moonlight and in the songful Chant for cello and orchestra, influenced by Shômyô singing (the ceremonial music of Japanese Buddhism). The Horn Concerto was co-commissioned by the Berlin Philharmonic, the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam and London’s Barbican Centre.


Richard DANIELPOUR (b. 1956)
Toward a Season of Peace

Hila Plitmann, soprano • Pacific Chorale
Pacific Symphony • Carl St.Clair

One of the most sought-after and acclaimed composers of his generation, Richard Danielpour refers to himself as “an American composer with a Middle Eastern memory.” His distinctive voice is part of a rich neo-Romantic heritage which includes composers such as Copland, Bernstein and Barber. Toward a Season of Peace is an oratorio which explores violence and war in the name of religion, using the season of spring as a metaphor for change and transformation toward songs of peace through forgiveness. Danielpour’s insistence on music having “an immediate visceral impact” can be heard throughout his oeuvre, and the beautifully translated Persian poetry and rich spirit of harmony in Toward a Season of Peace make it symbolic of a brighter future for everyone.


LOCKE, M.: The Broken Consort, Part I (Wayward Sisters)
SHENG, Bright: The Blazing Mirage (Hong Kong Philharmonic, Bright Sheng)
KNECHT, J.H.: Portrait musical de la nature (Le) (Torino Philharmonic, Prague Sinfonia, Benda)

BODY, J.: Alley (excerpts) / My Name is Mok Bhon (New Zealand Symphony, K. Young)
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Suite from The Boyfriend / Piano Pieces (composer)
MOMPOU, F.: Songs (Complete), Vol. 1 (Mathéu, Masó)

FESTINGER, R.: Diary of a Journey (New York New Music Ensemble)
RZEWSKI, F.: Fantasia / Second Hand, or, Alone at Last / De Profundis (Satterlee)
Wind Band Music - Above and Beyond (Schwarz)

GÓRECKI, H.: Antoni Wit conducts Henryk Górecki (3-CD Boxed Set)
REGER, M.: Organ Works, Vol. 14 - 5 Easy Preludes and Fugues / 52 Easy Chorale Preludes: Nos. 1-15 (Still)

Japanese Contemporary Piano Works
Flute and Harp Recital: Shulman, Nora / Loman, Judy - PIAZZOLLA, A. / LIEBERMANN, L. / SHAPOSHNIKOV, A. (20th Century Music for Flute and Harp)

LOPES-GRAÇA, F.: Works for Violin and Piano and Solo Violin (Complete) (Monteiro, Santos)
DESBRIÈRE, J.: 5 Pièces étranges / 8 Préludes intérieurs / Piano Concerto (P. Gallois, Löfstrand, Sinfonia Finlandia Jyväskylä)

MURAKAMI, H.: South of the Border, West of the Sun (Unabridged)
GIBBON, E.: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. 2 (The) (Unabridged)
GREEN, J.: Dinosaurs (Unabridged)

I do. She does, too.
I do. She does, too.
7 March, 2014

While there's no magic formula for clinching success when two people tie the knot, the old adage of 'opposites attract' has proven a winner for many a couple, allowing them to mix and enrich contrasting personas. But, for many musicians, both partners being in the same game has also proved a winning recipe. There have been exceptions, of course. Gustav and Alma Mahler reached an improbable compromise after they had married: he insisted that she give up composing which, very surprisingly, she did willingly enough through her sense of devotion. Fortunately, we can still get a glimpse of what might have flowed from her pen by enjoying the fourteen songs of hers that were eventually published between 1910 and 1924, with two more published posthumously.

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Podcast: A legend lives on
Podcast: A legend lives on
28 February, 2014

Although Reinhold Glière’s Symphony No. 3, subtitled Il’ya Muromets, is rarely performed or recorded, this new Naxos recording confirms that the work deserves the attention of a much wider audience. Performed by the Buffalo Philharmonic and conducted by JoAnn Falletta, the work is presented here uncut as completed by the composer in 1911. The Glière Third is a monumental work for huge orchestra depicting four of the legends of the ancient Russian folk hero, Il’ya Muromets, at times almost cinematic in its portrayal. In this podcast Rick Phillips traces the path of the symphony and its central character, from hopeful beginning to tragic end.

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